Issue 3 2023

Jan23838 Best All-Ages Music School – GTA Whether you’re a young person wanting to pick up a new instrument, or someone looking to relive old passions, Do Re Mi for Kids Inc. is a music school for everyone. And with a professional team on hand to assist any age group with anything musical, you’ll be in fantastic hands when developing your skillset. In our everyday world, you’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who doesn’t enjoy music. From more casual listeners, to people who have a passion for certain genres or artists, music is an art form that can truly move any individual depending on their tastes. However, it takes a new kind of love to want to pursue learning a specific instrument. Becoming a musician is a feat in itself, and is almost always difficult to navigate alone. Where do you start? What if you spend money on an instrument, only to find yourself clueless on how to play it? This is where Do Re Mi for Kids Inc. can offer their expertise. Despite their name, Do Rei Mi for Kids Inc. is a music school for any age. Coaching students between 8 and 84 years old, it’s been able to help people of all kinds of backgrounds to unlock their musical potential. With a team of teachers, each equipped with post-secondary education in music/music education, there’s no doubt that you’re going to receive a personal experience when trying to learn your chosen instrument. The team at Do Re Mi for Kids Inc. believe that every person is inherently musical and are determined to persevere with people from every skill level to guide them through their musical journey. With a core value that ‘everyone, no matter their abilities or challenges, has the right to learn the joy of creating music’, you know you’ll be under the tutelage of people who share your love for music. To the team, becoming a musician is a beautiful journey filled with passion, and they’re more than eager to be a part of that journey. Not only do the team believe that everyone has the ability to create music, regardless of their background, but that music is a universal form of communication. As such, it’s their goal to involve not only single students, but families too. With a family-orientated mindset, Do Re Mi for Kids Inc. aspires to create a new form of communication between parents, grandparents and children through the medium of music. Learning music is a beautiful process to the team, and they feel it best to have this experience shared across the family tree. What sets this award-winning music school apart from the rest is how they encourage family members to bond with one another through a mutual love of music as an art form. Regardless of your age, the curriculums that have been developed by Do Re Mi for Kids Inc. will be suited to you. And if adjustments need to be made, the teachers are more than willing to adapt to your needs. With over 20 years of experience in this field, this music school has a plethora of achievements, and has solidified itself as a safe and joyous learning environment for everyone. And, even though they specialise in Early Childhood Music Education, with an award for Best All-Ages Music School, you can be sure you’re in the hands of professionals who clearly wish to spread their deep love for music with as many people as they possibly can. Whether you’re wanting to study alone, or with the rest of your family, Do Re Mi for Kids Inc. will be there to provide you with a multitude of options to suit your needs. Its teachers are experienced, and each and every one of them share the same ideals. Music is for everyone, and anyone can create it. So long as you want to learn, this music school will be there to teach you. Contact: Chris Marti Company: Do Rei Mi for Kids Inc. Web Address: