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Issue 4 2022 Forging the Modern Corporate Communications Network Emboldened by a deeply ingrained commitment to being a cornerstone of modern business, eDiversa Group has made itself an integral part of document-share developments. With its user-intuitive platforms, its incredible staff, and its diligence regarding ensuring that its solutions seamlessly fit around each client’s needs and requirements, it has more than earned the title of the ‘Most Outstanding EDI Solutions Company’ for 2022.

Welcome to the April issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape. Spring is in the air, flowers are coming out of their slumber, and the sun slices through rain clouds to produce breathtaking scenery. We look forward to feeling the heat of the summer as well as a rolling breeze complimenting the scorchingweather. But, for now, wewill be happywith spring time and all of the joy that it brings. Here we cast a light upon some outstanding companies as they have emerged from the dark days of winter, to bask in the spring sunshine. Our new selection of incredible companies come from a place of compassion backed by much experience. Our cover company, eDiversa Group, has won ‘Most Outstanding EDI Solutions Company 2022’ and is showing the world its talents. Handling electronic data interchange with expert knowledge and years of experience, eDiversa understands how businesses tick. Creating a connection between enterprises around the globe, eDiversa allows the fast, secure, and reliable document sharing for all of its clients. In the world’s current state, it is of utmost importance that data can be shared easily, quickly, and steadily – with care and no difficulties. eDiversa has become a well respected and highly sought-after business that works to transfer, exchange, and manage data on a global scale. The team at Corporate Vision wish you an amazing month ahead and we look forward to welcoming you back soon. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer | Rebecca Scotland, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Amelia Walker, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

Issue 4 2022 3 Contents 4. News 6. eDiversa Group: Forging the Modern Corporate Communications Network 10. unabridged: How Upskilling Can Benefit Your Employees and Business 11. Featured this month: Boost Your Business for the Future 12. Certus Recruitment Group: Truly Specialist Recruitment 13. Solar X Inc.: Best Solar Panel Installer - Canada 14. Finavator: Facilitating the Marriage of Fintech and Banking 15. IK Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.: High Flyers Secure Success! 16. ProPharma Group: ProPharma Group: Best Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Compliance Consultancy 2022 18. VMGroup: Tackling Modern Menaces 19. Hoffmann Group UK: Best Industrial Tools Supplier – UK 20. Luxair SA: Best Passenger Air Transport & Tour Operating Services Provider 21. Olsen Actuators: Electric Linear Actuator Supplier - UK 22. Master Production Unlimited o/a Everyday Heroes & Everyday Hero Youth: Everyday Heroes 23. Athenian Group, LLC: Customised Solutions & Sustainable Results 24. PKF Finconta: Building Success Through Financial Relationships 25. Leadership Principles: The Leaders’ Leader 26. Finite Helical Dynamics Inc: Best Mechanical Design Service Provider 2022 27. Exponential AI: The Power Of Artificial Intelligencee 28. Eco Africa Digital: Reconnecting With Nature Through Online Marketing 29. Winners’ Listings

4 Customer Service Teams Need To Be Given The Correct Tools To Cope With The Surge In Customer Expectations In recent times, employee wellbeing has been on top of the agenda for both employees and employers but with more emphasis now being put on customer service than ever before, those working in this field are facing increased stress. To help customer service teams cope with this mental pressure, companies should look to artificial intelligence. This is according to CallCabinet. Using AI-driven speech analytics, businesses gain the ability to understand and process keywords, phrases, and terms. Advanced acoustic algorithms can now even measure and evaluate voice pace, volume, pitch, tonality, and other factors to determine emotions behind words, accurately capturing the sentiment of each interaction, which can then be used for training. The same sentiment analysis tools that can monitor performance of customer service agents and help supervisors train employees can also work to spot patterns that might signify mental health concerns. These include repeated negative customer interactions, frequent silences, raised voices, and profanity directed at the staff member. Simon Peters, Managing Director at CallCabinet commented: “The pandemic has pushed companies to adopt a more customer-centric approach and customer service agents are under more scrutiny than ever before. Agents’ jobs require constant speed and attention to detail, under the scrutiny of both customers and supervisors. In fact, more than 65% of people have higher expectations for customer service today than they did three to five years ago, which has led to increased demands and stresses on many agents. “By implementing the right tools to customer service teams, companies can not only expect to deliver a better customer experience, but along with it happier, more efficient, and more loyal staff. Adopting AI-driven recording and speech analytics is key to achieving this.” Capturing both sides of a conversation using voice recognition software used to be difficult, but technology has moved on, and is now capable of separating the callers voice from the agents, enabling more granular analysis and allowing the true potential of AI to come to the fore. By layering screen and video capture into the mix, the organisation can also harness this data to build a complete and accurate profile of interactions between different audiences. Danny Carr, Financial Services Specialist at CallCabinet added, “Using cloud-based call recording for speech and voice analytics means that all calls can be recorded in real time, with custom dashboards to spot these occurrences either for one-off calls that are flagged to supervisors to follow up with ‘a coffee and a quick chat’ or with trends over time escalating to indicate a deeper intervention might be needed. This is particularly important in financially regulated industries where advice is being given. “While recordings of negative interactions can be used to improve performance, it’s vital for businesses to also look at positive interactions, to single out employees for praise and to promote best practice. All businesses should to focus on applying the right mix of culture and processes first to support employee wellbeing – but the proper use of technology will help them see the indisputable business and personal benefits that agent wellbeing delivers”, concluded Carr.

Issue 4 2022 5 News Malt Acquires Comatch To Reinforce Its European Leadership On The Freelancing Market • Malt is acquiring Comatch, Europe’s leading marketplace for independent management consultants and industry experts • The market leading positions of Comatch and Malt in their respective markets will ensure a solid foundation for the ambitious European expansion of Malt • Comatch’s expertise, knowledge and access to the broader business community will extend Malt’s community of independent talents to business consultants • Malt’s offering will now provide clients with a network of highly-skilled freelancers that can take projects from strategy through to execution • Malt projects 1 billion euros business volume by 2024 Europe’s biggest freelancer marketplace Malt has acquired Comatch, the curated marketplace for independent management consultants and industry experts. The acquisition extends Malt’s community of high-skilled freelancers to business consultants and takes Malt closer to reaching 1 billion euros business volume by 2024. With a freelancing market valued at 355 billion euros, Malt projects to become the undisputed European leader and the preferred partner for companies seeking external resources. Comatch, Europe’s leading consulting marketplace, has built a strong community of more than 15,000 top independent management consultants and industry experts. Since launching, the consulting marketplace with headquarters in Berlin has grown across nine markets with 130 full-time employees. Home to a community of 340,000 freelancers, the largest in Europe, Malt will now be on its way to offering Europe’s most comprehensive network of high-skilled freelancers and management consultants, making Malt the ideal partner for all business activities. As a result, clients will now benefit from a marketplace with the best subject-matter specialists on hand to solve business challenges from strategy to execution. Combined, the two companies work with 80% of the CAC-40 and DAX-40 companies and together will build the largest European client network with more than 1,000 enterprises. United over a shared vision of the future of work, one in which everyone has the power to choose how and whom they work with, Malt and Comatch will focus their efforts on market facing synergies to broaden the offerings for their clients and their community of highly-skilled freelancers. The growth of the combined company will be supported by the hiring of 150 new employees, bringing the total count to 600 by the end of 2022. The extension of services also means that dedicated teams will now work across eleven regions and countries, including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Middle East and North Africa, the Netherlands, Nordics, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. The acquisition sends a strong signal of Malt’s place in the ecosystem at a time of tremendous growth in the European freelance market, currently valued at 355 billion euros. Fueled by digital transformation and the increasing need to fill specific roles, both companies have witnessed a sharp uptake in client demand for independent resources. Vincent Huguet, Malt CEO, shares: “Comatch is a champion in the field of business consulting marketplaces. As a fellow company that shares Malt’s “community first” approach, placing our talents at the core of the product and business to our vision for the future of work, we are eager and excited to bring our two worlds of high-skilled freelancers together”. Dr Christoph Hardt, Comatch Co-Founder and Managing Director, adds: “Malt is Europe’s leading marketplace especially for digital freelance talents while Comatch is the largest European consulting marketplace. We believe in a future where technology and business consulting continue to grow closer together, which is why we are very excited to jointly build Europe’s undisputed leading marketplace where organizations can find the best independent professionals for any possible project”.

Forging the Modern Corporate Communications Network Emboldened by a deeply ingrained commitment to being a cornerstone of modern business, eDiversa Group has made itself an integral part of document-share developments. With its user-intuitive platforms, its incredible staff, and its diligence regarding ensuring that its solutions seamlessly fit around each client’s needs and requirements, it has more than earned the title of the ‘Most Outstanding EDI Solutions Company’ for 2022. Additionally, it has created lasting relationships across all manner of scales and sectors with trust, respect, and honestly, bringing a personable aspect to an industry that can often lose the importance of people in amongst the data. EDI, known as electronic data interchange, is the business concept of trading documents in a standard scenario. It could be considered the forerunner of other forms of electronic document exchange that have taken on great importance in the business landscape, especially in the wake of the pandemic. eDiversa Group, with a strong background in electronic document exchange, is prepared to face this new reality that is so encouraging for the sector. With a motto of ‘your documents are our universe’, eDiversa Group is both a group and a connected company that specialises in fostering better connections in the business world, from document sharing to other electronic solutions that will allow a client to thrive in the emerging new epoch. With EDI solutions, electronic billing solutions, IBS services, SILICE, comeDiBuild, and even custom digital developments, it sets itself apart from its peers with custom rates tailored to a client and in-depth customer service. Fundamentally, right from the word go eDiversa Group will work with a client to draw out the details of their case, finding out how best it can help them by listening intently and fitting its solutions seamlessly around their existing infrastructure. In this manner, it makes itself a partner to their business that provides technology ‘at your service’, showing a client that remote technological solutions can be personable and friendly. Taking great pride in bringing technological solutions close to the client, connecting them to the wider world and facilitating the forging of tighter bonds across industry verticals and sectors, its adaptable nature has gained it significant notoriety. Many clients that have worked with it in various capacities leave it glowing reviews as a direct result of this. This, of course, is not something that has occurred overnight; eDiversa Group has been working hard since its inception to gain pre-eminence in its industry for electronic document interchange, going from purely an EDI specialist 18 years ago to the influential and varied business it is today. Nominally, its ability to provide the utmost value to clients through these services has made this possible, adapting to the requirements of any scenario and achieving the EDI supplier certification through hard work and grit. Its adaptability as a company can be seen developing during this time, resulting in the highly tailorable and flexible business that exists now, demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the different standards – nationally and internationally – as well as the different particularities of each sector in which these systems can be found. It also required demonstrating an intrinsic understanding of how the technological infrastructure can act as an intermediary for document transaction, needing connectivity to other EDI operators to ensure interoperability between users regardless of geographical boundary and other such restrictions. Over time, eDiversa Group has achieved each of these things, growing and consolidating its pace as the ideal partner for tackling any standard EDI project regardless of sector, location, or customer profile. Therefore, a big part of its reputation nowadays is meeting the requirements of its market with a shrewd competence that goes hand in hand with having its finger on the pulse of any new developments, leading it to be able to grow and adapt quickly and efficiently as and when such a thing is necessary. Additionally, as well as becoming one of the leading solutions for global electronic document transfer, exchange, and management, it must be considered that the solutions it provides have been emboldened by the efforts of different Spanish and European public administrations. Such organisations have been leading the charge for years now, encouraging digitisation and the improvement of businesses across the board. Thus, eDiversa Group is truly happy to see the fruits of its labour beginning to surface, pleased to say that this is something its clients can directly benefit from when they contract its services, contributing to the growth of its activity and presence in the market. Present in all scenarios where EDI can be implemented, eDiversa Group offers its exemplary aid to all manner of industries. Currently, its clients can be found across sectors such as health, distribution and retail, logistics, the automotive industry, and more – becoming an intermediary between customers, suppliers, and logistics operators With a motto of ‘your documents are our universe’, eDiversa Group is both a group and a connected company that specialises in fostering better connections in the business world, from document sharing to other electronic solutions that will allow a client to thrive in the emerging new epoch.

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that facilitates an easier and more reliable way of working. This means that eDiversa Group can provide the necessary technological tools and infrastructure to ensure a healthy supply chain for a multitude of different corporate elements, becoming an integral partner for its clients as a result through its purchase orders, shipping notices, stock information, invoices, and much more. In the coming years, it expects to see demand on its services increasing – especially amongst the clients who find themselves in need of a new way to exchange invoices in electronic format between buyers and suppliers – something it is excited to step up to the plate for. Indeed, when talking of these kinds of issuances, receipts, controls, and fulfilments, handling it through such watertight electronic means saves a customer all kinds of headaches. Able to ensure that its processes are being conducted with the utmost security and minimising human error as much as possible, it has tracked the pivot of many public treasuries towards such things, observing how steps are being taken to implement electronic invoicing between administrators and supplier across municipal bodies. Therefore, a client can rest assured that eDiversa Group will be providing everything necessary to manage such solutions. Making itself a thoroughly attractive linchpin of modern business. Its electronic invoice platform allows the management of invoices in multiple formats, by any means, and through any channel, so its clients have a complete service through which to automate the process. Its clients can also interact with different Spanish tax administrators through the framework of electronic tax management. Services such as Immediate Supply of Information and SILICIE – immediate supply of accounting books for special taxes – are available through its comeDiTax platform, born from the ambition of providing a single environment for any service related to tax management. Critically, the great deal of versatility and adaptability it has demonstrated ensures that it can customise its services with ease and elegance. Working alongside a client, taking into account all the details of their specific environments and requirements, its comeDiBuild platform provides a space through which they can cultivate relationships, whether they’re a company or supplier, each end of this communication can establish a beneficial outcome and a lifelong partnership. In the coming years, one of the objectives of this company is to incorporate other customisable elements into itself, especially focusing on those that would provide specific solutions to other sectors or groups in an outstanding example of ‘show don’t tell’. In short, it will be showing how its dedication to its clients, their requirements, and businesses of all kinds is more than just theory, it is something eDiversa Group is willing to funnel significant time and effort into. In time, it hopes that it will be able to develop and implement fully customised solutions to automate the specific needs of any company regarding its relationship with customers and suppliers. Having recently added customised digital design to its portfolio, thanks to the recent acquisition of Oma Technologies, the company has been able to get a step closer to this goal. Omatech boasts three independent teams, each with almost 20 years of experience, and handling everything from design development to management of digital projects and more, giving eDiversa Group the necessary muscle it needed to get ahead with its own internal product development. Leading any specific digital development for any company or need, it has made its name from the very beginning upon the basis of providing its services and relationships within the crucible of friendly and charismatic customer service that will always go above and beyond for a client. Thus, this is a major factor influencing its current unstoppable growth, setting it on a trajectory to increased presence through exemplary client service alone. Aiding this is the continually glowing reviews and testimonials left by its clients, words those prospective clients can trust – especially given most of them have been written by trusted peers and contemporaries working within their sectors. Furthermore, operating in an industry of primarily powerful solvent companies, it positions itself as a multinational group with a close-relationship attitude, absolutely focused on the client in question and their corporate health. This is showing its industry a new way of doing things that has become widely lauded as fresh and disruptive, something further emboldened by its prices. Critically, eDiversa Group takes pride in being able to offer its services at affordable prices that contain no hidden fees, taking close personal care of each of its 2000 clients with its 80 outstanding professionals and in-depth, well-built infrastructure. Whatever the size or sector of the invoice issuer or receiver, it has ensured that any company could benefit from its well-designed and user intuitive platforms, its marketing and communications bringing in more than 30% of turnover as it consistently focuses on outreach and ingratiating itself with the front-runners of modern business. Pioneering the ‘flat rate’ concept in EDI, it has been showing its commitment to simple, satisfactory, and plainly beneficial services; in short, if a client cannot immediately see the benefit, eDiversa Group will not offer it. It trusts the professional diligence and prowess of each of its customers and considers itself incredibly lucky to be able to work with such a diverse swathe of innovators, movers, and shakers. Each member of its team ensures that eDiversa Group can put its best foot forward in every case. The foundations of tenacity, diligence, and going above and beyond for a client remain core pillars to this day. Moreover, they understand the needs of each and every customer, working with empathy and understanding to be able to draw out the core needs of its clients and find the best possible solutions, achieving customer satisfaction being their primary objective. Using teleworking, it has developed a great team since its inception – one that has maintained its excellence throughout the pandemic – through work-life balance, healthy working relationships, good wages, and significant opportunities for career growth. In this manner, eDiversa Group promotes an attitude of growth and aspiration amongst its staff just as much as it provokes this amongst its wider market segment, resulting in a team of driven, ambitious people who are undaunted by a challenge and have the support around them to provide their best work. Additionally, eDiversa Group has been working hard to maximise diversity and inclusion. Championing the incorporation of many different perspectives, cultures, and ideas within its ranks, it respects all thoughts that its staff bring to the table, acknowledging the lenses through which they see the world as intrinsically valuable. After all, this is a big part of being able to work with such incredible levels of empathy. Consolidating its own growth process and being fully prepared to meet the needs of its clients that will no doubt arise in the future, it looks forward to helping foster a healthy future of EDI within the crucible of change the past 18 months has created. As a technological cornerstone and an international communications expert, it promises its clients that they can expect its innovation, tenacity, and excellence will only be growing as it moves into the future, and it looks forward to helping them step up to answer the call of any challenges this may present. Company: eDiversa Group Contact: Eva Andreu Benito Website: Taking great pride in bringing technological solutions close to the client, connecting them to the wider world and facilitating the forging of tighter bonds across industry verticals and sectors, its adaptable nature has gained it significant notoriety. Many clients that have worked with it in various capacities leave it glowing reviews as a direct result of this.

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ICF accredited PCC-certified coach, I work globally, across industries, with hundreds of women eager to be and do more for themselves, their families and their communities. I also research and write extensively on leadership topics in Forbes, Psychology Today, and Harvard Business Review. Do you have any further comments to make? The concept of work has evolved in importance and meaning for individuals and organisations. People need to earn a living, but money is not necessarily the prime motivator – especially for Millennials, Gen Z and individuals at a certain leadership or income level. Now, we expect our work to give us a sense of purpose; for the work to be meaningful and preferably, to align with our values. Therefore, our relationship with work is different and more profound. Upskilling can benefit individuals and the business tremendously when development interventions are fully integrated into policies and practice, and when individuals are able to align their purpose and values with those of the organisation. Company: unabridged Contact: Palena Neale Email: [email protected] Website: Feb22236 How Upskilling Can Benefit Your Employees and Business Specialising in working with women leaders, unabridged is a leadership development practice offering leadership coaching, mentoring and training for individuals and organisations. We spoke to unabridged Founder and Managing Director, Dr Palena Neale, to gain an insight into how upskilling can benefit your employees and business. First of all, please tell us about your company’s specialism. unabridged focuses on women’s leadership coaching and training to achieve more personal, organisational, and social impact. We look at pragmatic solutions to common issues for women, introverts and certain cultures – identifying/communicating strengths, communicating with impact, negotiating wants and needs. Women often navigate additional challenges – stereotyping, bias, inequality, discrimination and work-family-life responsibilities – that affect their access to and participation in leadership. Investing in leadership development builds skills to navigate this and lead with more impact. In your view, what are the key benefits to upskilling in the workplace? According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025. New/improved skills are required to address global trends and challenges like the pandemic, job-loss, global recession, shifting work patterns, and changing customer behaviours. Upskilling is reported to: • Strengthen and future-proof workforces – developing skills to navigate change and disruption. • Maintain and promote flexibility, adaptability and agility within the workforce, enabling employee growth and lower hiring costs over time. • Improve engagement, retention and workforce sustainability. Employees who feel that their employer invests in their professional development show higher engagement, and are less likely to leave. • Increase productivity and provide a competitive advantage to companies who are responsive to change and to employees who are more marketable. • Enhance companies’ reputations for caring about employees’ success and job satisfaction. This improves brand image and company culture, attracting and retaining quality employees. What practices can businesses incorporate to achieve these benefits? • Ensure buy-in by senior leadership, embed practices in the culture, and actively promote upskilling throughout the organisation. • Encourage staff to own their upskilling and have regular career conversations. Explore ways to support new initiatives like micro learning or flexible time off. • Use technology to raise employees’ awareness of new opportunities – e.g. online career marketplaces or other resources promoting available positions, projects and stretch assignments. • Routinely communicate the importance and value of learning and know what your L&D department offer. Many of my clients want to pursue individual coaching/training, but don’t know what their company will support. I advise clients to take responsibility for their own career development and discover what support is available. Have you got any experiences relating to the above? I was a corporate trainer, completed PhD research, and served as an OD practitioner for over 20 years in private, non-profit, and academic environments. I have considerable experience identifying learning and development needs and designing interventions to meet them. As an

Boost Your Business for the Future The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) is a vast business that acts as a buttress for an extensive list of organisations. Offering its services to a wide variety of individuals – of all ages, from all communities, and at all levels. Here we talk to AELP Director of Strategy and Business Development, Paul Warner, about the business as it continues to assist thousands of businesses and millions of learners across England. Featured for its incredible values, excellent employees, and immeasurable efforts that have changed the way we see upskilling in the workplace. AELP has been recognised as a giant in its industry. As an invaluable asset to the team, Paul Warner, tells us, “I am currently Director of Strategy and Business Development, having joined AELP in 2003. I am responsible for our business development and project work, including research. Most recently, I authored our latest report ‘Excellence for Learners, Value for Employers’: How independent training providers can deliver the workforce of the future.” He represents the drive of AELP and what it wishes to achieve. Through his guidance and passion we can see the vision that he has instilled in so many people. Another indispensable asset to AELP is the way it, as a business, goes about investing in staff development. Paul believes that upskilling “can bring major benefits to a business and help to fill any skills shortages within the organisation.” Not only is upskilling important but employing new staff with common goals helps the wheel to turn effortlessly. The government’s ‘Plan for Jobs’ ensures a boost of a wide range of programmes that guarantee the development of employees – this can be anything from apprenticeships to skills bootcamps, T Levels, and traineeships. In these ever-evolving times, the right technology is absolutely irreplaceable. Paul says, “As the economy grows and technology advances it is going to be more and more important to ensure employees continue their professional development. Workplace learning is absolutely key to this.” This allows the growth and expansion of success as “matching the type of skills an organisation needs with their local labour market will depend heavily on the sector the organisation is in. Many organisations will already undertake regular assessments of the skills they believe their employees needs compared to the skills its current workforce already has.” By collecting information on what employers and employees require it is possible to maximise productivity. Paul shares, “Independent Training Providers (ITPs) make up the bulk of our membership. ITPs are responsible for delivering 7 out of 10 apprenticeships nationally – as well as adult education, the majority of traineeships and skills bootcamps, and a range of programmes for the unemployed. They deliver consistently high-quality provision and work closely with employers of all sizes to ensure fantastic outcomes for learners. This is shown regularly by Ofsted inspection results, with 80% of ITPs rated as either good or outstanding.” With this information in mind, ITPs are celebrated as they invest in more individual’s futures. Not only do we see changes happening with regards to the UK’s exit from the European Union but we also see the progressive nature of AELP’s “commitment to reaching net-zero carbon by 2050 means that many sectors are currently facing a skills shortage,” Paul adds. By connecting talents of an organisation with their local labour markets, AELP is impacting every industry with one swift move. Current workplaces are in need of talented people that will ultimately enrich the business they work for – as well as a greater influence on the world around us. AELP’s mission is to offer its services across the board to make sure employers and employees can benefit from upskilling and training, so as to weave a cloth of success for all. “Employers must have faith in the training providers they’re working with which is why, in 2018, we launched our Code of Good Governance for independent training providers (ITPs) who deliver publicly funded skills programmes,” Paul enthuses. “This confidence is evident, as over 85% of employers would recommend using an ITP to another employer.” This setup promises accomplishment for employers, learners, and key stakeholders. Finally, Paul shares, “AELP actively supports employers and training providers to understand the challenges we will face in the future. For example, we recently hosted a Green Skills Summit which meant employers and training providers could discuss how we can work together to ensure we have the right skills available to decarbonise the economy.” This rich background of knowledge innovates and nurtures more people to be the best they can be. AELP’s services and strengths include: • Tailored, accurate guidance on policy development with clear interpretation that outlines government funding methodology and procurement procedures. • A coordinated programme of support to assist employers and their designated provider in preparation for Ofsted Inspection visits, funding audits and other process requirements • An ‘employer community’ where you can share ideas and experiences on how to develop effective programmes of learning and training, in particular through the new Apprenticeship standards. • Access to a programme of CPD support and capacity building for ‘Employer Member’ apprenticeship practitioners, through access to AELP developed resources and materials Employers interested in joining AELP can find out more information about how it can support you by contacting its membership team by email: [email protected] or by calling 0117 947 2090. Contact: Paul Warner Company: The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) Web Address: Featured this month

are numbered and only those recruiters who innovate will continue to thrive” Finally, Justin gives us his thoughts on Certus Recruitment Group being recognised by Corporate Vision Magazine in the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards. “This award is for our fantastic team and I’m grateful to accept it on their behalf. We work incredibly hard for our clients and it’s wonderful to be recognised for the quality of our work and for the incredible efforts of everyone in our great team – thank you to each and every one of them .” Company Name: Certus Recruitment Group Contact Name: Justin Byrne Email: [email protected] Web Address: UK Office Telephone Number: +44 204 538 8222 Address: 83 Baker Street, London, W1U 6AG Australia: +61 3 4050 7777 USA/Canada: +1 737 201 9992 Germany: +49 308 0098 133 Feb22241 Truly Specialist Recruitment Certus Recruitment Group are a specialist recruiter delivering sales, marketing and technical talent globally to the Technology sector. Following their success in the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards, we spoke with Group CEO, Justin Byrne, to understand more. Founded in 2001, Certus Recruitment Group are experts in the delivery of sales, marketing and IT human capital solutions. With offices in London, Melbourne, Austin, Berlin and Halifax, Canada, they are one of the few specialists able to provide a truly global solution helping clients plan, source, attract and retain world class talent for their business. To start, Justin provides us with an insight into the firm’s specialisms and the client base they typically serve. “As a specialist recruiter, we work with businesses of all sizes from global superbrands to innovative start-ups and Unicorns. Our specialist consultants are function specific, operating at all levels of experience from graduate trainee up to director and executive level.” The Technology sector is an exciting and dynamic sector in which to operate, with virtually all businesses looking to scale and this has never been more evident than now. Justin states “With the Covid pandemic (hopefully) coming to an end, businesses are not only looking to rebuild but also to make up for lost growth over the last two years. This has led to a global talent shortage and, as such, the execution of a well designed human capital solution is essential to their success and we are best placed to design and manage the delivery of that solution”. Working in such a challenging industry has resulted in Certus Recruitment Group utilising innovative technologies across the business as Justin goes on to explain. “By fully enabling our people through the provision of ‘Best of Breed’ technologies, including cloud based CRM with full remote working capability, our team are able to engage and deliver for our clients and candidates at all times and in all places.” When asked about the importance of the team Justin continues “At Certus Recruitment Group, our people are our greatest asset. We believe a coherent and motivated team of passionate experts will always achieve more than a collection of individuals. Great recruitment professionals must be commercially focused and understand the landscape in which their clients operate, whilst being able to utilise a great network to deliver for their clients”. “In response to market conditions we have developed a range of services designed to enable scaling organisations to develop a recruitment strategy that really works and provides great value for the business. The days of standard contingency recruitment “As a specialist recruiter, we work with businesses of all sizes from global superbrands to innovative start-ups and Unicorns. Our specialist consultants are function specific, operating at all levels of experience from graduate trainee up to director and executive level.”

Issue 4 2022 13 solution to its clients. As a result, they are expecting to surpass their projected installations for 2022. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, Solar X is prepared for what’s coming next and it takes every challenge as a new opportunity. It has adapted to change and seamlessly transitioned into a remotely operated company, with employees working all over Canada. By sharing similar goals, they collaborate virtually through digital technology and are able to effectively communicate with clients in all provinces. This makes it possible to utilize talent from any part of the country without considering the geographical location as a barrier. Solar X is committed to being more inclusive and encourages talented people from all backgrounds to join them on their mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. It is the highest-rated solar company in Canada and provides the highest referral bonus compensation to its clients to encourage more adoption of solar. It also offers affiliate programs for companies that are looking to collaborate – With over five years in business, Solar X is proud of the collaborative culture it has developed. Solar X has now partnered with top financing institutions in Canada and introduced exciting financing options such as free promos and interest-free loans to make solar affordable for everyone. Also, this year, the company is expecting to release new and exciting projects like EV chargers, new batteries, panels, and accessories to support a wide range of clients. For more information about Solar X or to get a quote on a Solar System for your home or business in Canada, visit Company: Solar X Inc. Contact: Solar X Email: [email protected] Website: Feb22658 Best Solar Panel Installer - Canada Solar X is the best solar panel installer in Canada, providing solar products and services to any residential, small business, or commercial property across the country. It is a full-service solar provider, which means they do all the heavy lifting and take care of everything a client needs in order to make the switch to solar energy. Solar X’s goal is to provide sustainable energy solutions across Canada so its clients can lower their carbon footprint and future proof their home by going solar. The world is going electric and Solar X exists to provide the best products and services to aid in the transition to a net-zero Canada. Their solar systems are aesthetically-pleasing, Solar X offers Canadian made alternatives to Tesla’s solar shingles and other unique products such as solar trim, sleek all-black panels, and 12 different battery options for off-grid or backup storage solutions that are built for Canadian weather conditions and integrate seamlessly into existing roof structures. With decades of combined experience in the solar industry, Solar X provides tier one equipment, exceptional customer service, and risk-free applications. This is in addition to its industry-leading recycling program for end-of-life panels, being the first solar company in Canada to offer a reuse and recycle program. Solar panels typically have a guaranteed warranty of 25 years. In most cases, these panels can remain fully functional for another 20 years, and only slightly decrease in efficiency. Discarding these solar panels at the end of life has always been a major concern for Canadians who want to create the largest sustainable impact with the least amount of waste. The reuse program aims to change the lives of people living in energy impoverished areas in Canada by improving their lifestyles through the use of clean electricity. Essential to Solar X’s operations are its staff – It is their team that has earned the company the title of Best Solar Panel Installer – Canada in this issue of Corporate Vision magazine. Managing Director at Solar X, Bilal Jarmakani commented, “Solar X is composed of stellar individuals who share the same values and work ethic, which allows us to realize our mutual goal to build a brighter future for our community and our clientele across Canada.” “We are a BBB accredited Canadian owned and operated business with an A+ rating and are proud to be recognized as the best solar panel installer in Canada by Corporate Vision.” The company’s knowledgeable solar consultants provide in-depth information on local rebates, grants, and net metering programs to ensure all clients are fully informed about the benefits they can take advantage of and learn how going solar will increase the value of their property. The engineering and project management teams work hand in hand in fulfilling the requirements of each project, collaborating impeccably with suppliers, financiers, and energy auditors to provide a seamless experience. Solar X’s professional installers ensure panels and all other equipment are installed precisely to building and electric code, as safety is of the utmost importance to Solar X. These panels are going to power a property for decades, hence it is vital to ensure they are properly installed so clients can simply set it and forget it. As the environment crisis becomes ever more apparent, solar energy is the key to transitioning to a renewable-powered world. However, the solar industry all over Canada has been impacted by the ongoing supply chain issue and due to this, it has been experiencing delays in materials procurement and increased shipping and equipment costs for solar panels. In response, Solar X is taking strategic action to mitigate these effects and ensure that it can continue to provide a cost effective

