Issue 6 2022

Securing Security Success! As our lives become more and more interconnected, it only makes sense for our security systems to do likewise. No one understands this better than the team from Kastle. In the Corporate Excellence Awards from Corporate Vision, they were named Most Outstanding Leader in Property Technology 2022 – USA. We take a look to discover more about how this talented team have revolutionized the security industry. The importance of protecting one’s property is one which hasn’t faded over the years. In fact it has become more sophisticated than ever over the years. As a leading proptech innovator, few understand this transformation better than the team at Kastle. They are, after all, the team which has driven many of the changes. The core of what Kastle offers comes in the form of complete Managed Security solutions, with access control for commercial real estate and multifamily buildings, video surveillance and 24/7 monitoring, visitor management solutions and parking management services. Using the latest in smart technology, the firm has been able to integrate aggregate hands-free access control, visitor management and AI enabled video surveillance into one, easy-to-use platform. The team’s solutions are not simply part of a larger image. They are the image itself. Moving forward in this field involves constantly pushing the boundaries of how things work, and what works best. The Kastle team have always tried to remain at the forefront of new ideas as the world embraces the potential of new technologies and IoT solutions. Whilst some will modernise for modernisation’s sake, you can rest secure in the knowledge that Kastle’s solutions are designed specifically to make life and work safer and easier for residents, tenants and building managers. No two solutions are the same because no two customers share the same environment and the same priorities. At the heart of the Kastle approach is the desire to design bespoke solutions that combine the challenges of each unique environment with the versatility of cloudbased, open-source software. When completed, the integration of Kastle’s security systems is totally seamless, built into the very fabric of existing building systems and applications. Access control, security and building systems are tied together effortlessly. This guarantees an incredible user experience that is, frankly, without parallel in the industry. The work that Kastle undertakes makes them more than just a contractor who fits security. Their approach is always that of a partner who is determined to ensure that every project they complete not only stands the test of time, but also meets the stringent requirements of the user. Any problems or issues that might arise, any changes that might need to be made, are completed quickly, thanks to this approach which sees the customer experience take ultimate priority at all times. The growth of Kastle reflects the enormous demand for strong security solutions, but the success of this growth mindset has been made possible thanks to the tireless efforts of the staff who keep things moving. Finding the right people, not only those who keep pushing forward but those who support the pioneers, has been vital. The culture of the company is one where constant growth does not just apply to the range of solutions on offer, but to the way in which employees are treated. Development of those who work at Kastle is key, and ensures that people are motivated to deliver better results than ever before. The need to maintain a positive approach to the changing nature of the security industry proved a blessing during the COVID-19 pandemic. In short order, the demand for more control over who would be in premises, who was on premises and who might potentially be infected became clear. Kastle has led the industry-wide push to ensure that employees can return safely to the office, using occupancy data and credentials to allow users and building managers to make smarter, safer decisions. This data has proven invaluable when it comes to creating more ways of keeping people safe. Managers are able to assign credentials on specific days, ensuring only those that need to be in the office are. The launch of KastleSharedSpaces has used mobile credentialing, which ties health attestations to building credentials. This means those who have reported COVID-19 symptoms cannot access spaces. Similarly, the firm has partnered with the team at CLEAR to link vaccination status to access, if building or office managers want an extra layer of safety. The power of data, so effortlessly demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic, has encouraged the team to explore ways of leveraging the knowledge that teams already have. Whilst data can solve problems as they arise, it can also present exciting new opportunities. For example, data on occupancy can also help tenants navigate shared spaces and managers to allocate resources. It can also be used to offer new revenue-driving ideas. If a space is only half-filled at any one time, it might be possible to negotiate the use of the other half of the space for another purpose. In the long term, the demands for data usage are only going to grow in terms of technology and reach within the industry. The Kastle team are focused on expanding their geographic reach to include new markets and new ways of implementing their leading security solutions. As more and more industries begin to see the potential in remote video monitoring as part of a larger security package, including access control, visitor management, parking and more, the service offered by the team will continue to expand. When we take a look at what is offered to the public by the Kastle team, we see a business that is always looking at ways of leveraging the data that they collect. Security has been seen for many years as a physical presence, but this team has reinvented it as data-driven in every respect. The result is a forward-looking business that has been able to secure properties to a level never seen before. As more and more people see the value in what this intrepid team offer, we’re sure that they will continue to build a portfolio that is second to none. 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