Issue 1 2022

Issue 1 2022 11 Oct21557 Best Pet Food Manufacturer 2021 - Australia With over 20 years’ experience in the pet nutrition sector, Queensland based company, Cezar’s Choice Pet Nutrition, is the manufacturer and wholesaler of choice for many Australian pet owners. With a focus on complete nutrition of the highest quality, the company caters for dogs, chickens, lorikeets, parrots and other small birds. We talk with company owner, Michael Vojtek, to find out more. Founded in 1997, the company’s namesake is its reason for being. When Michael Vojtek took on Cezar as a puppy he noticed that the dog was suffering from what appeared to be a serious skin condition. Cezar had weeping welts all over his skin that he was constantly scratching until they bled. Understanding that the cause of the problem could be Cezar’s diet, Michael set out to formulate a proper regime for the puppy. The food he designed contained no cereals or preservatives and used real dehydrated meat. To preserve the nutritional value, the food is “cold-pressed”. Michael knew he was onto something when Cezar’s skin irritations had all healed within 10 days. The first ‘Cezar’s Choice’ product was born. Today, Cezar’s Choice has a reputation as a manufacturer and wholesaler of premium-quality dog food that is perfect for animals with skin and digestive issues. Michael explains, “Our products are totally complete and formulated by a qualified Nutritionist with over 30 years’ experience. We manufacture in-house to ensure ingredients are as per formulation, every time. We supply clients that prefer a high quality properly formulated diet for their pets.” Unlike other products on the market, Cezar’s Choice contains no fillers, chemicals or other substandard inclusions. The company has developed a unique manufacturing process known as COOL X TRUDE. All raw ingredients are mixed, moistened and processed without steam. At temperatures higher than 100o Celsius sterilises vital nutrients and denatures proteins. The COOL X TRUDE process takes place at under 85o Celsius preserving fragile micro and macro-nutrients including vitamins and minerals. Cezar’s Choice has also branched out into providing dog supplements and treats as well as a range of food for other small animals. The company also now specialises in Lorikeet pelletised food. Michael tells us, “We produce very high-quality Lorikeet food which is in high demand by breeders and the general public. It is the only Lorikeet food to contain a Multi-Strain Probiotic and Citric Acid to control PH levels in a high energy food source.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cezar’s Choice had difficulty sourcing some raw ingredients that normally come from the EU, such as vitamins. Luckily, 97% of its ingredients are locally sourced. In spite of this, the company has still seen issues around transport. When asked about his staff, Michael adds, “All our staff have a passion for excellence in production and the final product. They understand that attention to detail in complicated formulations is essential. Our staff use our dog foods and products for their own pets. They’re confident and have the in-depth knowledge necessary to explain the products to new clients.” In 2022, Cezar’s Choice will be expanding its production output by 100% to enable the company to meet the demand of new distributors. The company has also ordered a new state-of-the-art extruder to further increase capacity. Contact: Michael Vojtek Company: Cezar’s Choice Pet Nutrition Web Address: