Global Business Awards 2023

Global Business Awards 2023 35 Sep23080 In 1998, Information Security Consulting (I.S.C.) became the first company in Austria to focus on strategic information security services. The consulting company assists clients to achieve their information security goals and supports businesses through critical security situations. I.S.C. is an international pioneer with unsurpassed consulting success and is committed to making the world a more secure place for its customers. Beginning in Germany, I.S.C. was originally founded to deal with information security topics. The company started in Germany and gradually grew in size, catering to both domestic and international customers. Today, I.S.C. has worked in 36 countries with subsidiaries across the world. As the industry continues to grow, the demand for information security services has never been higher. The company offers its growing client base unique incident response capabilities, customisable training, and certification programs. With a focus on strategic information security, I.S.C.’s expansive work includes services such as Comprehensive Security Checks, providing ISMS and DPMS solutions, and collaborating with clients to set up security departments. An information security management system (ISMS) demonstrates an organisation’s approach to information security and privacy. It is used to help companies identify security threats and protect them from breaches. A data protection management system (DPMS) is a framework for effective data protection infrastructure, providing regulations on how data is handled and protected throughout an organisation. Without reliable response procedures and constant oversight of their data protection processes, businesses are vulnerable to security incidents and at risk of audit failure. I.S.C. aims to provide a flexible and comprehensive service to provide clients with tailored ISMS and DPMS solutions to meet their business needs. I.S.C. has developed a Comprehensive Security Check, the only product in the market able to provide a thorough overview of a company’s security situation. The analysis considers physical, IT, and human-related risks to determine a business’s risk profile. Every layer of the company, from policy to technology, can be examined to provide an in-depth check of all security management systems. The process is highly adaptable, consistently innovating to encompass new technologies. With 25 years of industry experience, I.S.C. has collaborated on over 400 projects since its inception and saved customers from damages exceeding 25 million euros. The company is dedicated to delivering exceptional performance and hassle-free project execution. Its core values are dependability and a passion to achieve customer satisfaction and organic business growth. I.S.C. aims to offer its accessible services anywhere to clients all over the world. The company fosters loyalty by caring for its employees and observing a strict work-life balance. I.S.C. prides itself on its unique, superior working environment and ensures that its team can grow and expand their personal horizons with unique benefits and a generous salary. The business recognises its role in wider society and engages in non-profit and charity projects with its employees. I.S.C. has plans to further expand its German, UK, and U.S. locations and continue its work in the critical infrastructure protection space. The company will soon set up a qualified body for official audits of critical infrastructure providers in Austria and Germany. From its origins as the first Austrian company of its kind, I.S.C. has remained steadfast in its commitment to serving the information security sector and continues to fulfil a pressing need for protection services. The business aims to offer dependable, straight-forward service and unrivalled customer satisfaction. The company’s overarching goal is to provide the best information security services in the industry. For its responsible service and innovative work in strategic information security, I.S.C. has received our award for this year’s Most Innovative Security Company – Central Europe. Contact Details Contact: Michael Krausz Company: I.S.C. Group Web Address: Most Innovative Information Security Company 2023 - Central Europe