Issue 12 2020

4 Discovering Your True Values Irene Agunbiade’s ‘The Road to Value: Powerful methods for discovering your true core values, finding happiness and enjoying a purpose – driven life’ calls on the author’s twenty-plus years of management and leadership experience, guiding readers toward a life that’s not only true to their core values and purpose – but perfectly intertwined with their faith. It’s a book chock-full of practical advice and rapid-action strategies; perfect for anyone who feels lost, overwhelmed or confused about their life. If there’s someone others look to for leadership, advice and wisdom, it’s Irene Agunbiade. For over two decades she has not only personally thrived in the world of business and finance, but built a hallmark for helping anyone else looking to grow and achieve their dreams. In her new book, Agunbiade brings all she has learned into one volume. It’s a compendium of rich advice for living not only your best life, but one that answers that most-important calling from a higher power. Synopsis of ‘The Road to Value: Powerful methods for discovering your true core values, finding happiness and enjoying a purpose – driven life’: In The Road to Value, author, business leader and core values coach Irene Agunbiade offers you powerful methods proven to work over years of developing strong leaders, entrepreneurs and purpose- driven women and men from all walks of life. You will learn life-changing tactics for discovering your true values and developing a positive mindset that will remove your past need for material things and encourage you to fulfill your God-given purpose. You will learn hands-on techniques for blending real exercises with Christian values and spiritual advice. This inspiring book will help you achieve success and create the life you were meant to have. In this valuable personal development guide, you will learn: • How to cultivate a life of prosperity, abundance, and grounded spirituality, without being bound by material things • How to discover your core values and use them to uncover your true purpose and develop unstoppable self-motivation and ambition • How to trust God and use Christian values and Bible verses to add meaning to your own personal values, even if you are not overly religious, or come from a different religious background • How to release your self-doubt, overcome adversity and have the self-confidence to use your new life values for setting goals, finding the right relationships and achieving your dreams, even if you have struggled with low self-esteem your whole life • One powerful Life Principle that will drastically change the way you organize your life Do you feel like you’re not embracing your true potential and leading a value-based lifestyle? Are you interested in learning how to achieve lasting success, find happiness, and center your life around a rewarding purpose? Then, you need to read The Road to Value. “When people turn to resources for self-improvement, it’s a struggle to find something that not only helps people transform their personal and professional lives, but do it while staying true to their faith,” explains the author. “Faith has always been a foundational part of my life and success, so I wanted to create a resource for others to radically change who they are and how they live, without losing sight of God and His word.” Continuing, “2020 has proven just how many daily challenges can come our way, and how confusing it can be to unravel them and find clarity. I hope my book is a guiding light for people as we ease into 2021, and hopefully into a brighter chapter of humanity’s collective story.”