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Issue 8 2023 Kalos LLP: Financial Due Diligence Advisors for the Mid-Market Kalos LLP is an internationally recognised boutique CPA firm based in Alberta that was founded in 2019. The firm’s team of experienced Chartered Accountants and Chartered Business Valuators guides mid-market businesses and financial sponsors through the merger and acquisition process. As a result of the excellent quality and service they provide, Kalos has been awarded Mid-Market Transactions Advisory Firm of the Year, Canada, in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2023.

Welcome to the August issue of Corporate Vision magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape. Finding ourselves in the midst of Q3, there’s no denying the prosperity we’re continuing to see in the world of business this year. In this issue, we’re delighted to be showcasing an array of outstanding organisations that are contributing greatly to this success, whether a real estate brokerage, wealth planning firm, cybersecurity platform, freight services provider, or developer of high voltage dry technologies! This also includes our front cover feature, Kalos, an accountancy firm that has all the vigour of a Big 4 company, while also benefiting from being small enough to provide that personal, bespoke service. The Greek word for “good”, “Kalos” was a word historically used to describe the greatest warriors on the battlefield – and we agree it’s fitting to define this firm. Recognised as our Mid-Market Transactions Advisory Firm of the Year, Canada, Kalos is a global boutique CPA firm providing specialist, exceptional solutions in financial due diligence, valuation, and transaction support exclusively to mid-market businesses. As you flick through these pages, you will discover just what makes each of our award-winning firms so worthy of recognition as they consistently strive to deliver expert services with the utmost efficiency. The team at Corporate Vision wish you an excellent month ahead and we look forward to welcoming you back again soon for our Q4 issue. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: Editorial Team Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor Isabella Mifsud, Writer | Emily Godbol, Writer Michelle Strozykowski, Writer Design Team Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer Ali Mohammed, Junior Graphic Designer AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Issue 8 2023 3 Contents 4. News 6. Kalos LLP: Financial Due Diligence Advisors for the Mid-Market 8. Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate: Leading Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Baja California Sur 9. GhangorCloud: GhangorCloud: Industry’s Best Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions 10. Xebec International Logistics: Pioneering Transportation and Logistics Solutions 12. RHM International LLC: High Voltage Innovator 14. Kaleso Ltd: Big Firm Experience, Tailormade Solutions!

4 Built for enterprise, backed by science: Unmind gains momentum with senior hires and new proposition Today, leading provider of global workplace wellbeing solutions, Unmind, announces a number of senior strategic hires, reflecting the pace of business growth and evolution of the brand offer. Following a rapid transformation over the last twelve months, partnering with companies including Yahoo, Ovo and Calix, Unmind has evolved from an app-based product to a market leading, data-driven, science-led enterprise platform that improves the performance and productivity of an organisation’s people. Built for Enterprise The evolution to an end-to-end platform that provides insight and support (including wellbeing strategy, training and crisis care) for the whole organisation is based on the company’s purpose; to create a world where mental health is understood, nurtured and celebrated. Unmind has developed innovative new solutions focused on improving mental health and wellbeing to unlock performance, at both an individual and collective level. As the global C-Suite comes to understand that employee wellbeing is central to supercharging commercial business success, Unmind’s peer-reviewed trials indicate its tools can unlock productivity gains by an average of 12% through improved wellbeing1. Its new solutions are designed to help progressive customers create mentally healthy workforces, including: Unmind Talk – following the acquisition of Dublin-based Frankie Health in early 2023, Unmind Talk offers employees personal sessions with experienced therapists and coaches, bookable in minutes. Unmind Insights – a datadriven approach to measuring, understanding and enacting change within organisations, while demonstrating ROI with an industryleading financial impact calculator that quantifies the commercial imperative of wellbeing. Unmind Help – complementing Unmind’s proactive and preventative approach, Unmind Help offers employees immediate access to crisis support through a 24/7 phone line staffed by trained counsellors. With Unmind Help, employees can also get expert legal and financial guidance, as well as access to critical incident support delivered on-site by specialists. Unmind Exec – developed to educate the C-suite on the critical role mental health plays in overall organisational performance, Unmind Exec is a tailored programme targeting the team that drives the biggest impact. Unmind Exec builds psychological skills across the most senior leaders within an organisation, ensuring they understand the scientific underpinnings of improved performance through mental health and are inspired to role model healthy behaviours. Wellbeing Champions Training – for Mental Health Awareness Day/ Month 2023, Unmind launched its Wellbeing Champions course and made it available for free, seeing immediate and significant impact, with over 700 graduating from the course in the first 60 days. Unmind is being used in over 150 countries, and is now available in seven additional languages (including Spanish, French, Portuguese and Chinese), with German being the latest addition, making the platform now available to over 4bn people worldwide. Integrations including Slack and Teams help embed wellbeing into the flow of work for client organisations. New dynamic Executive Team To guide the acceleration and growth of Unmind’s journey to a £100 million operation, a number of C-suite moves and hires have been announced. • Mike McGuire joins as Unmind’s Chief Commercial Officer following ten years of building high-performing teams as a Vice President at Salesforce and GM at tech unicorn Iterable. Mike is responsible for growing Unmind’s global revenue strategy with a key focus of international expansion through Unmind’s New York and Sydney offices. • Amber Coster, now leads as Chief Operating Officer. No stranger to scaling at pace, Amber has held Vice President positions at hypergrowth companies, ClickUp and AppDynamics. Amber runs Unmind’s business operations and people and talent functions with a focus on building a people-centric, highperforming business that delivers indisputable value to clients. • Gavin Wade, who joined Unmind as VP of Product in 2021, takes an exec team position as Chief Product Officer, responsible for leading the Product, Design, Content, and Science teams. Gavin owns the scaling of Unmind’s product capability, international product expansion, and the platform’s strategic transformation to deliver clients a data-driven, whole-organisation approach to workplace wellbeing. • Mike, Gavin and Amber complete an executive leadership team alongside scale-up veteran CFO, Mong-Trang Sarrazin, seasoned tech leader CTO, Phil Mullan, Co-Founder and Chief Wellbeing Officer, Steve Peralta, and Co-Founder and CEO, Dr Nick Taylor. Dr Nick Taylor, CEO & Co-Founder, Unmind: “We continue to live in turbulent times. Taking a proactive approach to workplace wellbeing has always been key to performance – now it’s mission critical for businesses to support their people and improve their productivity. “We’ve taken some bold steps to innovate our services to offer a truly transformative platform for clients, and have completed a highly experienced exec team who can deliver it. Now we’re eager to realise our vision of a world where mental health is universally understood, nurtured and celebrated.”

Issue 8 2023 5 News New survey shows Gen Z and Millennials AI jobs fear – as 61% say it will take much of their role • Survey shows 38% of 18-34 year olds think that AI will be doing at least 50% of their job by 2033. 61% believe it will take at least 25% of their job in the next ten years • New report from Corndel shows UK business is losing data skills battle to fuel growth and drive performance • 92% of employees working with data think there is a skills gap in their workplace and over 82% of employees have had no training in AI use • Nearly half of senior decision-makers believe that a lack of data skills is holding back their business transformation In the first UK survey of its kind, strategic skills provider Corndel can today reveal the extent to which employees fear that Artificial Intelligence will take all or part of their job, with younger workers particularly worried. 61% of them believe that this new technology will take at least 25% of their role by 2023, with 38% of the 18-34 year olds fearing that AI will take at least 50% of their job in the next ten years. 39% of the UK employees believe that it will impact them in the same way, yet 82% of employees have had no AI training. This number rises to 96% of those over 55-years-old, reflecting a neglect of data skills in the UK that are highlighted in a new report, which is also published by Corndel today. Research by McKinsey Global Institute found that data-driven businesses are 20-plus times more likely to acquire new customers and six times more likely to retain them, highlighting the significant impact of data-driven leadership on an organisation’s success in the UK market, yet many organisations are struggling to make headway. The new research published in the Better Decisions, Realised Report by Corndel reveals more than nine out of ten (92%) of employees who work with data tasks believe there is a data skills gap in their organisation, with almost one-third (32%) of data professionals reporting a large data skills gap in their organisation. The potential impact of concerns over both lack of training and AI were brought to the fore in a recent joint event held by Corndel and Imperial College Business School to showcase the AI modelling work of Imperial’s Associate Professor Dr Mark Kennedy. Dr Kennedy unveiled FOO.CASTR (Future of Organisations–Caster) – an innovative visualisation tool designed to empower organisations to model their future trajectory and the impact of advanced technologies, including AI. The tool provides a glimpse into what the future might hold for organisations and the broader shape of work itself, via a demonstration of precise, data-driven models that capture the intersection between technological evolution and job roles. For its report, Corndel surveyed 300 senior data leaders and 1,500 employees who work with data tasks, with over a third (35%) of data professionals believing that the biggest impact of the data skills gap in their organisation is reduced efficiency and productivity. Almost half of senior decision-makers in data roles believe that a lack of data skills is holding back their organisation’s business transformation, with 37% identifying data literacy as a significant barrier to economic success. Professionals who work with data also pinpointed an increased risk of errors and misinterpretation at work (32%), higher levels of stress among employees (29%), missed growth opportunities for their organisation (29%) and limited problem-solving capabilities (28%) as other key risks and threats to their organisation as a result of the data skills gap. Corndel’s Better Decisions, Realised Report uncovers how four in ten employees (44%) believe lack of time allocated for learning and skills development is a major challenge in keeping up with evolving data skills and knowledge in their organisation This figure rises to 55% of employees in larger organisations with 1,000+ employees. A wide range of other issues are also identified as challenges to maintaining up-to-date data skills and knowledge in their organisation, including insufficient support or budget from the organisation (33%), limited access to relevant and up-to-date training resources (32%), and difficulty in identifying the most relevant skills to focus on (30%). The report highlights the key role workplace training and development has to play in ensuring the data skills gap is closed and organisations can make data-driven decisions to drive growth and competitiveness. The research found that over half of those working in data roles (53%) believe ‘on the job’ workplace training and experience is the best solution to eliminating the data skills gap, while four in ten said access to online training (43%) and more access to data analysis tools and software (39%) would best solve the issue. James Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Corndel, said: “Our research shows that many UK organisations are struggling to embed the data skills needed to fuel growth and drive performance. Nearly a third of employees who work with data say they aren’t confident in understanding, analysing and drawing insights from data, which is a major concern in today’s business environment. Concerningly 82% of employees have not had training in data, tech or any AI-based tools. This proportion rises to 96% for older workers over 55, which is a red flag for productivity and labour market participation. “Younger employees are already acknowledging the risks of being left behind by technology, which is shown in the large number of 18-34 year olds who think their jobs are at risk from AI. Only by implementing continuous skills development programmes to support lifetime learning among employees, as well as investing in technology and data infrastructure, can organisations empower their employees to leverage tech and data knowledgeably, confidently and effectively, to fuel transformative change and drive successful performance.” David Brown, Director of Executive Education at Imperial College Business School said: “This report is a powerful asset – helpful, concise, and spot on. It highlights the perennial paradoxes we face: first, an acute need for more digital capabilities, hindered by an unwillingness or inability for individuals and companies to invest for several good (and mostly not good) reasons. And second, it highlights the need to blend hard and soft skills in the workplace. In today’s fast-paced world, delaying decisions has significant consequences, perhaps sooner than we think. Conversely, the ROI on capability development is much faster, tangible, and easier to prove.” Partnership with Imperial College Business School Corndel delivers its data skills programmes and executive leadership programmes in partnership with Imperial College Business School, which was recently ranked the sixth leading university in the QS World University Rankings. Corndel partners with organisations across a wide range of sectors, from FTSE 100 businesses to national charities and government organisations, to deliver data skills training combined with leadership and management skills to enhance business performance, boost productivity, build resilience, and transform workplace culture. For example, its recent partnership with Hospice UK has enrolled nearly 100 hospice professionals from across the country in the Hospice Data Academy to enhance their data skills and knowledge in the care sector’s increasingly data-driven workplace.

