Issue 7 2022

maintaining a solid foundation upon which to build his firm. He resolves domestic and international matters that could be tough cases for another individual. It is with his seasoned knowledge that he has exceeded in the industry, surpassing his competitors and leading MCMS to premier conflict resolution firm. MCMS specialises in providing services to policy holders – Condo Associations, municipalities, property managers, and individuals – to ensure they receive a complete and prompt indemnification from their insurance company. It is Henry and MCMS’ mission to perform duties to protect and succeed for each client, so that they may receive the money that they deserve. This mission is derived from the passion of the team, and Henry has formed this team based on his own experience and goals – not only does Henry sport the enthusiasm needed to prosper, but he gains the respect from insurance firms for his unparalleled commitment and results. He brings fair, wellprincipled, and innovative solutions to each case and this truly reflects his expertise in the area. For all the reasons listed above and many more besides, Henry was recognised as the Leading Insurance Claims Management Specialist of the year. Contact: Henry Rodríguez Company: Municipal Claims Management Services Web Address: May22382 Get The Money You Deserve Henry Rodríguez created Municipal Claims Management Services on the back of a passion to support policyholders right of indemnification. Since its founding, it has worked with over 12,000 clients and has recovered more than $1,000,000,000. Following this incredible achievement, Henry was rewarded the title of Leading Insurance Claims Management Specialist 2022 for the state of Florida. By all regards, multifamily or business property damage can be daunting, difficult, and stressful – this is where Municipal Claims Management Services (MCMS) comes in as it endeavours to change the process. It is of utmost importance to work with insurance companies and claims adjusters however, to the novice policyholder this can further confuse and complicate things. MCMS knows that things can take a turn for the worse for individuals looking to claim on their insurance, resulting in more than 60% of policy holders complaining about unscrupulous claim handling practices and low offers, with the number increasing to 95% in some states. Not only does MCMS work tirelessly to resolve claim issues, but it also ensures fast settlements and a guided process that is fair and beneficial to its clients. Working with legal departments, municipalities, engineers, remediation specialists, and other stakeholders, MCMS closes each claim in a swift manner – reliably, reasonably, and respectfully. Further, with over 30 years of professional development and success, Henry Rodríguez has driven MCMS to a height of unmatched quality of service and results. As a Director of Disputed Claims at MCMS, Henry has pushed the very boundaries of success for himself, and for the business. Designated as a Court appointed Special Master, Henry has served as a representative of the court appointed to hear cases involving difficult or specialized issues. As Special Masters are officers of the court, they usually serve in a QuasiJudicial role at the pleasure of the appointing court. With this experience, Henry has exceptional skill when it comes to dealing with appraisals and multifamily buildings claims. Working claims consultancy as an appraiser and umpire, Henry has built quite the repertoire – guaranteeing a positive outcome for all of his clients. Ultimately, Henry has worked with fire claims, losses, hurricaine appeals, homeowner and condominium owner associations, and more. Not only is he highly skilled and refined in his profession, but he is extremely personable, leaving a great impression on each of his clients. Having managed multiple disputes valued over $50,000,000, Henry has become a very accomplished Certified Insurance Appraiser, Adjuster, and Umpire in his lengthy career span. Equally, Henry has gained recognition for his service in FL, NJ, PA, and MIA, receiving certificates for his assistance in disaster recover and disputed claims resolutions. Licensed in multiple states, with a wide scope of certifications such as CPAU, CEOP, and more, Henry has focused his energy on creating and MCMS and Henry are here for you. They are devoted to serving you to provide a premium outcome. If you’re interested in collaborating with Henry, or if you have any inquiries about the process or how you can hire MCMS, please use the following email, as the company is always happy to listen to your case or answer your questions. Email: [email protected]