Issue 6 2022

Issue 6 2022 19 organisations to address the deep changes required in this new world, from a people, operations, and technology viewpoint. On top of this, 2022 has brought forth an abundance of plans. The spokesperson adds, ‘Mr. Gagan Arora envisions growing the employee strength to 4000+ people in 2022 by stimulating more opportunities and expanding the umbrella of Vertex Group in 4 new countries, generating 2 new LOBs. The future of Vertex Group holds new innovations, new technologies and expansion in different nations across the globe.’ Further, the company will be appearing at the IOT West Africa Conference and Exhibition and the Power and Water Nigeria Exhibition and has plans to launch its new arm to the Vertex Group. Contact: Gagan Arora, Founder & President Company: Vertex Group Web Address: Apr22519 The Group of Unstoppables: Trailblazing Digital Transformation Operating as the Most Influential Leader in Technology 2022 – India, Vertex Group is an innovative provider of technology solutions. Over the years, it has been recognised on numerous occasions for its contributions to the industry – and this is a trend that is set to continue throughout 2022. Vertex Group is a multi-award-winning IT and business services provider. Its parent company, Vertex Group, was founded in 2016. Operating as the group’s flagship company, Vertex Group has acquired over 100 awards over the past six years, including The World’s Greatest Brands Awards, 2021-22; Asia’s Greatest Brands, 2020-21 by AsiaOne and CNBC; The Company of the Year 2021 by Prime Insight; The 30 Most Trusted Brands to Watch in 2021, Prime Insight; The 10 Fastest Growing Companies 2021 and The Best Company of the Year 2020, Business Connect; and Asia’s Greatest Brand, 2020-21 for its remarkable people-first culture. Vertex Group’s offshoots – Vertex Global Services, Vertex Digital Academy, VCosmos(Vertex Cosmos), and Vertex Next – have been digitally transforming the world by implementing advanced solutions such as managed services, events, conferences, performance marketing, staff augmentation, AI and digital platforms, education, analytics, and revenue and retail mapping. Serving approximately 4,000 clients globally, the Vertex umbrella boasts a 90% client retention rate, and has subsequently emerged as one of the leading players in the IT & ITES industry. Such clients stem from a range of backgrounds, including the FMCG, E-commerce, Global Research, Telecom, IT Solutions, Financial and Accounting, and Assisted Sales and Marketing industries. Vertex Global Services often gains clients via professional networking platforms – LinkedIn being a prime example – and through personal contacts and bidding websites. Each client that the company works with is provided with a high-quality service guided by the company’s mantra, ‘Passion for Excellence.’ Moreover, thanks to its internationally-spread team, Vertex Group is equipped to work with clients from across the globe, aiding them in locating the best solutions for their businesses. ‘According to our leader Mr. Gagan Arora, to build a great company, you need a great group of people who share your passion, vision, purpose and values of the organization. When you have a bunch of people who have a passion for their work, the feeling is so contagious; that it makes you believe you can achieve anything,’ details the company’s spokesperson. Indeed, Vertex Group is people-centric, meaning that the company recognises that its team is the most important asset – they are the driving force behind the success of the organisation. Arora takes great pride in the team he has created, naming them ‘Unstoppables,’ as they strive to create success for the business. Henceforth, there are numerous opportunities for continued learning, communication, collaboration, and transparency. In essence, each member of the team wholeheartedly applies themselves to the betterment of the business. Complexity, unpredictability, and potential characterise the new reality emerging from the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. In turn, Vertex Group has accelerated its services to become resilient and nimble in order to adapt and prosper in such a situation. It was during this time that Vertex introduced new lines of business – Vertex Next, Cosmos, and Vertex Digital Academy – which were designed to help leaders and Serving approximately 4,000 clients globally, the Vertex umbrella boasts a 90% client retention rate, and has subsequently emerged as one of the leading players in the IT & ITES industry.