Issue 2 2022

Best Construction & Property Development Group - Malta V&C Contractors, a construction company operating across the island of Malta with a dedication to being the best of the best, is one committed to the idea of working both smart and hard. In a competitive industry that is constantly learning new tricks, it has made itself one of the companies learning and teaching said tricks, having worked with clients such as Transport Malta, Gov.MT, Smart City Malta, and more, implementing new technologies and updating its fleet on a consistent basis in order to keep itself fiercely competitive. With construction and property development as a field being thrust onto the world’s stage now more than ever, the scrutiny has been shedding light on those companies who have been working with the best practices to attain the best results. V&C Contractors is one such company. Fundamentally, having found its feet in April of 1992, V&C Contractors began by making itself a stand-out name in the construction industry of Malta, quickly becoming one of the linchpin firms on the island proper and growing quickly by way of the multitude of good reviews that its clients leave it, as well as the word-of-mouth referrals that said clients go on to give to peers and colleagues. Owned and run by two hardworking, energetic, and diligent people in brothers Vincent and Charles Borg, the two have worked relentlessly hard in order to ensure that V&C Contractors becomes a cornerstone of Maltese construction through the carrying out of exemplary work and the implementation of market leading customer service. Additionally, in the early days, work was mainly garnered through subcontracting. This gave it the launchpad it needed to reach greater heights of success, working under larger and more established businesses in order to build up great relationships with each of them and establish itself as a trustworthy business partner and up-andcoming player in the sector. Consequentially, it is now capable of securing that work for itself; however, it works hard to maintain the exemplary connections it made during this time in order to keep itself in good stead amongst the peer ship of Maltese construction firms currently operating on the island. Its humble beginnings, and its ability to work its way up from these, have resulted in a growth pattern that is both exponential and sustainable. It has been able to expand in a controlled and controllable manner so that it can make sure its staff and other resources can handle the amount of demand being placed on it at any given time, resulting in a company that ensures every customer walks away satisfied, and one that funnels significant effort into human resources. This, being one of its greatest resources, is one department that V&C Contractors will always prioritise the funding of. Critically, due to the consistent growth and development of the company, its HR department has been a pivotal player in making sure that this growth remains productive and that it doesn’t allow details such as staff safety, fulfilment, and training to fall to the wayside. It is the consistent review of where and when such investments are needed that have allowed it to also keep up such a competitive fleet. Recently, it has upgraded its fleet and equipment once again, ensuring that its staff are working with the best tools that will make their lives easier and safer across the board, each decision made by the management team contributing to making this a reality. Today, the company boasts a competitive management team, which manages a hard-working force and an extensive roster of machinery that is kept up to the highest standards of quality and maintenance on a daily basis, offering strict due diligence and ensuring the highest standards of training are maintained amongst the operators of said machinery. In addition to all of this, whilst V&C Contractors is first and foremost a construction expert, it is also so much more. Its has dedicated a significant amount of effort into broadening its views of what a construction company could be, always looking for new ways to diversify its portfolio and resist stagnation by always searching for new avenues through which to learn. Thus, it has invested in the expansion into real estate as a business venture through its sub-company, V&C Developments; it also is looking forward to diving more into the tourism sector through V&C Contractors proper, hoping to find new ways to push the construction sector onward to greater things and bolster the Maltese economy as a result. Its services are also always growing in quality. Each of these – including road building and trenching, excavation, landscaping projects, restoration, and more – have each been lauded as ‘well executed and completed to client satisfaction’ by the customers who have contracted it in the past, and this is part of its commitment to its clients. Although its services and solutions already started off as exemplary, it is forever striving to make these more and more competitive, taking on board feedback, comments, queries and concerns so that it can make the necessary changes. After all, it is incredibly important to V&C Contractors that it maintains its slogan of ‘we always keep our promises’. With its quality construction, cost effective execution, and timely project deadline diligence, each professional within its ranks helps it to build up the type of long-lasting relationships with its clients that will have said client coming back time and time again for any and all construction needs. Fundamentally, it takes great amounts of pride in the work it does, considering it just as much of a privilege to work with the clients its serves as they might consider it a privilege to work with it, something that – once again – is often included in reviews and testimonials. Company: V&C Contractors Contact: Christabelle Camilleri Website: Nov21070 With construction and property development as a field being thrust onto the world’s stage now more than ever, the scrutiny has been shedding light on those companies who have been working with the best practices to attain the best results.