Issue 3 2023

Issue 3 2023 7 Jan23834 Best Global Financial Live Streaming & Content Platform 2023 Building income in the world of business can seem intimidating. With so much information scattered about, sometimes it can be difficult to get a concrete answer to any business questions that you may face. But what if learning about building income could be made easier? ShareVision is here with a brilliant social media and a dedicated streaming platform to guide you through the ins and outs of the business world. Being the first social media strictly dedicated to offering people from all levels of interest a guide to the world of business, ShareVision has managed to establish itself as an effective way for anyone to learn more about their field of interest. Whether you’re a larger business wanting to give advice via lives, or someone wanting to understand how to best maximise your income, ShareVision is there to ensure that you have all the tools and knowledge for your journey. Since it launched in 2021, ShareVision has already established itself as the go-to social media for members of major business sectors such as finance, real estate, technology, online business, politics, healthcare and many other. With the platform being free to access, taking your first step into the business world has never been easier. Everyone can livestream and upload videos on the platform. Besides videos, channels have the option of sharing documents (Word, Excel, PDF) with their communities. This is the best way to maintain interaction with the followers and share a different type of content. If you want to make income from your streaming journey, ShareVision is there to offer you a profit-making structure. By allowing anyone to monetise their content and allowing creators to keep up to 80% of all revenue generated, ShareVision has created a true balance between passion and profit. Moreover, having recently launched a new Watch & Earn program, users can earn cash by watching videos on ShareVision. This program is a great way to earn passive income while enjoying your favourite content. For every video watched, users will receive money thus creating a first-of-a-kind program of direct viewer rewards. You don’t have to be a business expert to use ShareVision. Even if you are simply interested in a daily overview of economic news, and would like to adopt new business skills, ShareVision is accessible to everyone. Developed as a way for anybody from any background to access, there aren’t any limitations on who can enter the business world. New user-friendly features are constantly being added, and content always updated, so no matter what, you can be sure you’ll be receiving relevant information regardless of the question. With everything being built 100% in-house and with an own engineer team at our disposal, ShareVision is keen to follow the trends developing in the digital world and will still be going strong as a platform for the foreseeable future. However, if you’re an expert and you’re wanting to share your knowledge across this prestigious platform, ShareVision has ensured that this process is equally as easy as receiving information. Since you’ll be working on a platform that’s focused on becoming well-known in all sectors of business, you can be sure that you’ll be recognised for your expertise in a way that other social media platforms simply can’t offer. To lend to their achievements, ShareVision also has a large repertoire of partnerships already established with well-known companies, consisting of not only Bloomberg and Morningstar, but many others too. In addition to this, the ShareVision team understands the importance of introducing a whole host of age ranges to the business world. With frequent student competitions being hosted on its platform, ShareVision does not only appeal to those who have more experience in the field, but also offer a chance to younger people to gain invaluable knowledge through its services. At ShareVision, we aim to create the first business ecosystem dedicated to empowering the business community. Regardless of whether you’re someone who’s just looking to increase your personal income and enter the world of business, or a business expert wanting to educate, communicate and earn all at once, ShareVision with its’ dedicated streaming platform is the only social media you need. Join us today and start sharing your vision! Contact: Jean-Charles Malpel (Founder and CEO) Company: ShareVision Email: [email protected] Web Address: ShareVision