Issue 2 2022

Issue 2 2022 25 Jan22022 eDriving’s Game-Changing Solution Evolves to Meet Companies’ Changing Needs eDriving, a Solera company, has spent over 25 years helping companies to identify and reduce driver risk. Now, it’s combining its successful closed-loop solution with emergency response to provide fleets and drivers with additional peace of mind. Winners of Corporate Vision’s award for Most Innovative Fleet Risk Management Specialists – 2022, we take a closer look at the firm and its life-saving work. From the early days of a paper- and CD-based delivery format to the cloud-based mobile app platform of today, available in 125 countries and 45 languages, eDriving has been at the forefront of reducing driver risk. Fortune 500 companies use its patented Crash-Free Culture® programme throughout the world to produce sustainable driver behaviour change while reducing collisions, injuries, licence endorsements, carbon emissions, and total cost of vehicle ownership. Through a closed-loop approach, companies have everything they need to create a crash-free culture, including tools to establish a safety culture, validated risk assessments, and the integration of multiple data sources into one system to help identify their most ‘at risk’ drivers. In 2016, eDriving introduced Mentor, a smartphone-based driver safety app that combines this Crash-Free Culture risk reduction methodology with smartphone-based telematics capable of identifying and remediating risky driving behaviours through in-app micro-training, gamification, rewards, and manager coaching. Mentor’s many other features support companies operationally while helping to save lives by promoting safer driving. These include gamification, event reporting and an EcoDrive indicator to show drivers how eco-friendly their driving is and support companies in their sustainability efforts. Most recently, eDriving announced a partnership with Sfara and Bosch to provide Emergency Response Services in 50+ countries. As a result, all Mentor users will benefit from Automatic Crash Detection and Personal SOS 24x7, meaning they receive emergency support should they need it following a collision or if they feel threatened/unwell at any time. With risk management and emergency response already covered, eDriving’s next big development will be the integration of AI-driven claims management into Mentor, by leveraging Solera’s unmatched technology and data for faster claims processing. The company’s core aim remains the development of a genuinely Crash-Free Culture to ensure that all those who drive for work purposes return home safely every day. Research shows that 94% of all collisions are caused by a driver’s attitude and behaviour behind the wheel. With this in mind, Mentor is designed to promote incremental change through trip and event feedback, and bite-sized e-learning modules designed to encourage drivers to make the right choices behind the wheel. This approach is key to the company’s success, and the fact that it works is why many eDriving clients have been with the company from the early days. One such company is BT, which launched one of Europe’s biggest driver risk reduction programmes. In the early 2000s, collisions and other incidents cost the business £25 million in direct losses, and 3-4x more indirectly. After 13 years, this rate had halved, with costs cut accordingly. Similarly, Nestlé witnessed a cut in claims frequency by more than half, with their average claim per vehicle being cut by 76% after 14 years with eDriving. More recently, Ecolab conducted a pilot Mentor program with 500 drivers across three regions for six months. At the end of the pilot, Ecolab had experienced a 30% decrease in Collisions Per Million Miles (CPMM) in pilot regions, compared with an increase of 23% in non-pilot regions. Ecolab’s subsequent North American rollout to 10,500 drivers saw CPMM improve 10% and 15% in 2019 and 2020, bringing the total improvement to 21% vs. baseline. Ecolab has since deployed Mentor in 25 countries outside of North America, with 50 additional countries targeted for 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic has had many ‘knock-on’ effects for fleets. For some, it has resulted in fewer drivers on the road, while for others – particularly those in the delivery and service sectors – it has necessitated the recruitment of additional drivers. Mentor’s portability has enabled organisations to continue protecting employees who drive for work purposes throughout this time, helping them promptly incorporate drivers into their safety programmes, requiring only a smartphone to begin measuring and reducing risk. Now, with the addition of Emergency Response Services powered by Sfara and Bosch, and the plan to incorporate claims management, Mentor will set itself even further apart from the competition and prove an important part of a company’s goal of a safer culture. Company: eDriving Web Address: Email Address: [email protected]