Issue 1 2022

Issue 1 2022 19 Find Your Voice With The Big Talk Empowering people everywhere to find their voice, Tricia Brouk has built her business from the ground up, based on the strong foundations of community and authenticity. Winning Most Influential Leader in Media & Production 2022 – New York has been an excellent highlight of the year. We speak to Tricia to find out more about how she nurtures her peers and helps them to captivate their audiences for an impact that creates long-lasting ripple effects. The Big Talk is where thought leaders, company founders, CEOs, and visionaries come to become transformational speakers and, as an international award-winning director, author, and producer, Founder Tricia Brouk certainly knows her stuff. Tricia has built up quite an enterprise with The Big Talk Academy, a virtual speaking and thought leadership incubator; The Speaker Salon, an in-person speaking and leadership incubator in New York City; The Big Talk Membership Community, an online community of speakers; plus she also supports speakers to build out their speaker platforms with her one-to-one coaching. In fact, in under four years Tricia has put more than 60 speakers onto countless TEDx stages and the main stage and she thrives on designing speaker platforms for thought-leaders all over the world. As well as this, Tricia mentors her community of speakers with more than three decades of expertise in theatrical performance “The work I do is to help amplify and elevate voices and support leaders in distilling their ideas into one potent idea for global impact,” Tricia elaborates. “The values I share with my company are inclusion, dignity, integrity, excellence, respect and love. These core values support me and my team in the bigger picture of the work we are doing to have an impact on humanity.” As the curator, Tricia’s methodology centers around transforming that authentic story into an industry-leading voice and commanding media presence. With her experience as a seasoned director, producer, and mentor to countless speakers, Tricia gives people the tools to gain wider recognition and establish themselves as the go-to expert in their field. Her clients shine as leaders, solidifying themselves by having more impact, earning more, landing bigger accounts, getting bigger promotions, being sought after leaders in their field. “We have a global presence not only with our speakers, but also with my team,” Tricia continues, highlighting how her close-knit and dedicated staff base is also very much committed to the cause. “Our team spans the US, South Africa, India and Canada and plays a huge role in the success of our company and its culture. Creating a company culture that is in alignment with our values is very important to me. We are collaborative, kind, supportive, and all have the same big goal, which is to amplify and elevate the voices of others in order to make the world a better place.” Tricia demonstrated her ability to make the world a better place during the Covid-19 pandemic as, in March of 2020 she had a big speaking event scheduled to happen in New York City and was also launching The Big Talk Academy. The chaos and uncertainty began escalating rapidly as the coronavirus took hold and Tricia had some big decisions to make. “This also meant making sure my ego was not in the way,” she states. “The first thing I did was decide to use my film expertise to create a feature film of the speakers, having them shoot at home in a safe space, send me the footage so I could edit it all together and then live-stream it, rather than be in a theatre.” Tricia’s quick thinking and adaptability meant that her event went from having 150 people in the theatre to streaming to 150 countries. “The next decision I made was to offer full scholarships to The Big Talk Academy. Forty people applied and forty people received full scholarships to become certified inside of the programme. That was a powerful moment in time because the community was birthed and everyone had a place to be every week. The speakers were connecting to their purpose during what was a very uncertain and anxious time in the world,” Tricia adds. Tricia’s career to date is impressive and has seen her work on Black Box on ABC, The Affair on Showtime, Rescue Me on Fox, and closely with John Turturro’s Romance and Cigarettes, where she was awarded a Golden Thumb Award from Roger Ebert for her choreography. She has also received the Empowered Woman of the Year Award in 2021 from the International Association of Top Professionals. Tricia’s most recent accolade, however, was being bestowed with the title of Most Influential Leader in Media & Production 2022 – New York by Corporate Vision magazine. Now the future looks bright as Tricia is set to launch her audio book, The Influential Voice: Saying What You Mean For Lasting Legacy, which is being released as a companion to an already released book. “I’m also planning to write a new play called Mothers and Daughters, inspired by 75 interviews with women and trans women on what it means to be a mother or a daughter.” With this, Tricia’s future looks promising as she widens her reach and propels her career forward. Contact: Tricia Brouk Company: The Big Talk Web Address: Dec21041