Global Business Awards 2023

GGl ol obbaal lBBuus isni nees s sAAwwaar dr ds s 22002233 55 Of course, with any product that sounds too good to be true, doubts are likely to manifest. Luckily, Richard has given his all to quelling these doubts altogether. His product is utterly unique in its functionality, and yet maintains a familiarity that certifies it s safety for use on humans, animals, and our surrounding environment. Following rigorous research, tests, and evaluations, the molecule has demonstrated a harmonious nature that has consistently succeeded in removing dangerous pathogens time and time again. Despite this, it’s not an aggressive molecule, and manages to perfectly eliminate pathogens, all whilst leaving good bacteria completely untouched. As such, it’s wholly safe and provides all of the benefits, with out any of the risks. Richard truly believes that this molecule has the potential to save millions upon millions of lives, and this belief is well-founded. Whether it’s being utilised to assist individuals suffering from dysbiosis, or is targeting airborne pathogens that have frequently led to a multitude of illnesses, his product has demonstrated immense capabilities. However, it’s an unfortunate truth that funding such a revolutionary product is no easy feat. Having invested everything into the betterment of our world, Richard is mere inches away from delivering a widespread solution to some of our biggest, pathogen-related problems. With contributions, he’d hold the power to eliminate some of the world’s most debilitating conditions, viruses, and infections. Research into the Microbiome has, in recent years, shown how gut dysbiosis is linked to many health conditions, either being caused by infections or causing health problems, especially those involving chemical imbalances in the brain, such as anxiety and depression. The prospect of Richard’s development eliminating pathogenic organisms from the Gut Microbiome, opens up the possibilities of assisting with managing these debilitating brain conditions. Just think, how these sufferers lives can change! This product could ease the strain on the healthcare industry. It could be a resolution of life-threatening conditions. Pathogens serve as the core makeup for so many of the world’s most arduous tribulations, but that isn’t to say that they can’t be stopped. Thanks to Richard’s exceptional level of dedication to both researching, funding, and creating a means to better the world, we’re on the precipice of something truly great. The fact of the matter is that Qures Group Ltd.’s work isn’t too good to be true – it just needs that extra financial nudge to finally come to fruition. Backed by a multitude of doctors, researchers, universities, and other academic professionals, Richard’s product promises a revolution within the medical industry. Its promises aren’t hollow – they’re backed by concrete research that has consistently heralded positive results. Qures Group Ltd holds the means to reshape the way pathogens affect our bodies and wellbeing, but, if readers would like to learn more, Richard is more than happy to share his plethora of research papers and abundance of passion with each and every individual. Qures Group Ltd.’s product is the solution to so many of our problems, and, together, we can invest in the future of our health. For those readers who want to checkout Richard’s product, claims and expectations, read about SODIUM HYPOTHIOCYANITE. It will amaze you, just as it amazed and excited Richard. It is a very small molecule (NaOSCN) with a molecular weight of only 73, a minnow compared to the size of many antibiotics but a giant in its performance. If you have any comments or questions or should you wish to see a list of published and academic references relating to HYPOTHIOCYANITE (OSCN-), please write to [email protected] with a brief explanation of your particular interest and he promises to respond promptly. Beware, Richard’s enthusiasm is infectious! Contact Details Email: [email protected] Company: Qures Group Ltd Web Address: