Issue 1 2022

Nov21090 Business Coaching for the New Age Jennifer Dawn Coaching, a firm offering exemplary coaching, consulting, and business advice, has made a name for itself with its continually increasing dedication to its market segment. Each client is different, and it treats them as such, working hard to create a programme that will help them get the most out of business and carve out their own path to further success, with Jennifer Dawn and her team behind them every step of the way. Serving business owners who want to grow and scale their companies, Jennifer Dawn Coaching is a coaching and personal revitalisation company lead by the eponymous Jennifer Dawn, a true expert in her industry. Fundamentally, it was she who created the 10 Immutable Laws, a steadfast code by which professionals can abide to ensure continued success, and exponential growth. Jennifer teaches each and every one of her clients these laws and how to apply them to their everyday business operations, showing them how even the most mundane or potentially worrisome thing can become an asset in disguise. These laws include the concept of turning ‘crap into gold’ and using what you’ve been handed to propel you forward towards greater success, not allowing ‘jerks’ into your business space, doing the work and getting excited about it, having a grateful heart, making a different, being the realest you, listening to the truth behind mind over matter, making your own success, figuring out your challenges, and embracing change. Through implementing these Immutable Laws, Jennifer helps clients create a backbone from which to flesh out the changes that will transform their career for the good. Additionally, no matter what stage of the teaching process Jennifer is with a client, she will always go above and beyond in order to serve her clients on a daily basis, always willing to push that extra mile to make something great. ‘It’s not uncommon for a client to be moved to tears because they are so grateful for the help we provide,’ Jennifer tells us, and this feeds into the mission of Jennifer Dawn Coaching as this help is all focused on making its client’s lives easier, more productive, and more in line with their goals and dreams. Working with product-based and service-based business owners alike, many of its clients find it through its online work. Critically, the podcast called Happy Productive that Jennifer Dawn Coaching writes, produces, and publishes is one such medium; another is the word-of-mouth referrals of existing clients and the reviews they leave for her services, drawing in more clients as they need only look at the glowing commendations of past customers to see why they can put their faith in Jennifer. Additionally, Jennifer Dawn Coaching is set apart from the competition by way of its consultation services, working in tandem with the other coaching it offers to give clients actionable, tailored advice from a team of people who truly ‘get it’. In this manner, Jennifer Dawn Coaching’s team make up such a large part of its success. Alongside Jennifer herself, her team of professionals each work with the clients to tease out the goals, values, and principles that drive them, helping the client in question refocus and refine these into a toolkit that will help them to achieve business success. Of course, it saw a downturn in revenue over the past 18 months with clients having to postpone their coaching to save money over the pandemic, but with the dust beginning to clear, it is excited to see so many of them coming back to it in order to continue their work. Thus, over the course of the coming year, it looks forward to truly getting back into the swing of things, developing its marketing services, daily planner, and journal offerings in order to show its clients that they’re coming back into the fold at the right time as Jennifer Dawn Coaching continues to get bigger and better. Contact: Jennifer Dawn Website: