Global Business Awards 2023

Most Dedicated Antipathogen Developer 2023 - UK It all began just over a decade ago. Richard, in his pursuit of developing and covering the small scale production of bringing anew anti-pathogen product to the market, established Qures Group Ltd. His research was centred around one goal – to eliminate the possibility of a complete antibiotic failure on a global scale, whilst producing a means for individuals to rid themselves of harmful pathogens. Through utilising an already-existing molecule that is manufactured by our bodies to destroy infectious materials in bacterial, fungal, and viral senses, Richard soon came to realise the potential that his work-in-progress product possessed. However, it quickly became clear that there were multiple issues preventing the molecule from reaching wide-spread success. Despite how well known this molecule was in the research world, both in terms of function and abilities, it was inarguably impossible to patent it, and its short lifespan reduced the possibility of effective use. As such, manufacturing in a factory seemed completely out of the question, as it would likely expire before it even had the chance to leave the gate. All of these factors, in addition to the lack of quality, medical grade raw materials, presented a multitude of roadblocks that Richard was determined to overcome. And overcome them he did. Starting with the half-life problem that Richard had discovered when working with the molecule, he formulated a compound with which to make the molecule at point of use. This, in turn, also helped to resolve the patent problem that he had been facing, By creating, a system for making at the point of use, he was able to adopt a simpler approach that mimicked the body – having all the components in place at the same time. Throughout the process, Richard also undertook worldwide research to find suitable raw materials and suppliers, and eventually struck gold throughout Europe – and as far afield as Australasia. Truly, Richard has poured his heart and soul into this project, and has yet to cease in promoting its effectiveness. Based on results founded from scientific evaluations and testing on faecal matter, it became increasingly clear that Qures Group Ltd.’s product was shaping up to be a revolutionary answer n to the increasing issue of harmful pathogens affecting our day to day lives. Richard approached his research with the intention of being able to commercialise this product, all to encourage a healthier tomorrow altogether. And, with a multitude of Researchers having verified that the molecule is, in fact, able to do what it promises, the prospect of a pathogen-eliminating product is starting to become more and more realistic. Though it may sound like a miracle, Richard is very honest about the origins of his product. The molecule has existed within nature since the dawn of time, and has been frequently considered as an alternative for antibiotics. However, there were very few that pursued the potential that it posed, mostly due to the previously discussed problems that it presented. However, Richard was undeterred, and the result is what we see today – a truly worldaltering product that is almost ready to progress onto live trials. With a little extra funding, and a wealth of support, Qures Group Ltd may just be able to change the world. In recent years, it’s become common knowledge that antibiotic resistance (ABR) is on the rise. Certain preventative drugs are failing, and these infectious pathogenic organisms are building up resistance (immunity) to the antibiotics that are supposed to keep us safe. ABR is only one small part of the dangers that humans and animals face from infections. There are many old infections making a comeback: measles, diphtheria, gonorrhoea, and new viruses and fungal organisms preparing to invade our world. Just think of HIV and COVID and candida species. Are we ready to face them? These are phenomenon for which we are gravely underprepared. Or so it would seem. Enter Richard Stead, a man who has dedicated all of his time, effort, and money to finding a solution. Join us as we explore his journey, and how he’s uncovered a way to eliminate almost all harmful pathogens.