Issue 3 2023

Issue 3 2023 11 Contact: Gabriela Rousso Company: R&R International Translation Specialists Inc. Web Address: Jan23754 Translation Specialists of the Year 2023 A language barrier is one of the most frustrating roadblocks any company could face. It can halt communication completely, and it’s something no business would want for their clients. The ability to communicate freely is essential, and that’s why R&R International Translation Specialists have made it their aim to eliminate this issue altogether. When it comes to building an international client base, the first hurdle that most companies must overcome is a language barrier. And with basic go-to translators being unable to grant translation tailored to a professional standard, it’s little wonder why R&R International saw a gap in the market for a translation company that truly understood the importance of making everyone heard. With over 150 language professionals on its staff network, and over 20 years of experience working within the translation industry, R&R International is the leading company in Canada for international translation. Not only is it capable and able to fulfil a high volume of requests on a daily basis, but it does so at an incredibly fair rate too. Using professional processes for their translations, the team is what your business might need for you to take the next step into going global. With client satisfaction at the core of their commitments, and with services that can only be described as excellent, the team at R&R International has already built up a loyal client base through their incredible quality of work. Every service the team delivers is fully optimised to whatever the client requires, and their efficiency guaranteed. This is done through ensuring that they adhere to their exceptionally high standards. Everyone at R&R International shares an understanding of how crucial quality translation services are in the shaping of a successful business. Throughout the 22 years since its inception, R&R International has managed to establish a track-record of fantastic customer service and has had the chance to work with a wide variety of companies all across the globe. And you needn’t worry about R&R International not being willing to keep up with the recent online trends. Even though AI translation has been on the rise in recent years, R&R International was one of the first language service providers within Canada to utilise it. In doing so, it’s established a concrete understanding of how these technologies function, more so than the majority of its competitors. That being said, R&R International still remains humble and doesn’t view itself as a ‘large’ business. It prefers to define itself as a boutique experience with its clients, offering them a service that they can truly enjoy working alongside. This allows it to hold the same capabilities as some of the larger organizations, whilst also holding a more personal attachment with their clients. And, to ensure they’re staying in-tune with their clients, the team are always requesting feedback so they can adapt to retain the best quality possible. With a dedication to its clients and learning how best to adjust itself to suit every translation need, R&R International can make presenting your business on a global scale an almost effortless experience. With a keen understanding of how businesses develop towards their full potential with a capable translation team behind them, R&R International devotes itself to bringing you the best quality for an ideal cost. As one of the fastest-growing LSPs in Canada, R&R International has truly cemented itself as the best choice for your business’s translation needs. Composed of a vast network of translators, there isn’t a single request that they won’t be able to manage for you. Take your business global with them, and you can be rest assured that nothing will ever be lost in translation again.