Feb22471 Facilitating the Marriage of Fintech and Banking Finavator is a company led by the exemplary Michelle Beyo, an up-and-coming professional who has recently won accreditation as the ‘Most Outstanding Fintech Executive’ in 2022 for Canada. Being based in a nation that is still woefully behind in the realm of fintech, Michelle has built her company to be the shot in the arm that changes all of this, helping to bring together the innovations of fintech with the ironclad structure of traditional banking in order to benefit both of these sectors, making them ready for the emerging new epoch. An award-winning strategy firm, Finavator seeks to bridge the gap between fintech companies and traditional banks. Nominally, it helps to evaluate fintech businesses in order to find the best and most innovative partners for its clients – the banks in question – in order to help forge a mutually beneficial relationship that will secure further growth for both organisations. When working with fintech businesses, it appreciates how much of their growth and development is based on consistent innovation. Thusly, it is passionate about driving growth through helping them build these innovations, getting them in front of the right customer segments through strategic marketing and enterprise partnerships. Experienced in working in everything from open banking payments and prepaid solutions to challenger banks, micro loans, rewards, and loyalty, Finavator’s specialisms lie in open banking and payment modernisation. In an increasingly online world, it will no longer do for traditional banks to continue operating in the archaic ways they are used to. Therefore, Finavator partners with fintech companies to develop innovative payment and digital services, bringing these to its banking clients in order to help these organisations to rise to the challenges of the prevailing technological epoch. This has resulted in a prime directive for Finavator of exceeding its clients’ expectations in every regard, allowing them to pursue additional revenue streams and relying on its respectful, engaged, and highly professional team to be invaluable partners to their success. Led by extraordinary CEO and founder Michelle Beyo – a mom, wife, and corporate expert – this company has come a long way since its founding. Allowing her own learning to influence the growth trajectory of the business, she is committed to consistent development, refusing to rest on her laurels despite her exemplary position within the industry in the OBIC. Ever emboldened and inspired by the brilliant team she has gathered around her, she is proud to say that their dedication and tenacity has ensured Finavator could pull through even the most tumultuous times of the pandemic, coming out stronger than ever. Displaying unshakable ethical prowess and pushing for Canada to keep up with the rest of the world in open banking technology, it is building a strong network within the nation. Nominally, this will help the nation at large as well as itself and its clients, creating a web of like-minded professionals who each believe in the golden rule that forges the beating heart of Finavator; that is, to work with innovation, passion, and enthusiasm, principles that have become the driving pillars of its team. Hoping to aid Canada in catching up to first-to-market players such as the UK, it is looking forward to a bright future, expanding its client base in Canada and the US. Between this, the growth of its team, and the growing number of invites its CEO receives, clients and partners alike can catch up with it at well known payments events in the near future, and it looks forward to expanding its growing network as a result. Company: Finavator Contact: Michelle Beyo Website:

Issue 4 2022 15 Feb22350 High Flyers Secure Success! When TIK was established in 1995, it was to develop modern airline solutions for Swissair. Over twenty five years later and this has not changed. In fact, the team offer their solutions to the whole airline industry. In Corporate Vision’s Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2022, the team at TIK Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd. were named Best PSS Solutions Provider 2022. We dig a little deeper to discover more about their vital services. To be involved at the forefront of any industry requires a forwardthinking attitude at all times. Certainly, this commitment to what lies ahead is at the heart of how many at TIK Systems think. It has ensured that they have been able to remain a step ahead of the competition, offering innovative solutions to the airline industry as a whole. While people talk about the future, this is the team who bring it to life. The man at the heart of the operation is Roland Heller, someone who proudly states that the motto for TIK Systems is “You guys are crazy.” Instead of focusing on media attention, or the building of venture capital, his team have prioritised the needs of airlines. This doesn’t mean finding solutions for the big names, but offering ways forward to everyone. It’s easy to forget that complex and expensive solutions fill the market, but cannot be accessed by all. TIK Systems goes above and beyond to ensure that their products are universal. The challenge of working in the airline industry for this innovative team is that the industry itself is stuck well in the past. Their standards are not open to selling more. When the team at TIK Systems designs something new, it is with the express purpose of developing solutions with an open and flexible approach. This is not something limited by technology, but by a state of mind. There are plenty of people who are delighted by the opportunity to work in the airline industry with a company that is always pushing forward, and it is these people who have ensured TIK Systems has thrived for the last twenty-seven years. Looking for staff who can innovative has meant developing a company structure which can move efficiently from one project to another. With only 20 people, the range of projects the business has undertaken is very impressive indeed. Instead of prioritising management and hierarchies, TIK Systems depends on complementary skills to push the business forward. The team has recently seen many junior staff added, bringing with them plenty of out-of-the-box ideas that continue to push the company forward. To achieve success is not always easy, especially in the airline industry. There is the need for an approach which encapsulates endurance and strength. With a range of different skills within the company, it is certain that this team will be capable of offering impressive solutions for airlines around the world for many years still to come. Company: TIK Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Name: Roland Heller Email: [email protected] Web Address: