Issue 7 2022

Issue 7 2022 17 May22463 Trusted Advisers, Transaction Enablers Focusing on people and IP-based businesses, the team at SCD Advisory have built an phenomenal reputation as a premier provider of exemplary services in the field of corporate and M&A advisory. In the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards, the team were recognised as Best Boutique Corporate M&A Advisory Firm 2022 – Australia. We take a closer look to find out more. When dealing with any transaction, you want to work with a firm that will consider your needs at all times. As a boutique organisation, the team at SCD Advisory specialise in end-to-end transaction advisory. From acquisition to exit strategy, from transaction preparation to deal execution, their skills hold considerable sway within this specialist sector. SCD Advisory is called upon to assist private companies which generate from $10 to $100m of revenues on the 4 value-added services sectors. Their work is not simply to sell the business, but to help shareholders prepare for the change. Key to this is the development of a comprehensive exit strategy, working closely alongside prominent strategic players or PE funds. Sometimes, the team finds themselves buying companies on behalf of a client, assisting large groups to find niche players in the Australian market place. The team stand apart by being thoroughly independent, focusing on specific sectors and acting purely as an M&A specialist. Every case has a unique approach and is performed is performed with the direct involvement of a senior partner, which has ensured a strong track record throughout the company’s lifespan. This commitment to connection is another major factor in the team’s success. People are at the heart of any business, and much of the work executed by the team is to support the success of others. The work is inherently technical, but there is a clear need to work closely with clients on an emotional level. Good dealmakers need to have the ability to listen and to be empathetic. These values are some of SCD Advisory’s hightest priorities. One of the challenges of working in an advisory firm is managing people’s expectations. Many companies only disclose the successes of their businesses, but the highest performers often don’t consider the reality of a standard deal. Primarily, SCDA stands apart mainly because its focus is to ensure a deal actually happens. To achieve this objective requires more focus, drive and discipline than ever before. The team have made it a point of principle to be as transparent as possible to all of their stakeholders so that they can understand how a deal is proceeding. This decision has ensured a high level of trust at all levels of the business. Looking ahead, the team want to continue making the kind of deals that have historically brought them success, particularly in the People and IP-based sectors in Australia. The growth of the firm over the last few years has allowed them to thrive, but the team want to be recognised as leaders in the field. The continued expansion of the team, therefore, is not only a necessity, it’s a key factor in continuing to maintain the business’s current rate of success. Making a deal might seem straightforward to some, but it’s the tireless work of teams such as those at SCD Advisory that make them straightforward. They put in a lot of effort so that these complicated operations can proceed with the bare minimum of fuss. Thanks to the team’s incredible focus, both on niche sectors and on the needs of their clients, they have become a name that is justly recognised throughout the industry. We cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: SCD Advisory Name: Pierre Briand Email: [email protected] Web Address: