Global Business Awards 2023

Global Business Awards 2023 37 Aug23291 Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice Bischof, has steadily curated an inner circle of clients specialising in International Policy, Interdisciplinary Innovations and Exchange, Digitalization, and Sustainability. Starclimber is an additional new joint enterprise with Suna Akman Richter as partner, a consultancy for start-ups and technology companies. Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice Bischof has now been recognised by this year’s Global Business Awards for its holistic approach and innovative PETS - A Foreign Policy Ecosystem. Dr. Beatrice Bischof is a multidisciplinary professional with specialisms in management consulting, PR and marketing, project management, and journalism. She is currently German representative of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Aerospace Hub in Dubai, a board member and moderator of several organizations, including the Management Board of the Foreign Affairs Association, the Management Board of Women in Tech, Ambassador of the EU Senate of the EUTECH Chamber a.o. After studying political science, public law, and literature at the Ludwig- Maximilians-University of Munich, Dr. Beatrice Bischoff received her doctorate as Dr. rer. pol. with the additional subject of Economic and Social History. Until 1996, she was a member of the management board of the family business and has gone on to work as a television editor, political scientist, and publicist. Her current clients in management consultancy, PR, and marketing include NGOs, governments, companies, and startups. Together with her partner Suna Akman Richter (an engineer and economist), Dr. Beatrice Bischof has launched Starclimber, a project that consults start- ups and tech companies on new technologies and sustainable concepts. Starclimber has received clients from the Middle East, Israel, Germany, and many others. The project aims to inspire startups to implement creativity in their work and help shape the future of the startup industry. PETS - A Foreign Policy Ecosystem Approach is a sustainable hub designed to optimise the process of interdisciplinary innovation and exchange. It focuses on the sectors of Policy, Economy, Technology, and Society (PETS) to meet the sustainable development goals outlined in the 2030 Agenda. In its application as Agri-Entrepreneurship Factory the ecosystem works towards the goals of ending poverty, achieving food security, providing quality education, and promoting employment for sustainable economic growth. The approach offers a practical solution to poverty, hunger, and youth unemployment. PET, the interdisciplinary system, offers a new model for international cooperation, attempting to reconcile and synchronise current trends. The system is available to sovereign states, independent regions, smart cities, city hubs, and NGOs. These acting bodies can connect within this international hub to discuss and apply international politics, economics and finance, technology, and society at large. Predominant topics of interaction are sustainability and climate change, digitalisation, longevity, and other topics requiring supranational cooperation. The project’s current areas of application include the Agri-Entrepreneurship Factory, an education system to create young entrepreneurs in Africa, and a Women’s Hub in the Korean Peace Zone, designed to inspire and promote female entrepreneurs. The Agri-Entrepreneurship Factory is a unique entrepreneurship program for young farmers offering agricultural innovation and application. PETS-based content helps young entrepreneurs learn about clean technology and sustainable farming, agri-entrepreneurship and policy. Using technology and sustainability, the Agri-Entrepreneurship Factory aims to fight hunger and deliver an exchange-based education. Dr. Beatrice Bischof is unique in her interdisciplinary work and holistic approach to clients. Using her inner circle of exchange and support, Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice Bischof has created the PETS Approach, which provides progressive countries with the tools to create innovative ecosystems, develop infrastructure, and implement progressive legal frameworks. Dr. Beatrice Bischof aims to connect people in an optimised ecosystem designed to maintain the prosperity and health of all citizens. This exciting industry is borderless and allows Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice Bischof to work without limits. Challenges come from the world’s ever-fluctuating economic situation, overregulation, and the international market. Through innovation and supportive practices, the landscape of interdisciplinary innovations and exchange will continue to grow for the benefit of all. Over the next year, Dr. Beatrice Bischof will be working on the development and empowerment of the aerospace industry, expanding the Agri- Entrepreneurship Factory, and together with her partner Suna Akman Richter continuing to help develop promising startups. The pair aims to expand their inner circle, fostering collaboration between clients, organisations, and scientists. For her work bridging the gap between visionaries with Starclimber and the PETS approach, Dr. Beatrice Bischof has been honoured with the year´s award for Best Tech Start-up Consultancy – Germany. Contact: Dr. Beatrice Bischof Company: Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice Bischof Web Address: Best Tech Start-Up Consultancy 2023 - Germany