Issue 2 2022

Jan22559 Best Alternative Investment Management Company - Western Canada For nearly a decade, CWS Capital has been proudly deep-rooted in its community, providing its clients with an alternative solution for financial growth based on the company’s foundation of exceeding client’s expectations by fostering a culture of accountability. Recognized as Western Canada’s Best Alternative Investment Management Company, CWS is run by an experienced investment team with a combined 55 years of specific Forex (Foreign Exchange) investment experience. Established in 2013, CWS Capital was launched to offer a diversification option to its client’s portfolio with a focus on growth. With decades worth of Forex investment experience, the company strives to provides a growth focused investment option to qualified investors. Moreover, CWS is registered with the Better Business Bureau with the accredited status that shows its commitment to trust and integrity in its business conduct (Better Business Bureau certification is not to be misunderstood or implied as having any bearing on the acceptability or status of its investment structure). With an eight-year track record managing a privately held exempt market fund in the Forex market and consistently achieving strong double-digit returns with manageable risk, CWS sets high expectations and serves them with complete transparency (Individual results may vary, past results do not predict future returns). “Since inception, we have been open and honest regarding our track record and historical performance. Clients receive quarterly statements and have access to our monthly market commentary, these are some of the examples of how we strive to achieve growth built on trust, transparency, and accountability,” states vice president of CWS, Travis Gibson. While the company is still relatively young in the market, the firm is made up of talented individuals who have a combination of experience that make the workplace vastly integrated, diverse, and filled with industry expertise and intellect across various sectors. Thus, CWS can provide unique solutions that often surpass client expectations and industry competition. Founded on the philosophy of delivering results to its clients with transparency and integrity, CWS has been steadily growing due to these values, and due to its sole niche expertise in Forex. Currently, as the company is based in Edmonton, Canada, the firms’ clients are mainly Canadian accredited investors or qualified investors with a portfolio of underachieving or undiversified assets. Typically, at CWS, it has been noted that many of its clients come to the firmwithout a single Forex product within their portfolio and come from an underperforming investment. They typically have a desire to pursue a medium to long term growth focused investment “Our purpose is to provide clients with an experience that exceeds their expectations. Our ‘why’ is our clients. We exist as a diversification option, not an all-encompassing solution. This is why qualified investors should talk with us, to find out if there is a part of their portfolio that can be performing better and to be better protected for the future with asset diversification.” states Travis. Naturally, all investments come with risk, regardless of past results, conditions, or events – it’s the nature of the industry. However, due to Covid-19, the markets have been continuously affected – flipped, turned, and bounced around with constant fluctuation. Yet, despite the recent economic difficulties, CWS relied on its foundations and persevered, adapted and overcame the obstacles that the new financial era and Covid-19 have thrown their way. Travis states, There are no guarantees in investing. There isn’t a magic crystal ball that tells us the future, all we can do is prepare and adjust accordingly. If there are any losses on the client’s initial investment value, we suspend trading on the client account after a 15% loss. We require written confirmation to continue trading beyond this point. In our 8-year history, we have never had to suspend trading for any client, at any point.” As for the future of CWS, they continue to monitor the market and adjust accordingly in order to provide the best service and results for their clients. Company Name: CWS Capital Contact Name: Travis Gibson Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]