Issue 7 2022

Most Trusted Mortgage Brokerage - GTA As Ontario’s foremost mortgage specialists, Your Mortgage Your Way – a company under the umbrella of The Mortgage Centre – has won the above award and the award for ‘Customer Service Excellence’ in 2022 due to the diligence and tenacity it displays at every turn. Nominally, its efforts have propelled it to the forefront of its industry, allowing it to become a totally successful and comprehensively trusted team that builds long-term and reliable relationships with its clients across its time in their service. Your Mortgage Your Way has developed significant renown in its industry by making itself a partner to its clients. Working hard to be trusted, reliable, and well-developed, its mortgage services represent the wider umbrella company of The Mortgage Centre well, allowing both companies to grow their reputations as companies that always put the client first without fail in the service of Toronto, Ontario, and Canada in the macro scale. It achieves this kind of service by maintaining its incredible values across each one of its services. Your Mortgage Your Way boasts a huge range of solutions that can make all the difference for a client looking for the right kind of mortgage product for them. Critically, it knows that such a process can be time consuming and stressful, and it wishes to take both factors out of the process, instead giving clients the ability to trust in the professionals to be looking out for their best interests. As Toronto’s front-running mortgage brokers and mortgage consultants, it offers the chance to benefit from an incredibly low interest rate that rivals any number of its competitors, as well as an interest only service, adjustable rate, short and long term fixed rate mortgages, and more, putting the power back into the customer’s hands regarding what they want their mortgage to look like. Moreover, the client is also invited to choose a mortgage that is assumable, transferrable, or portable, with a prepayment privilege that ensures a client has access to a prepayment privilege. This is a critical element of its business model – and something clients all across the spectrum have lauded as exemplary – as it allows them to bring down their mortgage balance sooner rather than later, granting them control over when and how much they pay into their account far more than the offers made by its peers. The Lenders and Associations that work in conjunction with it are a variety of different professionals, as well. Nominally, its staff shop around to find different banks, credit unions, and trust companies each of which are screened closely to see how they might help its clients to meet their financial needs and serve their financial goals, tailoring each of its services to fit a wide range of demands. In addition, Your Mortgage Your Way works with Mono Line Leaders such as First National Financial LP, MCAP, Centric Mortgage, CMLS Financial, Home Trust, Optimum Mortgage, Canadiana Financial Corp, Merix, and more, with insurers like Genworth and Canada Guaranty also proud to partner with it. This shows that not only has it been able to endear itself to its customers, but to its wider peer group. Its industry is one in which the development of a good, stable, and reliable network is pivotal, and the trust that such companies put in Your Mortgage Your Way by allying with it are an excellent ‘show don’t tell’ method by which customers can see how it might benefit them. Encouraging clients to get in touch post-haste – with email and phone numbers available through which a client can speak to one of the incredible, diligent, and customer-first staff members that make up its ranks – it welcomes engagement with its agent tools and pre-approval process both. Involved in its agenting tools, it offers a full welcome wagon package that ensures no one will be left in the dark regarding its agent aimed tools and resources, giving them access to a huge range of brand logos for websites and prints as well as the ability to access a CMS system called Salesforce. Such elements are making mortgage agent services that much easier to organise and get into, with training videos included that would walk a newcomer through the entire process. Thoroughly, every element of Your Mortgage Your Way as a business has been developed to put people first. It also includes a wide range of calculators through its online platform that allow a client or visitor to consider a wide range of options from the comfort of their own home, in their own time, and without any additional pressures. These, each of which have proved incredibly well designed and are widely used, include a refinance interest savings calculator, a mortgage qualifier calculator, a rent versus buy calculator, and even a mortgage payoff calculator, all of which give a client the information they might need in seconds and with the highest levels of accuracy. The incredible level of web development and thought that has been put into its website is clear from the very first visit, and is just the beginning snapshot of how much of a delight this company is to engage with on a professional and client based level. Indeed, the testimonials and glowing reviews that it receives from customers past and present reflect this. Again visible through its website, as well as through third party platforms, such reviews unfailingly mention the timely, respectful, and knowledgeable aspects of the work its staff perform. Their staff make a busy, stressful, and crowded market that much easier to navigate, taking away the mysticism from the process and replacing it with solid, dependable, and facts-based research delivered without unnecessary jargon and with personable, friendly customer service. Company: Your Mortgage Your Way - The Mortgage Centre Contact: Roy Cocciollo Website: Your Mortgage Your Way boasts a huge range of solutions that can make all the difference for a client looking for the right kind of mortgage product for them.