Issue 3 2023

For the future, SmartOpt has plans to “extend the capabilities of its products in two areas: environmental compliance and integration of business intelligence in the decision processes. It has become a business imperative that businesses and supply chains measure, report and reduce their GHG emissions. Four of our products, MilkRunOpt™, NetOpt™, PlanOpt™, RouteOpt™, GHG emission models already included in our standard methods. “We plan to include GHG emission models to all of our products and services. We are also conducting extensive research on the next generation AI methods for sentiment analysis and business intelligence for ForecastOpt™ and NetOpt™.” The future of SmartOpt is looking incredibly bright as it has further plans to innovate with its solutions. We are sure to see it flourish even more as it continues to aid other businesses in their supply chain endeavours, for now and the generations to come. Contact: Metin Turkay Company: SmartOpt Web Address: Jan23295 Best AI-Based Supply Chain Optimisation Company – Middle East Deep technology can help us to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence with optimisation throughout our business ventures. In SmartOpt’s case, deep technology is used for the improvement of end-to-end supply chain management. Here we explore SmartOpt’s work as it wins its title from Corporate Vision. SmartOpt works closely with supply chain processes ranging from strategy, planning and operations from forecasting, procurement, inbound logistics, planning, inventory management and outbound logistics. Its ForecastOpt™, InventoryOpt™, MilkRunOpt™, NetOpt™, PlanOpt™, RouteOpt™, and PriceOpt™, are all tailored to these different areas of business – so that we can experience the benefits in next to no time. Its Founder, Metin Turkay, says, “We optimise supply chain and logistics operations to decrease costs, reduce GHG emissions, improve customer service levels and increase operational efficiency. SmartOpt customers usually saves approximately 30% of their supply chain and logistics costs.” Metin continues, “These solutions are developed on a single platform and they are integrated among each other for a customised end-toend supply chain solution and also are integrated with the enterprises’ ERP and other data services.” As a driving force behind supply chain improvement, SmartOpt ensures effectiveness, productivity, and, perhaps most importantly, security. “The SmartOpt culture is oriented towards problem solving and creating value,” says Metin. He runs the business with respect and an open line of communication between each individual, which, in turn, builds longterm relationships where honesty and trust are prioritised. What’s more, “A webinar series was delivered by SmartOpt founder Prof. Dr. Metin Turkay on ‘Data Science Fundamentals & Statistical Analysis and Modelling, Demand and Price Forecasting, Logistics Operations Optimization and Supply Chain Planning & Operational Planning’ for Turkish Airlines top management and the employees.” By supplying insight into its technology and solutions, SmartOpt opened channels to an elevated level of success for those in supply chain businesses. Its impressive knowledge of supply chain optimisation and intricate deep technology go hand in hand to create a more efficient, costeffective, and helpful future ahead. This is why SmartOpt has won Best AI-Based Supply Chain Optimisation Company, Middle East, from us at Corporate Vision. We see it as a visionary taking action to be the best in its industry. From the Middle East to the rest of the world, we all need to finetune our business operations and SmartOpt is the way forward. “The culture of not accepting status-quo, and always exploring new ideas, methods, and solutions to create value for our customers defines SmartOpt’s DNA.”