Issue 2 2023

Looking to the future, CROOW plans to add a creative network, CROOW Market, to the platform. This feature will provide teams and industry experts with a collaborative platform outside of individual projects. Contact: Aaron Lipkin (lead developer) Company: CROOW Web Address: Dec22458 The Future of Video Production Tampa Bay company, CROOW, is disrupting the video production industry by offering highquality, studio-produced video at a fraction of the cost. The company’s collaboration and project management software has earned CROOW our Best Collaboration Technology Solutions Provider – 2023 award. We catch up with CROOW’s lead developer, Aaron Lipkin, to find out more. Since the dawn of the digital age, the demand for high-quality video images has been on the increase. Filming an occasional TikTok or Instagram reel on your phone is fine. But when it comes to marketing and promoting your business, there’s nothing better than a professional-quality video. With the costs of video equipment and studio time out of reach of many, CROOW is streamlining the process of creating and editing video to provide an accessible service. CROOW, pronounced ‘crew,’ is a collaboration platform that makes the process of producing your video, faster, easier and more affordable. The platform features two products. CROOW Studio offers studioquality video at a fraction of the usual costs. By creating a project with CROOW Studio, clients can access studio-quality video recording and editing at a fraction of the normal cost. CROOWpm is project management software that enables stakeholders to collaborate on projects throughout their lifecycle. Aaron explains more about the service, “Our software makes video production seamless and stress-free. Clients want videos that match the presentation standards of their brand. Our automated templates and efficient processes help them get that. When they buy a video package through CROOW, they enjoy a production experience that meets all their needs. Our pre-production process is unique and painless.” Working with clients including Savills, CFO Alliance, Tampa Bay Chamber and Spoton Digital Media, the company’s goal is to help customers take their video production to the next level through its products and services. Popular options include digital short films to engage with the client’s audience via info sharing, interviews showcasing business leaders to build trust, and longer films sharing a company’s brand history, mission and vision. The team at CROOW are flexible and can visit your office if you wish. Or, visit them at one of the company’s fabulous studios to get the full VIP experience. The CROOW video team is on hand to ensure a smooth process. There’s even a library of title card logos, animations and icons to choose from. After the shoot, CROOW encourages clients to submit their comments via an automated system. This makes sure nothing gets lost in translation. CROOW’s smart workflows and advanced tools make creative collaboration a breeze, getting projects to delivery in a fraction of the time. We ask Aaron about the benefits of CROOW’s HQ base in Tampa Bay. He tells us, “We’re lucky to call Tampa Bay home. Over the years, we’ve filmed hundreds of videos in the Tampa/St Pete area. We’ve worked with some of the area’s brightest and most innovative companies, nonprofits, and thought leaders. And we’ve been fortunate to work with the region’s most impressive and talented video production professionals.” Today CROOW has expanded its operation and video production capabilities into Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Nashville, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC.