Global Business Awards 2023

Best Workplace Data Protection Software Company 2023 - Southern England Headquartered in London, Privci is a data protection software company committed to helping individuals and businesses avoid online traps and ensure the protection of their personal data. To this end, the company has created a comprehensive solution designed to fulfil all their personal data management and online privacy needs. Its flagship platform is available for free, but the paid premium and enterprise versions offer additional features. Here, we discuss Privci’s capabilities, goals, and more. In the data-driven world we live in, website owners often make unilateral decisions about what to do with their users’ data. When users are asked to specify what they permit the site to do with their information, it can be very confusing for them to know which boxes to tick and where to click. Often, autopilot kicks in, and websites can strategically guide them to agree to certain terms, without explaining the motives behind it. Founded this year by Director Divine Chana Chupkemi, an experienced Information Security Analyst, Privci is a start-up internet privacy company that aims to help its customers avoid online traps and protect their personal data. To this end, it provides them with relevant facts about the collection, sharing, transfer, protection, retention, and use of their personal data, along with tools that they can use to manage their privacy. Overall, Privci’s goal is to become a leader in the provision of innovative solutions related to data privacy and online behaviour risk management. Passionate about making online data privacy easy and accessible for everyone, Privci’s key offering is a reliable and secure platform through which individuals and businesses can protect their data and manage their digital footprint. Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, Privci is an extension designed to provide clients with increased control over their personal data and privacy. This is important because, as a person navigates the internet, they leave traces of data behind, which makes it easier for internet companies and criminals to expose and exploit their true identity. Privci enables users to maintain control over who keeps their personal data. Using the tool, they can easily request access to the information they have given to a website or ask that it is rectified or erased. They can also opt out of ad networks, direct marketing, and data brokers. Usefully, when a user gives a website access to their data, Privci keeps track of the site and monitors for data breaches, unlawful handling, and questionable reputations. Whilst a user is browsing the web, Privci automatically uncovers the privacy claims of the websites they visit, providing them with concise insights into what data they collect, how it is protected, and how long it will be retained. As well as this, the tool can automatically detect and block unwanted third-party and ad cookies and clear any cookies once they exit the site. Privci offers a free-to-use extension, but to experience its full benefits users can purchase the premium version for £4.99 a month. The company offers a one-month free trial of Privci Premium that can be cancelled at any time. In the modern workplace, employees can be anywhere when they access corporate resources and data, with many now working remotely. Browsers are the tools that connect these widespread users and resources, making them the most-used applications in an enterprise. With a focus on browsers, Privci not only promotes company policies, procedures, and best practices but also protects corporate data and privacy through an enterprise-grade browser upgrade. Privci Enterprise uses guidelines from the company’s acceptable use policy to detect and mitigate malicious behaviours before they cause damage. Once up and running, the extension keeps track of the websites that collect the personal data of employees, providing the company with information about data breach history, privacy claims, and reputation, all while monitoring for future breaches and other cyber threats. Privci’s core values of integrity, transparency, and innovation are the foundation of its operations. These factors drive it to provide the highest standard of service to its clients. “Our primary focus is providing tailored solutions to our clients,” Divine shares. “We are dedicated to understanding our clients’ individual needs and providing solutions that are secure, easy-to-use, and tailored to their specific requirements. We understand that our success is reliant on the success of our clients, and we strive to deliver the highest quality of service. This focus has not changed over time.” As a result of its excellent solutions and outstanding customer service, Privci has been awarded Best Workplace Data Protection Software Company, Southern England, in the Global Business Awards 2023. In the coming years, Privci looks forward to investing heavily in the function of user risk management associated with online behaviour. Divine explains, “Designed for businesses, this feature automates the entire process of user awareness training and behaviour risk assessment. It uses existing company policies and procedures to provide extensive insights based on violations against statements defined in these documents (e.g., email and internet use violations, password practises, online footprint, knowledge, individual strengths and weaknesses, and much more) including an AI-generated summary statement on user behaviour, online exposure, and recommended actions.” We are delighted to congratulate Privci on its outstanding success in this year’s Global Business Awards and look forward to seeing what its future holds. Contact Details Contact: Divine Chana Chupkemi Company: Privci Ltd Web Address: