Global Business Awards 2023

the latest processes and invest in new equipment to meet clients’ ever-changing requirements. The Conveyor Shop is dedicated to its mission to produce and deliver the highest quality products in the industry. For its commitment to continued innovation and expertly crafted bespoke modular systems, The Conveyor Shop has received our award for this year’s Best Conveyor Supplies Enterprise – UK. Contact Details Contact: Angela Mccarthy Company: CMJ MCCARTHY LTD (The Conveyor Shop) Web Address: Aug23415 Best Conveyor Supplies Enterprise 2023 - UK The Conveyor Shop is a conveying manufacturing business dedicated to providing an efficient and reliable service to its customers. The company provides expert advice across many different areas of the industry, including build, paint, sales, and conveyor knowledge. With thousands of products available for easy purchase, The Conveyor Shop is committed to bringing its customers the best trade prices for all their conveyor needs. The team at CMJ Mccarthy has been in the business for over 20 years, and The Conveyor Shop has recently celebrated its eighth anniversary. The company designs and builds all its conveyors in-house as well as fabricating screens and conveyor parts for clients to build their own structures. The Conveyor Shop offers flexible fitting and installation services to fit around clients’ busy schedules. Since its inception, The Conveyor Shop has seen exponential growth and prides itself on its steady flow of returning customers. With a focus on exceptional service, the company is prompt when replying to clients and aims to give a quote within 24 hours. Its user-friendly website allows customers to save time and money by designing their modular systems online. The team at The Conveyor Shop has extensive technical knowledge within the industry and is able to offer expert advice on the equipment needed for customers to carry out their own installation. The Conveyor Shop continues to invest in its staff’s development, ensuring the team completes projects with speed and accuracy. One of the company’s bestselling products is the Universal Conveyor Belt Modular System. The system can be customised with additional modular sectors to suit clients’ evolving needs. The plant has already been designed and manufactured inhouse ensuring minimum costs and lead times. As standard, all conveyors are fitted with heavy-duty clip joints, bespoke hoppers, and side skirting. Units are fully modular, with fullsized steel roller sets and resilient belts designed to stand the test of time. Made with high-grade quality steel, the company’s conveyors are hydraulic and available in powers of 110 volts, 240 volts, and 415 volts. Alongside selling its bespoke conveyor systems, The Conveyor Shop offers on-site repairs and conveyor belt vulcanising services. With a vast range of bespoke parts, the company has all the necessary tools and equipment ready to repair any conveyor. The company fosters great working relationships with suppliers and only invests in top-quality products that hold a top manufacturer guarantee. Its conveyor maintenance service is an essential part of the business, helping customers to maintain and refurbish their conveyors. The Conveyor Shop has its own range of industry-endorsed belt cleaners and scrapers, designed to clean belting when it begins to dull. With its own engineering machinery and milling machine, The Conveyor Shop is equipped to produce conveyor drums. The company collaborates with clients to design and make drum pulleys and custom orders. As well as its standard range of drums, The Conveyor Shop also produces lagging slotted and spiral drums. With 20 years’ experience in moving and handling, the team at CMJ Mccarthy carved out the path for The Conveyor Shop to design and build its reliable products. With its consistent focus on research and development, the company continues to integrate