Issue 3 2023

Additionally, R3 is very transparent when it comes to any information that you may need to know about its procedures and research. The team understand that their research doesn’t substitute for professional medical advice, and instead they aim to offer alternative options for any who’s eager to try a different approach to improving their health. And with plenty of success stories from people who have benefitted from this treatment, R3 has demonstrated that it has earned its award in this fascinating branch of regenerative medicine. Not only has R3 gained an understanding of how to utilise Umbilical Cord Stem Cells to aid in regenerative therapy, but also umbilical cord derived exosomes as well. Exosomes are included with the umbilical cord stem cells and help amplify the benefits. None of the biologics create a rejection response in the recipients, and to date the side effects have only been mild to moderate, and transient. Regardless of whether you’re someone who wants to give R3’s new innovative regenerative cell therapy a go, or if you’re simply interested in learning more, R3 will be more than happy to assist you. Around the world, R3 Stem Cell offers free consultations to learn if you or a loved one is a candidate for regenerative therapies. After all, using our own cells to rebuild our bodies isn’t a future concept anymore, it’s happening now, and R3 Stem Cell is the one at the forefront of bringing the future to you. Contact: David Greene, MD, PhD, MBA Company: R3 Stem Cell +1 (844) GET-STEM Web Address: Jan23710 Repair, Regenerate, Restore When you hear the term ‘regenerative cell therapy,’ you may think you’ve slipped into the future. However, thanks to the brilliant minds at R3 Stem Cell, we are closer to the future than we think. With ethical approaches to reducing pain at the root using external sources, R3 is heading towards being able to benefit any who are interested in giving stem cell therapy a chance. With a plethora of awards already to its name, R3 Stem Cell (R3) has managed to establish itself as one of the most innovative medical companies invested in stem cell therapy treatment. But after earning its most recent award, R3 has brought to light a whole new branch of externally sourced stem cell therapy originating from ‘products of conception’. Referred to as allogenic, due to the tissues being harvested from consenting women after undergoing scheduled c-sections, Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy is the latest advancement in regenerative cell therapy. Since ‘products of conception’ contain a variety of benefits for babies during pregnancy, R3 understood the potential that this could hold for people who would benefit from all sorts of ailments. Instead of simply acting as a basic symptom relief, Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy is aimed towards addressing the cause of the pain at the root. After much testing using ethically harvested, FDA regulated tissue, R3 has uncovered just how much of an impact these cells can have on repairing and restoring damaged tissue. Of course, alongside its ground-breaking research, R3 has always closely adhered to its ethics and strict safety procedures. R3’s Centers of Excellence globally have performed over 21,000 procedures in six countries. The procedures utilize the ethically sourced donor tissue, and patient satisfaction exceeds 85% year after year. Since any tissue it harvests has to be collected, tested and processed according to FDA regulations, you can be assured that R3 is incredibly serious about providing a service that you can trust.