Issue 2 2023

Issue 1 2023 9 How do we plan to innovate within our industry in the next 5 years? Already we have started, creating both world class client and coach onboarding process’s which are delighting these 2 groups already. We have also created new products and filed 4*successful Trademarks in 2022. These are: 1. Strengths HUB® 2. TPA®- Method 3. StrengthsHUB-HiiT® 4. StrengthsHUB-IGNiTE® We know that turnover rates are higher every year and with only 9% of the UK workforce engaged at work, according to Gallup World, we as a result we will also be introducing 2 new products in January 2023… 1. A World Class Employee Onboarding Program to a high-performance team, which is a development on what we’ve been doing so successfully to this date. By creating a “world class employee onboarding” program for our clients, this will accelerate the integration and alignment of new colleagues much quicker. It will also improve new hire retention and new hire productivity by as much as 82% and 70% respectively. 2. Grow My Strengths Program, which is designed with the intention as a great entry or follow up program for existing and new clients. This program is a lower effort higher impact program for our clients and offers them a great ROI. What impact has our company culture had on our success and how do we nurture this? Our culture is lived through our purpose and values, the ones that we adhere too internally and externally. We nurture them from the moment a new coach or client joins us, they are part of our onboarding process which is backed up by talking about them and sharing the video’s we’ve created. Overall, the future is set to be exceptionally bright for the company. 2022 was a year filled with abundance and success, with multiple awards coming into its possession. Sarah as CEO Executive Strengths Coach of the year 2022 and the company was recognised as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2022. KCStrengthsHUB works with 4 of the Top 7 plus more Global Pharma companies and now employs seven coaches that deliver programs around the world. Contact: Keith Webster Company: KCStrengthsHUB Web Address: Dec22502 Best Pharma Talent & Strategy Specialist Company 2023 Recognised as Best Pharma Talent & Strategy Specialist Company 2023 for a second consecutive year, KCStrengthsHUB is a leading talent strategy and engagement company that maintains a focused portfolio of clients in the global pharma industry. Now entering its 6th year of Global operations KCStrengthsHUB remains focused on helping the Global Pharmaceutical industry win the battle for talent and create company-wide cultures of high performance to drive individual, team and business growth. KCStrengthsHUB partners, globally, with its Pharmaceutical Clients and its key strategic partners… Gallup, the world’s number one researchbased global performance-management consulting company, and e2Grow, a digital enabling platform company. What makes us unique? Our Purpose and Values at KCStrengthsHUB is what makes us unique, and our purpose is clear… To inspire Organisational Change & Greater Wellbeing by delivering impactful CliftonStrengths based workplace solutions that create a more Engaging Pharmaceutical workplace, enables Global Pharmaceutical companies to bring a consistent stream of innovative medicines that solve unmet medical needs that have a significant impact on people’s lives, quicker. What’s been our biggest challenge over the last 12 months and how did we approach it? Really getting our client leaders to align our programs to their business and the business outcomes they are focused on. Our methodology is based on real world data on how to drive performance at work and even the most senior of leaders, can shy away from aligning our highperformance programs to their outcomes. Our approach was twofold; 1) to coach every leader on the importance of business outcomes at the beginning of a program, so that meaningful goals and evaluations could be set. 2) we also collected data from every single coaching intervention, by individual and team, to see the program’s business connection by asking participants a simple set of questions about the extent to which this program has influenced certain business measures, from each intervention. This enabled us to produce world class reports for all our clients at year end showing the step-change results of every program we undertook with them. In addition, as the geo-political and global economic situation has worsened our challenge is for our clients to see that they need highperformance teams, employees to do more of what they do best with great leaders developing them, more than ever. Engaged employees and who they select as managers are key differentiators to success and can be a real competitive advantage in 2023. Benefitting from a wealth of knowledge and industry experience, the company has acquired numerous awards and titles over the years, with each recognising its dedicated services. Adding Best Pharma Talent Strategy & Engagement Specialist – 2023 to its 2022 award is one we are extremely proud of at KCStrengthsHUB.