Issue 7 2022

Issue 7 2022 13 May22048 Supply Chain Innovation Austin Data Labs deploys data science at the heart of the global food supply chain to help its clients keep the world fed. A global AI-based B2B data science SaaS company based in the United States, with a presence spanning Brazil, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, Austin Data Labs is dedicated to building cutting-edge data science products, predictive machine learning software, and artificial intelligence solutions for the global commodity agriculture and beverage industry. As Corporate Vision awards the company for its agriculture data science platform, scAIcloud®, being most innovative, we take a closer look. Austin Data Labs is a company that strives to be the backbone in times of increasing volatility. With deep industry expertise, Austin Data Labs is able to quickly unlock hidden value within the global food supply chain, serving the meat, dairy, grain, poultry, seafood, produce, and food and beverage industries. The company also touches on the consumer packaged goods and retail grocery industries, but its deep hands-on knowledge of disassembly-driven agricultural production elevates the success of its award-winning data science platform, scAIcloud®. Austin Data Labs leverages its platform within and around the client’s existing systems so its planners can go home on time every day knowing they accomplished their mission: keeping the world’s food chain moving. The AI-based data science scAIcloud® platform is comprised of the scAIapp™ and scAIcore™ modules, addressing the most challenging aspects of food production which are waste, planning, and forecasting in an increasing volatile world. This improves efficiency and increases profit while helping supply operations teams make the best decisions, quickly and accurately. The platform and its modules easily adapt to fit any organisation, using the right combination of AI, mathematical optimisation, time-series forecasting, and statistics to support unique data needs.. The secret behind Austin Data Labs’ success? Its 100% global, remotefirst team, of course. CTO, Sushil Verma PhD and CEO, Simon Drake co-founded Austin Data Labs with values of curiosity, empathy, flexibility, great communication, science, and a desire to use technology to keep the planet fed. The company’s internal culture of communication, listening, knowledge sharing, and empathy contributes not only to its own success, but also to its customers’ success – and this was instrumental in winning an Inc. Magazine Best Workplaces award this year. Indeed, Austin Data Labs has been in a unique position with its remote team from day one, to help its customers adjust to their new normal of remote work and with an increasingly volatile supply chain. It was able to deploy change management assistant seamlessly with implementations of its software. Now, the company is focused on releasing some exciting new products later this year – Keep an eye on the Austin Data Labs website for updates! Company: Austin Data Labs Contact: Leslie Poston, CMO Email: [email protected] Website: