Issue 3 2023

Issue 3 2023 9 Jan23831 The Cheerleaders for Future Leaders Whether you’re a graduate wanting to find your dream career, or a business struggling to hire the right candidate, Give a Grad a Go is here to provide simple solutions. Having earned the award for Leading Graduate Jobs & Recruitment Agency 2023 – UK, rest assured its friendly and capable team have all the resources to help you establish a brighter future. As we all know, getting a job is no easy feat. Additionally, for employers, finding the right fit for their teams can also be a difficult task. Finding a happy medium for both jobseekers and employers is complicated: Give a Grad a Go make it simple. Comprised of a group of diligent, recent graduates, the team at Give a Grad a Go are tirelessly working to make this process smooth and easy. With a focus on assisting both graduates and employers alike, Give a Grad a Go has established itself as a recruitment agency capable of matching the right graduates to the right business, time and time again. The team recognises that the younger generation are going to be spearheading the direction the world goes in. And Give a Grad a Go puts in the utmost effort to help this generation pursue their desired career. This truly sets Give a Grad a Go apart from other recruitment agencies, as it’s able to really connect with their clients and candidates in a way other agencies can’t rival. Give a Grad a Go aren’t just recruiters, but educators and mentors too. Its team pride themselves on supporting graduates every step of the way, offering CV advice, interview tips. and any relevant support at every juncture. They’re greatly attuned to graduate needs, and ensure they’re advertising roles that offer competitive and reasonable salaries. In every way, Give a Grad a Go is determined to assist graduates in securing a role at a company that will take care of them. The recruitment team are meticulous in their processes, and will tirelessly aim to partner employers and jobseekers who can work harmoniously with one another. And, since 2009, the company’s core values have not once wavered. The team take the time to get to know the graduates on the other end of the phone, and ensure they’re finding companies and roles that fit their personalities. Give a Grad a Go is growing every day. Its network is constantly getting bigger, and its team keeps getting smarter. A few years ago, the Give a Grad a Go team launched an office in Australia, where they help provide the same great service in Melbourne and beyond. It has also recently rebranded with a new website, and now offers even more bespoke services for employers. This includes a job board, where employers can seek specific graduate talent for roles across a vast range of industries. The team understand what employers are looking for, and have become experts in matching them to the suitable grad. And yet, despite its avid success, Give a Grad a Go still has plans to expand in the coming future. Australia isn’t the end, as the team are eager to grow their global reach to help as many graduates and employers as they possibly can. Give a Grad a Go is the go-to for graduates who are struggling to navigate the job market, and a no-brainer for employers trying to grow their teams smartly. Contact: Ben Faulkner Company: Give a Grad a Go Web Address: