Issue 1 2022

Nov21814 The Future of Stem Cells R3 offers therapies that harness the body’s regenerative capabilities to bring patients hope and options. Its regenerative medicine consists of therapies with either bone marrow, adipose, amniotic, PRP or umbilical cord tissue that contains platelets, cytokines, growth factors and exosomes to initiate a healing response in the body. We find out more about this unique treatment from company founder, David Greene, especially as it has now won Most Outstanding Regenerative Medicine Company – 2022. For the past decade, R3 Stem Cell has worked tirelessly to become the world’s top regenerative therapies provider in addition to offering first rate education to both healthcare providers and patients. Throughout the last century, healthcare providers have been offering mostly short term and temporary solutions to medical conditions. In addition, a lot of these treatments involve risky drugs and/or surgery. However, with regenerative stem cell therapy, now treatments can actually repair and regenerate damaged tissue. “The mission of R3 Stem Cell is to offer first rate stem cell biologics for the world’s most cost-effective regenerative treatments,” explains David Greene, Founder of R3 Stem Cell. “Also to maintain unparalleled quality assurance and the highest patient safety. And most importantly, to treat all patients with respect, compassion and how we would like to be treated.” The way R3 Stem Cell has differentiated itself in the market is through the top notch, quality biologics being offered with customized therapies at the most cost-effective pricing worldwide. R3 Stem Cell has never experienced a significant adverse event in over 18,000 procedures in the past decade and it is also the only US company to have achieved Institutional Review Board Approval for the investigation of regenerative therapies with amniotic and umbilical cord tissue. As R3 Stem Cell has continuously grown over the past decade, so has its dedicated staff base. “Thankfully, the quality of R3’s staff has stayed consistent with qualities of compassion, respect and integrity,” elaborates David. “We have an open culture where staff can come to our upper management with any issues and expect to be treated fairly with appropriate solutions. The R3 staff believe in our mission, and we believe first and foremost in patient satisfaction. Everything we do is patient-centric, and that has translated into continued success!” One of the biggest trends David has experience since the inception of the company is the increasing awareness of regenerative therapies, their existence and their capabilities, with patients from all over the world contacting R3 Stem Cell for help – something which was the main impetus five years ago for the firm to expand internationally. “A challenge we face continuously is regulatory obstacles that need to be overcome. R3 is beginning several clinical trials over the next six months, which will help assure R3 becomes a true leader in moving the field forward while helping shape the regulatory approval landscape.” Having recently clinched the prestigious title of Most Outstanding Regenerative Medicine Company – 2022 as award by Corporate Vision magazine, R3 Stem Cell now have ambitious plans for the rest of the year. With more than 45 locations in six countries currently, the plan is to continue global growth which will help patients all over the world achieve a better quality of life. In addition, R3 is making a significant research investment into five clinical trials in 2022 for various conditions such as opiate addiction, erectile dysfunction, knee arthritis, autism and infertility treatment with regenerative biologics. Contact: David Greene Web Address: