Issue 2 2022

Issue 2 2022 13 Oct21572 Best BPO & Consultancy Firm - Nigeria Kennedia Consulting Limited prides itself on providing world-class services to its clients through partnerships that transforms the way they manage their people and functions, so they can focus more on their core business. We find out more as we speak to Managing Director Lotanna Uzoka. Kennedia Consulting Limited (Kennedia) is an industry-leading HR consulting firm based in Lagos, Nigeria, and offers cost-effective HR consultancy services to its esteemed clients in the areas of manpower outsourcing, talent acquisition, learning and development, talent management, and HR consulting/strategic business advisory. “By providing timely and bespoke services, we have continuously kept ourselves ahead of the curve,” explains Managing Director, Lotanna Uzoka. “Our aim is to become the best professional service organisation through an in-depth understanding of our service provisions vis-a-vis the trends and developments in our industry.” With clients from across every sector of the African economy and beyond, ranging from SMEs to large and multinational corporations, Kennedia’s commitment to top-notch service delivery and customer satisfaction gives it a clear edge over competitors and access to more business opportunities from existing clients and referrals. The firm’s operating models allow it to offer bundled services, integrate and manage the provision of these services, either remotely or at its clients’ premises. “We create exceptional values by working closely with key stakeholders in our clients’ organisations,” Lotanna elaborates. “We work ethically, responsibly, and take pride in what we do. A key component of our strategy is developing capable professionals in all functions. We encourage collaboration and innovation – we believe these are critical to fulfilling our client’s requirements.” Kennedia’s core values can be put into the simple acronym of T.W.I.C.E, with clear-cut explanations to each of them. Team spirit – Driven by collaboration, respect, communication and accountability, while recognising that everyone has their own unique role that must be respected and appreciated. ‘WOW’ customer experience – Every employee is dedicated to providing a quality service that gives customers a ‘WOW’ experience by creating an emotional impact that is satisfying, memorable, and lasting from the customer’s viewpoint. Innovation – Striving to stay ahead of the curve and continuously improve on what it offers. Kennedia’s people are empowered to creatively approach challenging tasks efficiently. Commitment – Dedicated to the success of clients, partners, employees, and shareholders. As individuals and as an organisation, Kennedia is committed to creating and sustaining value. Excellence – Focused on creating winning outcomes for both clients and employees. The company strives to excel in every aspect of its business and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed and make a lasting difference. It’s people who are at the true heart of Kennedia’s success, and Lotanna is quick to sing the praises of the dedicated workforce who have helped to raise the firm’s profile over the years. “People are essential to the success of any business,” she enthuses. “Our internal culture highlights the values, goals, attitudes and practices that characterise us an organization. We prioritize our people and provide a conducive work environment for every member of the firm. Our people feel valued and empowered and have more control over their job. Our open communication and conducive work environment have also helped to reduce turnover, increased employee engagement and productivity which has resulted to significant impact on our bottom line.” Just like every other company, Kennedia is consistently faced with challenges arising from the impact of both external and internal factors. The internal factors are often controllable, however the external factors are uncontrollable, such as the unstable economy and inadequate regulations. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, an external factor, Lotanna tells us that the firm experienced both disadvantages but also opportunities which arose. “For us in Kennedia Consulting, we saw its impact in both positive and negative perspectives. On one side, we have experienced disruption in business operations, suspended or delayed business execution as a result of the pandemic. The pandemic has also compelled us to explore the possibility of remote work pattern/arrangement, where workers often feel more valued and achieve higher levels of performance.” Recently recognised by Corporate Vision as the Best BPO & Consultancy Firm in Nigeria, Kennedia is now firmly positioned for future growth and further success. Lotanna concludes, “We believe that your new year starts when you renew your commitment to focus and goal accomplishment. Our plan for 2022 is to have a more motivated workforce, improved client satisfaction and business growth. We encourage everyone to remain very hopeful, prayerful, focus and committed to excellence in all endeavours.” Contact: Lotanna Uzoka Company: Kennedia Consulting Limited Web Address: