Issue 1 2022

Dec21181 Delivery Delights! BJS Home Delivery has a history of strong growth, but how has this family-run delivery business, launched in the heart of the 2009 recession, been able to flourish in the most difficult of circumstances? Having made the CV Entrepreneur List 2021, we took a closer look at BJS Home Delivery to discover more of the secrets of the team’s incredible success. The story of BJS begins with Baba Jaswant Singh Ji. Based in Punjab, he was the founder of a trust that runs projects for the welfare of humanity. Whilst not an obvious perspective to turn to in terms of business acumen, this unique outlook has proven vital to the way in which the team focus on people and profit. For many organisations, the world of work is one which uses people as resources. BJS is different. It pays attention to the needs of people, their values and emotional needs, at all times. Now encompassing a wealth of industries through BJS Haulage, BJS Extra and Construct IT, the team’s unique perspective remains key throughout. What has become clear is that by respecting the needs of the BJS team, customers are able to access a level of service that goes above and beyond. It has set them apart as a firm and as a force for growth. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than through one of the industry’s rising stars, Katy Walton. Katy is the firm’s Press & Communications Manager, and her appointment to this role was her first full-time role in nearly two decades. Having run her own PR Agency for over ten years, she had no lack of experience, but was unsure if she could adjust from the flexibility of family-first freelance work to the corporate environment. The approach of BJS more than justified her decision, allowing her to thrive in an environment that championed her innovative ideas while maintaining compassionate values. Her success reflects the triumphs of so many working at BJS. Since opening their doors in 2009, the success of BJS has seen the team become the preferred delivery partner for many market leading brands, a demand that has only increased in recent months, and has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The team at BJS quickly adapted their approach to suit the changing needs of retailers, e-tailers and start-ups, offering many different options to suit their specific circumstances. The team’s eye is always on providing the ultimate service for their clients, and for their clients’ customers. Key to this has been the adoption of the latest technology throughout every part of the business. Ligthfoot technology, for instance, reminds drivers to adhere to best practice behind the wheel while the use of What3Words GPS system has narrowed down addresses with more accuracy than traditional postcodes. It is little wonder that the firm has achieved an on time delivery score of 98%. It’s clear that while the management team are looking for new ideas, their heart is always with ensuring that staff are empowered to make the best decisions for everyone involved in a delivery. There are many moving parts involved at every stage, and thanks to the empowered approach of the team, those who work at BJS are able to rise to the various challenges and opportunities within the company. While delivering boxes, this is a business that knows how to think outside of them. Looking ahead, the firm are committed to exploring the role of sustainability within their business. Thanks to the development and adoption of the latest technology, the team have developed enormous trust in a bold IT vision which will serve to shape new processes that should streamline the customer experience. While these processes are the methods of change of the future, it’s the service of people that continues to drive the team forward. Needless to say, the work ethic of a team like BJS is the reason why it has thrived where so many have struggled. We celebrate the firm’s incredible success and cannot wait to see where their humanitarian approach takes them in the future. Company: BJS Home Delivery Contact: Katy Walton Email: [email protected]