Issue 1 2022

Nov21772 Rethinking Localisation OOONA was founded in 2012 with the aim to develop professional management and production tools to service the media localisation industry. The brainchild of the company’s founding team, the OOONA platform is a cloud-based system for managing translation, subtitling and captioning workflows with a user-centric approach. This has been recognised by Corporate Vision as the Best Solution for Localisation and Production Tool, 2022, so we take a closer look at what it has to offer customers. OOONA is a sophisticated, fully online translation management platform for media localisation work. It is a system able to handle any type of video localisation workflow and any team size, continuously tested and secure, able to scale at whim as content volumes fluctuate. It is also able to handle client orders automatically, auto- or bulk-assign work to resources, and maintain metrics on users. It includes live dashboards and file management for a complete end-to-end solution, thus cutting down on duplication of effort, turnaround time, the potential for error, and offering a seamless experience to user. It is accompanied by a set of world-class, state-of-the-art online production tools to create, conform, reformat, export and burn subtitle and caption files, but also scripts, metadata, and synopses, as well as any other type of information around video that helps automate and streamline video localisation workflows. Focusing on the end user has always been the company’s driving force. The management team see OOONA as a complete solution that services all the needs of the media localisation market. The company strives to offer literally everyone access to great localisation software, so even a single subtitler could start their own business and have the comfort of working in the same system that a large customer uses and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. It’s about supporting the market and making it sustainable. CEO and co-founder of OOONA, Wayne Garb said, “We want OOONA to be a brand synonymous with the media market, that can cover any localisation need, whether it’s for production, training or resource onboarding purposes. This is why we developed an education platform as well – so people continue being trained properly, especially in the midst of the pandemic: there are currently many universities and colleges using the OOONA EDU platform. We also offer an online academy in GOSUB, so we can provide all prospective OOONA users with high-end training specific to our media localisation tools. It’s also why we took the initiative to create the infrastructure for the POOOL, an online directory for media localisation talent, and we are in the process of developing a certification programme as well for such talent, with the support of many language service providers, academics, unions and translators.” There is a great hand-picked team at OOONA that continuously goes above and beyond expectations and who its clients love working with. As published on Slator, Simon Constable, SVP of Global Language Services at Visual Data Media Services shares why his company chose OOONA: “We set out to find a secure cloud-based toolset that we could integrate with our existing production management system. OOONA ticked all the boxes we needed for our captioning, scripting, and subtitling workflows – and we have never regretted our decision to partner with them. When we need security updates or product updates, the development team moves quickly, which is crucial for success in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of media and entertainment. Our team loves working with OOONA.” Wayne Garb added, “We aspire to be the industry standard when it comes to enterprise-level tools for the media space, but the best tools in the world alone won’t do the trick without a great team to maintain and support them. That’s what our staff bring to the success of our company.” The last 18 months have been a busy time for OOONA, both in terms of sales and development work. The company has seen an increase in sales due to everyone’s sudden need to move to the cloud as a result of the pandemic and needing to work remotely. OOONA has multiple servers on AWS and the system scales automatically according to load, CPU usage and traffic, so the company could support the sudden increase in usage of its platform worldwide. It also completed a year of ongoing penetration testing, renewed its ISO 27001 certification and passed a number of security audits by major streaming platforms, so it can guarantee the security of its clients’ content. Looking towards the future, OOONA has plans to expand internationally so as to meet the growing market demands. Ultimately, OOONA aims to keep being the best management and production solution out there while having as wide a reach as possible. Company: OOONA.NET Ltd Contact: Wayne Garb Email: [email protected] Website: