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Contents 4. News - Octopus Energy boosts energy tech revolution with 4,000 new jobs - Some cost-of-living optimism at last? Half of young adults think their financial situation will improve during 2024 6. Inject Some Grit Into Your Business 8. Best Career Development Coach 2023 (London): Suzy Sallam 9. Steady Solutions, Inc: Best Design / Build Company 2023 - California 10. Rev Comps: Best Automotive & Lifestyle Prize Draw Company 2023 - England 11. Dexory transforms global logistics sector with new artificial intelligence technology designed for warehouse optimization

Corporate Vision Octopus Energy boosts energy tech revolution with 4,000 new jobs • Roles ranging from heat pump engineers and solar installers to operations personnel • Recruitment process sped up by the UK’s first hiring festival ‘OctoPalooza’ • Move to help accelerate the rollout of clean tech and grow the economy Energy and tech group Octopus Energy is expanding its services division with plans to onboard 3,000-4,000 new team members this year alone to accelerate the rollout of clean energy tech across the country. Roles on offer include heat pump engineers, solar and EV charger installers, delivery drivers and operations personnel. The hiring drive comes as Octopus Energy continues to spearhead the adoption of smart home technology and fortifies its workforce to meet the burgeoning demand for heat pumps, solar panels and electric vehicle chargers. To speed up the hiring process, Octopus created ‘OctoPalooza’ – the UK’s first same-day hiring festival designed to attract top talent and rapidly expand its services workforce. The carefully planned regional jobs fairs allow aspiring candidates to immerse themselves into the company’s vibrant culture, partake in hiring tests, and potentially get hired on the spot. Octopus is planning to hold the hiring festival once a month in different locations across the country, expecting to hire hundreds of engineers at each event. Launched in January, the first three ‘OctoPaloozas’ in Manchester, London and Peterborough saw more than 600 prospective candidates attend, with Octopus recruiting almost 400 new staff into their team on the same day. The family-friendly festival also offers free food, refreshments and activities for kids, allowing everyone, no matter their circumstances, to take part and find an exciting new career. Octopus has been named one of the UK’s ‘Best Places to Work’ by the Sunday Times and Glassdoor. Last year the company received 260,000 applications for 2,000 jobs – 1,200 of which were hired into the company’s services division. It comes as demand for heat pumps surges. Latest figures by the government show that applications for the heat pump grant are up by 39% compared to the year before*. Octopus Energy already has over 100,000 customers waiting to get a heat pump installed. John Szymik, CEO of Octopus Energy Services, commented: “In true Octopus fashion, we’ve thought creatively to speed up the process of hiring the UK’s best talent into sustainable services jobs. “OctoPalooza is our version of F1’s pitstop process – turbocharging the time it takes to hire exceptional people into future-proof jobs that fit around their lives, not the other way around. “We’re creating 3,000-4,000 new jobs this year alone which will help boost the British economy and drive prosperity across all regions.” ‘OctoPalooza’ stands as a testament to Octopus Energy’s commitment to inclusivity and innovation, offering a dynamic platform for individuals of all backgrounds and skill sets to explore different career possibilities within the energy tech industry. The next ‘OctoPalooza’ events will be touching down in Oxford (22nd March) and Kent (10th April).

News Some cost-of-living optimism at last? Half of young adults think their financial situation will improve during 2024 Research released today has revealed that half (50%) of younger people aged 18-34 and a similar number (46%) of those with young families believe their personal finances will improve over the course of 2024. Overall, financial wellbeing was rated as the third most important component of wellbeing for younger people. Eighty two percent of 18-34s and 85% of younger families rated it as a big influence on their personal wellbeing. Only emotional wellbeing (86% 1834s/90% young families) and physical wellbeing (84% 18-34s/86% young families) scored higher. Despite many younger people’s expectation that their financial situation will get better this year, the ongoing cost-of-living crisis is still seen as the greatest drain on their wellbeing. It was identified as a primary concern by 55% of 18–34-year-olds across the country. The in depth survey of 2,000 UK adults was conducted by STRAT7 Researchbods. It examined the different factors affecting people’s health and wellbeing – including their ‘financial wellbeing’ – and asked what they’re doing to look after it. The research suggests the green shoots of financial optimism could be having a positive effect on the UK’s mental health: 54% of those aged 18-34 think their emotional wellbeing will improve during 2024. Sarah Askew, Innovation Director at STRAT7 Researchbods, says: “The results of our latest wellbeing survey reveal younger people are surprisingly upbeat about their personal finances given the UK is now officially in recession. However, it is also worth noting that looking at the population as a whole, almost a third still think their financial situation will get worse.” While the study suggests people are relatively positive about the economy in relation to their mental health, the same can not be said of politics. One in seven adults (15%) say the current political climate is taking a toll on their personal wellbeing. Of that number, many are taking steps to minimise the negativity of the political climate, nearly half (48%) are avoiding reading or watching the news, a third (35%) have stopped having political discussions with friends and family, and a quarter (27%) are limiting their social media usage. Sarah Askew concludes: “The Spring Budget may have offered some welcome respite to younger families. This may further boost positivity around finance, but trust in public institutions is at an all-time low and questions remain around how sustainable this support is for the next government. “This uncertainty puts additional pressure on Gen Z and Millennials, who are most likely to face the brunt of a downturn. This audience is least able to afford financial advice though, and are crying out for any support and advice financial brands can offer. As such, there’s a real opportunity for financial service businesses to step in and build equity for the longer-term.”

Corporate Vision Inject Some Grit Into Your Business Looking to be the driving force behind a complete paradigm shift within the HR sphere, GritHR Solutions is a visionary whose outlook of the future is what inspires it each and every day. In essence, GritHR Solutions hopes to grant businesses of all sizes access to affordable, full-service HR solutions that ultimately amplify their growth and success, and, in doing so, it has earned itself quite the prestigious standing. It’s for this reason that GritHR Solutions has been recognised by Corporate Vision as the Best Turnkey HR Service Provider 2024 – Tennessee. Below, we venture into what the collective has to offer, and how its unique approach presents the opportunity for industry-wide change. Powered by determination and encouraged by the future it sees for the world of HR, GritHR Solutions is a collective that incorporates its very being into how it approaches Human Resources. As opposed to simply seeing it as a necessity for businesses, the company looks beyond to find delight in the practise, and avidly raises awareness of just how interactive and engaging HR can be with the right people behind it. Seeking to be the go-to for ambitious business owners, GritHR Solutions stands as a paragon of HR-centric passion, allowing it to leverage its unwavering sense of dedication for the benefit of businesses across the world. According to GritHR Solutions – “We see a world where employees are responsive, energized, and recognized for their contributions, creating a winning culture that drives businesses forward. Through our dedication to excellence, we aim to bring delight to HR and ignite a mission within the industry, where our mantra of “we are here to make your life better” resonates with organizations across the globe.” In pursuit of this goal, the collective has forged a tangible means of empowering businesses, transforming workplaces, and fostering success within companies of various sizes, all through the application of revolutionary HR concepts. GritHR Solutions is of the belief that HR can make or break a business, and therefore attributes an immense level of importance to the craft. In taking steps toward reshaping the HR landscape as a whole, it hopes to not only revolutionise its array of practises across a myriad of business landscapes, but to also redefine the ways in which companies themselves view such an integral part of their inner workings. Additionally, GritHR Solutions exists to change the way businesses hire, pay, and recognise talent, ultimately encouraging them to cultivate their own versions of success through revolutionised HR solutions. As expected from such a driven collective of ambitious individuals, GritHR Solutions lives and breathes its craft. With values centered around empowering small businesses, and core principles aptly reflecting its passion for reshaping HR as a whole, GritHR demonstrates an admirable drive that knows no equal within the sector. Never before has there been a collective so committed to seeing its goals through, and it’s this very nature that truly sets GritHR Solutions apart from other firms of a similar nature. Instead of providing simple HR solutions, GritHR Solutions prides itself on what it does differently – from its creative problem solving, to its future and accountability focused approaches. Challenging the norm and transcending traditional solutions is where GritHR Solutions thrives, leading to the consistent practise of

Issue 3 2024 | 7 unparalleled excellence. Partnered with its eye for uncovering agile execution methods and its unapologetic passion for excellence, it’s able to consistently deliver advice, solutions, and industry insights to a varying range of businesses. No matter their size, GritHR Solutions promises to be a dependable companion in the advance towards change within the HR sphere, and it does so by consistently remaining ahead of the curve, upholding an admirable level of diligence, and deploying an open-minded methodology when navigating challenges and industry fluctuations. To GritHR Solutions, the world of HR is one that’s far from stagnant. Though there may be traditional means of approaching the craft, the collective instead sees HR as an art to be mastered for the benefit of businesses and employees alike. Only through comprehensive HR processes can a company begin to realise its full potential, and GritHR Solutions is at the core of making this possible. This is accomplished through the collective’s ability to seamlessly integrate itself into any organisation – be it as HR consultants or outsourced HR. During this process, GritHR Solutions provides a signature managed HR service that transcends the very definition of the word. As opposed to being just a service, GritHR Solutions’ approaches see it acting as a committed, strategic partner in revolutionising a client’s HR practises. Whether it’s marrying authority and approachability to create a unique persona that collectives can respect and rely upon, or utilising its proactive nature to create bespoke solutions, GritHR Solutions promises to provide actional strategies that are wholly centered around achieving tangible results. In doing so, GritHR Solutions grants its clients an unquestionable competitive advantage within their industries – one that will undoubtedly play a part in an organisation’s personal HR advancement. When asked if it had any testimonials it would like to share, GritHR Solutions highlighted the following review, penned by Elton Lin of ILUMIN Education: “The experts on the GritHR team have been a huge asset in managing all of our HR functions. They know what small businesses need, they put a lot of thought into what they do, and always deliver on time. I appreciate them very much, and would recommend them to anyone looking for help with HR!” Truly, the impact that GritHR Solutions has had on businesses is simply undeniable. Thanks to its guidance, empowered by experience and industry insight, the collective has played an integral part in elevating its clients’ businesses to the next level. As such, it seems only fitting that it would come to earn itself the title of Best Turnkey HR Service Provider 2024 – Tennessee. No matter the scale of challenge, GritHR Solutions is a service provider that transcends the very meaning of the practise. Its HR solutions have already served as the catalyst for positive change across a plethora of organisations, and it’s only natural to assume that, as we advance through 2024, it will continue to invite new ideas into the realm of HR. At Corporate Vision, we are always proud to turn the spotlight towards those whose outlook on the future goes above and beyond what may be expected. No better is this exemplified than through GritHR Solutions, whose grit has seen it adapting into the role of an industry-changing entity. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for GritHR Solutions and its team of trailblazers. Contact: Shannon Anderson Company: GritHR Solutions LLC Web Address:

Corporate Vision Best Career Development Coach 2023 (London): Suzy Sallam Launched in 2020, Suzy Sallam’s career coaching practice supports mid-career professionals navigating the complex dynamics of the corporate ladder. With her distinguished career as a corporate leader and entrepreneur, Suzy Sallam offers a wealth of insight into overcoming leadership gaps and progression obstacles that are prevalent across various sectors. Her coaching practice is grounded in the philosophy of empowerment, equipping her clients with the right strategies and essential tools to increase their confidence, craft an influential personal brand and carve a career path that is not only rewarding but truly fulfilling. Her bespoke services have not only earned her the accolade of Best Career Development Coach (London) this year but have also positioned her as a pivotal force in career development and transformation. Before launching her acclaimed career coaching venture, Suzy had already carved out an impressive career as a senior leader across multiple industries, including finance, legal, and professional services. This includes prestigious firms such as the Magic Circle firm Clifford Chance, and The Big 4 firm PwC. From a young age, Suzy was immersed in business, supporting her father who had founded one of Egypt’s leading production companies. These early experiences instilled in Suzy an understanding of business intricacies and leadership dynamics and laid the groundwork for her profound understanding of compassionate leadership. The journey from selling the family business in Egypt, to ascending the UK’s corporate ranks over two decades gave Suzy invaluable insights and experiences. During this time, she experienced first-hand the unique obstacles that professionals, particularly women, encounter on their way to achieving their career aspirations. She also had the opportunity to learn what great HR and people strategies look like, and the pivotal role leadership coaching and career development can play to support business success. The advent of remote working, especially during the pandemic, highlighted unique challenges for women in the workforce, propelling Suzy to leverage her achievements for broader societal impact. In June 2020, she pivoted to focus entirely on launching her career coaching practice, with a special emphasis on helping women navigate their career paths with confidence and purpose. Her extensive corporate experience drives Suzy’s deep commitment to forming authentic connections with her clients, steering them towards discovering and honing their leadership styles for a rewarding career. Suzy’s influence extends beyond individual coaching; she currently consults for multiple organisations, offering her unparalleled expertise in HR and people strategy to reshape and enhance their internal dynamics. A practitioner in Communication and Behavioural Change, her guidance for leaders has redefined company cultures, fostering environments where teamwork and innovation flourish. Moreover, as a director of a leading consultancy firm, she continues to set the benchmark for excellence in organisational development and employee engagement. Her contributions have been formally recognised with the prestigious Coach of Excellence award, celebrating her transformative impact on both personal and organisational levels. Suzy Sallam says, “The true essence of career coaching is often overlooked by many professionals. It’s about more than just career direction—it’s about crafting a compelling narrative, building confidence, and effectively showcasing your brand. As an accountability partner, my role is to guide my clients towards meaningful goals and actionable steps, providing insight and objective feedback to refine their personal and professional brands in a judgment-free way. Through my discussions with my clients, I will help them find alternative solutions to the problems they face.” Mirielle Botros, Strategy Consultant, shares, “Through my work with Suzy, she has helped me develop my confidence and learn how to market and position my skills and experiences so that I can nail my promotion. I leveraged her experience in my sector and asked her to guide me with her insight to help me understand how to pitch myself. I find her coaching style amazing, she is very supportive, and always dedicated to helping me learn and progress as an authentic leader.” As a consultant, Suzy Sallam remains at the forefront of defining effective leadership and people-centric people strategies in the modern workplace. Her career coaching practice is an extension of this passion, offering tailored advice and support for professionals seeking to make a significant impact in their fields. Whether contemplating a career change or stepping into a more senior role, Suzy strives to provide professionals with the confidence and skills to develop a fulfilling career while being authentic in themselves. For her empowering coaching services, and her dedication to fostering career excellence and personal growth, we have bestowed on Suzy Sallam this year’s award for Best Career Development Coach (London). Contact: Suzy Sallam Company: Suzy Sallam Coaching Web Address:

Issue 3 2024 | 9 With Fabien and his seasoned team of industry experts, the company is wholly dedicated to pioneering a new gold standard in the field of design-build construction. Steady Solutions is driven by the mission of measurably simplifying the overall designbuild experience through the seamless integration of creativity and process efficiency across every project undertaken. This also contributes to the company’s overall vision, which Fabien explains is, “to be the preferred partner for clients seeking all-inone construction solutions, exceptional quality, and unparalleled service for their commercial construction needs.” Distinguishing a business in this highly competitive sector is no easy task, but by continuously setting the bar that bit higher as it goes, Steady Solutions excels in the construction space through its holistic design-build services, serving as the ultimate onestop-shop solution for their commercial, corporate, and industrial facilities customers, with a particular focus placed on exceeding compliance to ensure satisfaction is garnered across the board. The firm embodies excellence while simultaneously making sure that it has a positive impact on both local communities and the environment through its work. The professional expertise of this team is vast, spanning the realms of general construction, tenant improvements, remediation, parking improvements, as well as EV charger installation. Succinctly explaining what it is that makes his team so special and able to stand out from others trying to achieve similar, Fabien tells us, “[by] leveraging technical proficiency through innovative 3D modelling and project management technologies, we optimize the engineering, design, and construction processes, to ensure efficiency and drive cost efficiencies on every project.” When it comes to taking on any new project or client, regardless of size, the Steady team relies on a proven three-fold approach to ensure a predictable, well-planned project for its customers which upholds the brand’s stellar reputation. Steady Solutions is inherently customer-centric and will customize its design-build services to meet and surpass the needs and expectations of the customer and in turn, establish long-standing relationships with customers built on trust and satisfaction. The Steady Solutions team upholds stringent quality standards of their projects. They meticulously ensure that each phase of the design-build process adheres to the highest levels of craftsmanship and building codes. The broad customer satisfaction they have earned is underpinned by the Steady team’s relentless focus and priority given to consistently ensure on-time completion of their customers’ projects. The company also prides itself in being reactive and precise in its bidding for customers and offering. Since its establishment in 2015, Steady Solutions, Inc. (Steady) has served as a leading design-build company, recognized in industry circles for its data-driven approach to construction projects and its unwavering commitment to excellence that is innate across its operations. From day one, quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction have both been afforded the highest possible attention. Results garnered speak for themselves, with numerous exemplary commercial construction projects successfully completed across Arizona, California, and Nevada. Founder and CEO Fabien Reille tells us more about the company’s methods which have resulted in it receiving this award. Best Design / Build Company 2023 - California As 2024 rolls on, Steady Solutions, Inc. remains wholly committed to continuing to carve out an industry niche for itself, building off of past excellence to fortify its industry frontrunner position. Signing off, Fabien tells us, “We bring together best-in-class employees, broad technology know-how, and passionate customer service to each and every project”, and with these qualities in tow, it is easy to see why the business is worthy of this accolade. Contact: Fabien Reille Company: Steady Solutions, Inc. Web Address:

Corporate Vision Based in Devon, Rev Comps is a family run business founded by father and son team, Pete and Robbie Savage. In 2019, Pete entered an online Facebook competition to win a Kawasaki motorbike and was delighted to later discover he was the winner. As an avid auto enthusiast, Pete wanted to share these feelings of elation with others. Pete joined forces with his son Robbie, and Rev Comps was born. Over the past five years, the company has amassed a large fanbase on Facebook and a diligent team with years of experience in online marketing and growing businesses. Rev Comps has evolved into a prestigious competition company, holding multiple live draws every week with winners across the UK. With 50 years of combined experience in retail and online sales, the team provides exceptional customer service and remains steadfast in its core values of transparency and trust, to assure customers that they are in safe hands when they play. A minimum of 20 vehicles and 100s of smaller prizes are available to win weekly, including monetary prizes, luxury holidays, gift cards, and more. All prizes have a guaranteed draw date, and a winner is announced regardless of whether tickets are sold out. At the time of writing, prizes on offer include a 2023 Audi RS4, a 2022 Fiat Benimar Mileo 243 Motorhome, and a 2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4RR, to name a few. Carl, one enthusiastic player, says, “I just took delivery of the 2018 Mustang GT I won. I am super happy, and the car is fantastic. I was messaged straight away after the draw and within a few hours, I had a delivery day with updates. The money I won with the car was transferred within 24hrs. I have been entering for years and the win was worth the wait.” Every Monday and Thursday, the company gives away £4000 of Rev Comps credit to players who have purchased tickets for any of its exciting draws. Players also receive free entry to a Visitors weekly draw simply by creating an account and are also entered into a monthly £1000 birthday draw. Rev Comps provides customers with unrivalled value when they play and makes regular donations to charity, offering vital support to those who need it. As of March 2024, the company has raised over £430,000 in total donations for causes such as NSPCC, Make a Wish, Guide Dogs, and many more. Nico shares, “I’ve been a Rev Head since the early days. What a fantastic bunch they are. Not only do they give away life changing prizes, but they also give a large part of their profits to charity. I’ve just been lucky enough to win an Apple Watch Ultra 2 on one of their draws, a watch I’ve wanted to own since it was launched but couldn’t justify buying one. I love these guys. Keep up the fantastic work, you’re awesome.” At Rev Comps, the team is driven by a desire to spread joy and happiness with transformative competitions to win an array of beautiful vehicles. With an Excellent Trustpilot rating, the company has accumulated numerous dedicated fans who have won dream Since its inception in 2019, Rev Comps has become one of most prominent companies in the UK competition industry. Its fixed odd competitions provide players with the opportunity to enter at least two draws every week for an array of exciting prizes. With a set number of tickets sold per prize, Rev Comps’ transparent competitions offer life changing prizes of dynamic cars, vans, bikes, and more. Recognised in the Global Business Awards, Rev Comps is passionate about bringing joy and happiness to lucky winners across the UK. Best Automotive & Lifestyle Prize Draw Company 2023 - England prizes. Co-founders Pete and Robbie Savage are passionate about raising money for notable causes and have established a company with strong core values to provide players with a safe and enjoyable experience when they play. For its authentic competitions, we have bestowed on Rev Comps this year’s award for Best Automotive & Lifestyle Prize Draw Company – England. Contact: Robbie Savage Company: Rev Comps Web Address:

Small Business Awards 2023 | 11 Issue 3 2024 | 11 The new AI functionality unlocks the next level of intelligence in DexoryView. The platform combines the use of autonomous robots to scan warehouses of 1 million sq ft and over 100 000 pallets in a day, providing accurate, instant, real time information on goods and assets across the sites it operates in. Leveraging AI algorithms, alongside the use of enhanced sensors across Dexory’s robots, DexoryView will now power logistics teams with accelerated time to insight and action to make better data-driven informed decisions on operations, expanding outside of inventory - all through one intuitive and interactive cloud platform. “Traditionally the logistics industry relies heavily on historical data snapshots, making it highly reactive and prone to error,” says Andrei Danescu, CEO and Co-founder at Dexory. “The pandemic started a major shift towards realtime, actionable insights. Our autonomous robots already give an unprecedented level of visibility on inventory within warehouses. Now combined with AI, we’re allowing our customers to enter a new era of efficiency and productivity. Dexory is thrilled to be leading this transformation.” By addressing critical use cases with cutting-edge technologies, Dexory is helping to propel the industry forward, making supply chains more efficient, agile, and responsive to emerging challenges. UK-based robotics and data intelligence company Dexory is introducing a first of its kind, AI-powered logistics engine to help warehouses maximize operational efficiency, optimize inventory management, and enhance the overall warehouse agility and responsiveness. Through its multi-site, digital twin platform, DexoryView, Dexory will now enable warehouse operatives to process millions of precise data sets captured daily across warehouses via its autonomous robots, providing realtime access to insights and predictive analytics that enable businesses to make smarter, faster decisions. The combination of computer vision, machine learning, NLP (natural language processing) and LLM (large language models) will allow warehouse operators to maximize efficiency across critical drivers such as space utilization, inventory, working time and machinery utilization. DexoryView’s AI-powered applications will transform three key parts of the users’ business: • Warehouse performance: Implementation of slotting methods, consolidation of stock, space optimization and path planning will maximize warehouse value to enhance revenue and drive cost optimization. Rapid audit and analysis of inventory across reserve, pick and bulk locations will drive operational efficiency by saving thousands of hours yearly. • Advanced issue detection and response: State of the art image analysis and machine learning models will automatically detect and address issues like damaged stock, fallen inventory and rack infrastructure damage to enhance compliance. • Environmental monitoring: Sensor fusion across various data sets, including temperature, humidity and gas detection will track and address critical surrounding factors over time to control if goods are stored in the correct conditions. Global challenges such as the pandemic and geopolitical issues, require businesses to operate highly resilient supply chains. Yet, according to Gartner, 60% of leaders say their supply chains have never been designed for resiliency. Traditional systems have severe limitations on both the volume and frequency of data captured, forcing blind decisions, based on stale or incomplete data, resulting in a growing data gap - the Visibility GapTM. Last year, the global research and advisory firm IHL Group estimated the combined cost of stock mismanagement at $1.77 trillion. Eliminating this gap helps companies react faster and make fact-based decisions on how to manage supply chain disruptions and where to focus their investments (Accenture). Dexory transforms global logistics sector with new artificial intelligence technology designed for warehouse optimization

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