Issue 7 2022

Issue 7 2022 15 It also operates as a part of the Be Basque Network, comprising 18,000+ professionals spanning over 100 countries and over 500 Basque organisations, aiming to build connections for these talented individuals. Offering business relationships, the movement of talent and many opportunities for those looking to be a part of the Basque Country, regardless of its territorial origin. The network maintains open channels with other organisations so that all can benefit from its findings. An example of this is providing its information to Lanbide (Basque Employment Service) for use in adjusting its registered applicants’ training to improve their employability. Another would be the 2014 ‘Horizon 2020 – Analysis on the talent needs in the Basque Country’ study; the network successfully identifying talent gaps for highly qualified individuals in all the areas of the Basque labour market by 2020, years before it would truly be felt and begin work to rectify them. Bizkaia Talent is an agency dedicated to bettering the individuals, organisations, and areas it works within, looking to enrich the Basque Country and all working within it. The marriage of those ideals creates a bold and nuanced approach to talent acquisition that truly makes Bizkaia stand head and shoulders above all others. Contact: Ivan Jimenez Company: Bizkaia Talent Web Address: May22142 Bringing Brilliance to the Basque The Basque Country is a gorgeous location with a rich centre, retaining a solid cultural identity whilst inviting people from all over the world to integrate. Bizkaia Talent is one of many providing those invitations; the Best Talent Management Company 2022 – Basque Country award in the hands of this agency focused on recruiting, engaging, and retaining talent in the Bilbao-Bizkaia area. Established in 2005 as a non-profit organisation, Bizkaia Talent has a clear mission: foster and craft the necessary conditions for attracting highly qualified people to Bilbao, the Historic Territory of Bizkaia and the Basque Country in general. With the support of the Department for Economic Development of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia in this endeavour, this is a serious venture designed to facilitate the appropriate environment where professionals can make substantive connections and remain in the area, dealing with specific areas and sectors of knowledge and innovation. When working with individuals, Bizkaia Talent works alongside experts in technology, researchers, professors, and professionals across companies, universities, or other organisations. Providing whatever support necessary for those coming to work as collaborators, consultants or experts in projects developed in and across the Historic Territory. There is a sharp focus on those working in sciences, technology, or other innovative spheres (such as eco-innovation and new materials) as the focus of Bizkaia Talents – and the larger Be Basque Network is a mutual transaction; the mutual enrichment of the History territory and those who work and collaborate within it. It assists by managing job offers from the organisations that collaborate with them, offers free advice regarding travel and emigration to the area and even provides a service for students to develop valuable talents across university degrees. It offers these services, and so much more, free of charge, all whilst operating as an intermediary between many parties, compiling knowledge to pass along to those contacts to provide opportunities for as many talented people as it has within its records.