Issue 1 2022

Issue 1 2022 33 Nov21457 Stretching Beyond The Boundaries Of Success Based in the Netherlands, Stretched Company has become a leader in the Dutch coaching industry. Pushing typical, surface-level solutions to the side, Stretched Company endeavours to find the core of the problem, as it promises to provide sustainable results. Indeed, the company is at the forefront of a new wave of coaching techniques, and in turn, it has a bountiful future ahead. Stretched Company is the go-to for coaching strategies that tackle the root of the challenge. Working with clients across a range of industries, Stretched Company focuses on executives, and has developed a network for leaders that aids both personal and industrial development. Moreover, through one-on-one coaching, leadership development programmes, and dynamic training, Stretched Company builds an effective and dynamic culture in teams and organisations. The company’s approach is enhanced by its motto, ‘the problem is never the problem’. As such, Stretched Company ignores the surface level clutter, instead opting to look deeper into the fundamental structure of a business and individual. Growth is the company’s priority; therefore, it aims to challenge, confront, help, and solve more complex themes in individuals and teams. In turn, this ensures an evolution that is not only impactful but, most importantly, sustainable. Stretched Company focuses on the unconscious desires of its clients, as it believes that most problems and unwanted emotions arise from the unconscious mind. This approach has seen fast changes within clients, as a result, opening up new possibilities, flexibility, and peace of mind. Indeed, Stretched Company promises to cultivate immediate results that last a lifetime. In each case the underlying issue is eliminated, which births positive change throughout a business and individual. It is with this in mind that Stretched Company focuses its techniques on high-ranking entrepreneurs, business leaders, and c-level individuals. After all, change comes from the top, and if the leaders aren’t functioning to the best of their ability, then this will impact the entire business. The overarching aim is to lead clients to a position where they can reach their objectives, inspiring them to go further by asking the question, ‘you are already good, but how great can you really be?’ Without its team, no such change would be possible. Believing in the idiom, ‘practice what you preach,’ each of Stretched Company’s coaches have extensive experience working in business and as entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the team is enthusiastic about what it does, viewing their work as an opportunity to develop not only the business, but themselves. Henceforth, Stretched Company only takes on coaches that have this mindset, prioritising a positive experience for all. As a result of Covid-19 pandemic, many industries were forced to adapt to a new world. In contrast, the coaching industry was relatively unscathed, as multiple businesses around the globe effortlessly transitioned to remote operations. Stretched Company has worked in tandem with the ever-changing restrictions, and whilst the company, like many others, prefers face-to-face working, it works remotely when needed. Due to the pandemic, there has been a drastic rise in stress and anxiety and Stretched Company has seen a similar increase amongst its clientele. The company has been working to tackle these issues throughout the past year, aiming to relieve clients from the overwhelming burden of stress, so that they can impact the lives of their staff more positively. 2022 is set to be a busy year for Stretched Company, as it has a multitude of plans up its sleeve. Expansion is a key priority, and it is working on developing its Connected Leadership Network – a platform that brings senior managers, directors and entrepreneurs together in a place where they can discuss on-going challenges and the dilemmas they’re facing. Additionally, the company is launching a new leadership development program for managers and executives who are keen on self-leadership, team development and strategy execution. Contact: Lodewijk Gimberg Company: STRETCHED COMPANY BV, Web Address: Coaching 100