Issue 7 2023

Issue 7 2023 7 May23368 Guardian, the world’s largest independent fall protection and prevention brand, leads the height safety industry with an unwavering devotion to safety. Recognised as the Height Safety Brand of the Year 2023 in the UK, Guardian’s unique 360-degree vision, unrivalled user insights, and agile and collaborative culture set the company apart as it continues to scale new heights in height safety excellence. Here’s a little more about the widely-recognised firm. In a world where safety is paramount, Guardian stands tall as the world’s largest independent fall protection and prevention brand. The firm has been providing businesses around the globe with a 360-degree safety solution, encompassing fall protection, dropped object prevention, foreign material exclusion products, comprehensive training programmes, and custom-engineered systems. Since its establishment, Guardian’s core values have remained steadfast, focusing on clarity, support, innovation, and, above all, ensuring the safety of workers. At the heart of Guardian’s philosophy lies the belief that safety should never be compromised. The team sees safety as a black-and-white matter – a principle that guides its decisions and actions. Guardian blends scale, agility, and holistic thinking, ensuring they deliver products and services that empower their customers to focus on their core responsibilities, knowing that their safety is well taken care of. Guardian’s USP in the height safety industry stems from its unique approach. It views expertly designed products as just the starting point. Its comprehensive support includes a suite of tools, services, and training, making it easier for its partners to choose, use, and maintain their height safety systems effectively. What truly sets Guardian apart is its unrivalled height safety range, backed by extensive training and custom-engineered solutions tailored to the specific needs of its users. Unlike many other companies in the industry, Guardian looks beyond traditional fall protection and encompasses dropped object prevention, education, training, and foreign material exclusion in their vision for safety. Guardian’s ambitious plans for innovation over the next five years revolve around thinking in systems, not silos. Its vision considers and prevents not only workers from falling but also objects. This comprehensive approach reflects its ability and drive to go beyond the norm and explore all aspects of height safety. A critical element of Guardian’s innovation lies in its unrivalled user insights. It is uniquely positioned to deeply understand its users’ needs and problems by concentrating solely on height safety. This has led the company to establish design and testing centres in different regions, allowing its product managers and engineers to work closely with customers, continually gathering real-time feedback to improve their products. Guardian’s goal to double its business outside the USA within the next few years necessitates innovation catering to regional markets. It actively collaborates with industry bodies to stay at the forefront of safety standards, constantly striving to exceed them. Its agility as a privately held company allows it to explore unique third-party partnerships that add value to its products, such as its partnership with Twiceme Technology® to integrate digitally connected rescue features into their harnesses. Guardian’s success is deeply rooted in its company culture. The leadership team’s core value of “One Team. One Goal” emphasises the strength that diversity brings while unifying the team’s efforts towards simplifying safety. Its culture encourages employees to embrace challenges, be open-minded, and challenge conventional thinking when they believe there’s a better way. Respect, honesty, fairness, and ethical behaviour form the foundation of Guardian’s interactions with colleagues, partners, customers, and suppliers. The team’s ability to ensure companies value health, welfare, and safety extends to their customers and employees, emphasising the importance of well-being within the organisation. Innovation is at the heart of Guardian’s plans as it continues to challenge the status quo and collaborate with partners to ensure the utmost safety for workers. However, its positive company culture underpins its success, fostering an environment where employees are empowered to stand tall and make a difference in the pursuit of height safety excellence. Ultimately, Guardian’s dedication to its mission, customers, and employees cements its position as a leader in the height safety industry, ensuring that workers worldwide can return home safely at the end of the day. Company Name: Guardian Contact Name: Brendan Walsh Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Scaling Heights with Safety, Innovation, and a Strong Culture