Issue 12 2020

Contents 4. News 6. “The Three Pillars of Corporate Excellence”: Vision – Culture – Branding 8. One Click Away 10. Leading Lights 11. Pioneering Platform 12. Recruiting Leaders 14. Delivering an Innovative & Insightful Approach 15. Centre of Approachability and Collaboration 16. Victory for VMS Manufacturer 18. Innovating IT with Best Tech Solutions 19. Not Digitizing Your AP May Have Cost Your Business Thousands of Dollars in 2020 20. Excellence in N-gineering 22. Exceeding Expectations 23. The Spark of Genius 24. From Months To Minutes 26. Best for Emerging Nation Protected Learning Infrastructure 2020 27. Smoothing Things Over 28. Wifinity : Making WiFi Great 30. A Marketplace for All Your Construction Needs 31. For Truly Future-Proof Accounting Services 32. Delivering Simplicity, Visibility, Collaboration 34. Data-Driven Spend Management 35. The Only Choice for Clinical Data Compliance 36. Bringing Best in Class Banking Services to Sierra Leone 38. Taking Charge 39. The Legal Expert for Corporate Clients 40. Revitalising Communities Through Real Estate Expertise 42. Outstanding Client Centricity in Brand Development 43. Minesoft: Leaders in British Patent Technology 44. TTasneem Hajara, Head of Digital Distribution and Mobile Technology, TIAA received the Most Innovative Leader in Fintech Development 2020 - New York 45. Winners’ listings