Kalos has overseen dozens of successful transactions in the last 12 months. In one notable deal, they advised a strategic buyer in the execution of their grow-by-acquisition strategy. The Kalos team helped the client save approximately 30% of the original price by renegotiating the valuation mechanism for normalized EBITDA. In addition to this, Kalos served as a vendor due diligence advisor to a private company that was approached by a financial sponsor with more than $150 billion in assets under management for an unsolicited buyout. Kalos was responsible for advising the seller and leading negotiations related to revenue run-rate and contribution margins. The firm’s work resulted in the seller realizing an increase of approximately 67% to the final purchase price. On another occasion, Kalos advised a financial sponsor who was planning to purchase approximately 80% of a manufacturing business that sources raw materials from around the world. Through the diligence process, the firm was able to help their buy-side client realize a 25% reduction to the purchase price by identifying inventory adjustments and negotiating networking capital mechanisms. Considering the value they have generated on transactions for clients, it is no surprise that Kalos has received many positive referrals that frequently acknowledge the efficiency and dedication of their team. For example, one senior lender of a Top 10 global bank comments that Kalos provides, “The best of both worlds: commitment and grit of a small shop with the bench strength of a large M&A advisory practice. Clear communication, quick turnaround, comprehensive due diligence, and an impressive network of resources. For any buyer/seller, large or small, I would not for a second hesitate to recommend their services.” As a result of its continued excellence, Kalos has been awarded Mid-Market Transactions Advisory Firm of the Year, Canada, in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2023. We extend our sincere congratulations to Mackenzie, Travis, and their team for this commendable achievement. In light of its accomplishments in the last 12 months, there is no doubt the company will continue to help its clients get the most out of their transactions for many years to come. Contact: Mackenzie Regent Company: Kalos LLP Web Address: Kalos LLP: Financial Due Diligence Advisors for the Mid-Market Kalos LLP is an internationally recognised boutique CPA firm based in Alberta that was founded in 2019. The firm’s team of experienced Chartered Accountants and Chartered Business Valuators guides mid-market businesses and financial sponsors through the merger and acquisition process. As a result of the excellent quality and service they provide, Kalos has been awarded MidMarket Transactions Advisory Firm of the Year, Canada, in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2023. Kalos was established by Co-Founders Mackenzie and Travis Regent, two experienced finance professionals, who were recent alumni of the Big 4 accounting firms at the time. The pair was inspired to embark on a new mission together, and tap into their entrepreneurial spirits, after honing a multitude of important skills while working for some of the world’s largest financial institutions. They noticed a lack of accessible services for mid-market companies and small businesses and knew they could build a firm to fill this gap. The product of this idea is Kalos: a CPA firm that has the depth of expertise businesses typically expect to find in only the largest corporate firms, combined with the ability to provide personal, boutique-level service. Kalos specialises in the provision of financial due diligence (quality of earnings), valuation and financial modelling, and transaction support (SPA review, etc.). This transactions specialisation means that clients are guaranteed to receive high-quality services, delivered by a team of experts in their field. Financial due diligence involves closely analysing a transaction to ensure the client is equipped with the information needed to maximize value and get the best deal possible. This empowers clients to close deals with confidence, knowing that the transaction has been evaluated by an expert and independent team. Kalos primarily serves financial sponsors as well as public companies and private enterprises that are looking to grow through acquisition or complete divestitures. By providing quality of earnings and valuation reports, they have supported numerous financial sponsors across North America and Europe with over $1 billion in assets under management on both the buy and sell-side. As a boutique firm, Kalos has the agility required to customize the due diligence process for each client, focusing on what a particular deal requires. Each client receives an individualised scope of work that focuses on the areas that add value while avoiding excess cost on unnecessary items. Kalos believes that being a trusted advisor means conducting a due diligence process that is built to create solutions, rather than just identify problems. When clients enlist the support of Kalos they can trust they will receive the full attention of their team and senior leaders, regardless of deal size. In addition to every team member being a CPA, the Kalos team approaches transactions from a diversity of thought leadership with team members coming from various backgrounds including investment banking, valuation, private equity and management consulting. The tenured team at Kalos has advised on more than $75 billion in transaction value, 350+ financial due diligence mandates, and 250+ valuations. In addition to their expertise, all members of the team possess a genuine passion for adding value to their clients’ deals, which enhances the standard of service they deliver. To further guarantee its provision of high-quality services, the Kalos team embraces seven core values. These are integrity, excellence, care, courage, grit, trust, and ownership. “Kalos primarily serves financial sponsors as well as public companies and private enterprises that are looking to grow through acquisition or complete divestitures. By providing quality of earnings and valuation reports, they have supported numerous financial sponsors across North America and Europe...” Jun23416

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This enticing proposition attracts individuals from the travel, leisure, media, celebrity, investment, and high-net-worth spheres across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Russia, Asia, and Australia. Los Cabos stands as the epitome of destination dreams. Overall, Fukunaga is a driving force in business and an ambassador for Mexico, leaving an indelible mark on global investors and clients seeking the ultimate luxury lifestyle. Her commitment extends to the community, evident in her philanthropic initiative. The brokerage’s operational footprint spanning 10 offices across Mexico’s Baja California Sur, encompassing Los Cabos, Todos Santos, Loreto, East Cape, and La Ventana, continues to redefine luxury real estate, transcending traditional boundaries and providing an exceptional gateway to the Los Cabos lifestyle. The invitation is extended to experience an extraordinary way of life through confidently buying or listing with Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate. Contact: Vanessa Fukunaga Company: Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate Web Address: Email: [email protected] U.S. cell +1 (310) 728-5915; MX cell: (011-521) 624-157-3446 Jul23101 Leading Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Baja California Sur Discover the remarkable journey of Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate, the foremost luxury real estate brokerage in Mexico’s Baja California Sur. With over two decades of unparalleled expertise and $3.3 billion in sales, the company has established an unrivalled reputation as a luxury real estate pioneer. We gain an insight into the company and how Vanessa Fukunaga has taken it to new heights since she became Owner, President | CEO almost a decade ago. Established in 1997 and later acquired in 2012 by Fukunaga, Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate has embarked on an extraordinary journey, bringing the beauty of Los Cabos to the global stage. This journey to excellence has been nurtured over years of unwavering dedication from a team of skilled and passionate real estate advisors. Augmented by a robust global network, multiple offices, and a knack for curating distinctive events that breathe life into unique properties, this brand stands firm on solid foundations, providing the ultimate in-home buying and selling experiences. The firm, recognised as the leading luxury real estate brokerage in Baja California Sur, marks an impressive 26 years of success in delivering exceptional consumer trust and tangible results. This esteemed company has set a remarkable precedent as the go-to entity for listing and selling luxury real estate. Its range of luxury ownership options encompasses turn-key custom homes, homesites, luxury villas, and private branded residences or condos within upscale luxury resorts, each affording breathtaking ocean, golf, and mountain views. Since its inception, Engel & Völkers has achieved an impressive $3.3 billion in sales, consistently asserting dominance as the market leader in Baja California Sur. Its remarkable achievements also encompass a 14-year reign as the leading real estate agency in terms of sales volume. Notably, it has secured five consecutive wins for Best Real Estate Agency in Mexico through the esteemed International Property Awards. These accolades reflect the company’s exceptional services and performance, and underline its remarkable ability to network and reach audiences far and wide. Throughout 2022 and so far in 2023, the Los Cabos property market has maintained its robust vigour. The allure of investing in homes and embracing the quality of life in Mexico’s fastestgrowing destination persists and is driven by escalating demand for luxury listings that outstrip supply. Year after year, Engel & Völkers continues to clinch the record for the highest volume of real estate transactions in its market, and 2022 was no exception. What sets this brokerage apart is the capacity to redefine the essence of a luxury property experience. Its innovative practices and forward-looking approaches serve as the bridge between iconic residences and discerning buyers. The company’s focus remains resolute in adapting to evolving client needs and forging a trail into the future. In terms of future trajectories, its goals over the next five years encompass maintaining its status as the pinnacle luxury real estate brokerage in the region, fortifying its presence in the luxury market, consistently staying attuned to market trends for expansive growth, and pioneering the path for an unparalleled luxury property experience. Acquiring a luxury property in Los Cabos, Mexico presents an exceptional investment prospect. The region’s appeal lies in accessibility, agreeable climate, stunning beaches, recreational offerings, world-class amenities, a rich cultural scene, philanthropic activities, and value-driven representation in secondary and tertiary home markets.

Issue 8 2023 9 products and services. With their unique capabilities, each employee plays an integral role in contributing towards the success of GhangorCloud. It is through their teamwork and collaboration that the company has been able to drive its products to lead the market. For its exceptional solutions, GhangorCloud has been awarded Best Cybersecurity & Compliance Platform in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2023. Impressively, this is not the first time that the company has earned a title in this awards programme. Previously, it has been awarded Most Outstanding Software in Cyber Security Solutions 2022 and, before that, Best Platform for Cyber Security 2021. This speaks volumes about the company’s continued excellence. Moving forwards, GhangorCloud has plans in place to ensure its development, growth, and success throughout the rest of 2023 and beyond. The firm is proud to have exceeded its targets in 2022 and expects that it will continue to do so in the coming years. We are thrilled to extend our sincere congratulations to Tarique Mustafa, Bhanu Panda, and their team on their continued success in our Corporate Excellence Awards programme. We look forward to seeing what the firm will go on to achieve in the future. Contact: Bhanu Panda Company: GhangorCloud Web Address: Jun23187 GhangorCloud: Industry’s Best Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions Located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, GhangorCloud is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions that defend clients against the most sophisticated attacks on their information, data repositories, and applications. For its two core product offerings, the company has been awarded Best Cybersecurity & Compliance Platform in this year’s Corporate Excellence Awards. For companies of any size, data is truly a lifeline. In order to stay ahead of their competitors, they must effectively leverage information to gain important business and customer insights that they can use to make informed decisions. Given its essential uses, it is clear that businesses should invest in protecting their data properly. Founded by Tarique Mustafa and Bhanu Panda, industry recognized cybersecurity experts with demonstrated abilities in the area of information security, GhangorCloud offers a wide array of best-in-class, advanced, and innovative cybersecurity solutions designed to tackle any potential cyber threat. Primarily, GhangorCloud offers an excellent 4th generation Data Leak and Exfiltration Prevention (DLEP) platform, which is the industry’s first and only of its kind. This pioneering solution, named Information Security Enforcer (ISE), provides data security against malicious external and internal attacks, protecting mission critical and confidential data from unauthorised access, disclosure, or theft. Today, ISE is the only 4th Generation DLEP solution to effectively address the prevalent issues of data leaks and theft. For this reason, it has come to be known as the industry “Gold Standard” of cybersecurity solutions. Many of GhangorCloud’s customers have previously invested in the use of traditional 3rd generation DLEP platforms, only to be disappointed with their experience. Often, this is what drives them to instead adopt the use of GhangorCloud’s 4th generation solutions. The firm is proud to have seen an increase in the number of large customers who are making this switch. A second product offered by GhangorCloud is its information security and compliance solution, named Compliance and Privacy Enforcer (CAPE). This full stack Privacy Compliance Enforcement Platform automates all the tasks required to comply with data privacy mandates such as CCPA, GDPR, and more. Alongside these core offerings, GhangorCloud has also created a number of other breakthrough technologies, which have completely redefined cybersecurity and what it entails to build a credible defence against data exfiltration and theft. With its excellent solutions, GhangorCloud serves businesses that have important confidential data to protect. Therefore, its client base is diverse, encompassing organisations within the Fortune-100 as well as medium sized enterprises. Operating across a multitude of vertical markets, its clients include financial institutions, banks, hi-tech organisations, pharmaceutical companies, smart cities, national security agencies, and government ministries. Having achieved significant growth since its foundation in 2014, GhangorCloud owes its success to its outstanding team of cybersecurity experts. The firm hires highly experienced, knowledgeable, and motivated team members with a track record of delivering successful

It specialises in providing a wide variety of services to companies operating in all Global Trade industries, and is properly equipped to support and offer turnkey solutions. It can do this by combining its warehousing services, transportation links, technology, vast logistics experience, and innovation. This makes it an attractive solution for customers who want to focus on their own core competencies. They can get on with doing whatever matters the most to them, whilst relying on XIL to custom design a supply chain that ensures all materials arrive on time for production. Its services are precisely engineered to deliver finished goods to customers at the exact time needed to afford the best value options available. Its services are also offered separately, enabling clients the opportunity to choose exactly what is needed to supplement their overall supply chain strategy. The advice XIL would pass on to anyone looking to start out in the logistics industry is to be calm, considered, and to never allow themselves to feel as though they are not good enough, or that they don’t have the knowledge required to accomplish their goals. This sage advice stands whether setting out to fulfil objectives that are personal or professional. The company culture at XIL is inclusive, and celebrates employees at all levels. Senior management are certainly aware that engaged employees perform better, and so encourage involvement and inclusivity across the board. This level of care definitely differentiates XIL from its competitors. Because it is a 4th-party logistics company, the team at XIL work as an extension of the clients’ logistics operations to offer custom outsourcing solutions, neutral management of logistics processes and partners, supply chain planning, day-to-day execution, strategic recommendations, and technology solutions. It integrates all of its clients’ partners into the venture seamlessly. It also offers the incredible Xconnect technology platform, powered by Klearnow, to give users full visibility of the progress of shipments anytime and anywhere. This system offers real time track and trace, electronic integration, and advanced analytics. Xebec International Logistics has recently been recognised as the Best International Logistics Firm 2023 – USA in the Corporate Excellence Awards. This outstanding freight forwarding and logistics provider is certainly making its mark on the industry in a global fashion. We expect to see it forging ahead with considerable latitude. Company: Xebec International Logistics Web Address: Contact Name: Crystal Cleveland Pioneering Transportation and Logistics Solutions Xebec International Logistics LLC is a company who provide high-quality freight forwarding and 4PL solutions to a multi-industry client base. It specialises in fostering efficient and costeffective services with short transit times, concentrating on quality, productivity, and integrity. We caught up with them recently to find out a little more about the business. Xebec International Logistics (XIL) supplies freight services for industries including food, healthcare, industrial, aerospace, and automotive manufacturers. It offers a unique transit system that allows for greater visibility of the entire freight forwarding business, fully inclusive of clients’ needs whether they involve air, sea, road, or rail transportation. The company was founded in 2022, and has its headquarters located in Houston, Texas. It is proud to be able to provide logistics services, with full attention paid to the highest levels of quality, efficiency, and integrity. It has expertise in providing freight forwarding services and fourth-party logistics (4PL) - as the sole external supply chain service provider - for multiple sectors of the global trade industry. It assists all divisions of companies to successfully attract and retain clients in the United States, and can be relied on to continuously provide top-quality logistics support to all clients. XIL also provides third-party logistics (3PL), including inventory management, warehousing, and fulfilment. This allows clients such as ecommerce merchants to accomplish more, with XIL providing the tools and infrastructure needed to enable automated retail order fulfilment. The company is laser focused on building stronger relationships with clientele through its strong values of quality, efficiency, and integrity. It has developed a business model based on the successfully proven operations of other national freight forwarding affiliates. The affiliated companies particularly concentrate on service provision to American companies that are interested in exporting and importing products. These products might be related to any and all global trade industries. As the global supply chain contains so many varied products, it’s essential for many goods to pass through and obtain multiple approvals prior to shipping. Therefore, in order to ensure that the products conform with both the U.S. and other Global regulations, the company is required to collaborate with many partnering government agencies. This ensures absolute detail and compliance is fully adhered to throughout. One of the biggest challenges XIL faces on a regular basis is that of winning and continuing to retain new clientele who are focused on name-brand solution providers. The approach it takes in these circumstances revolves around face-to-face meetings and rate negotiations. This has provided the company with a far wider variety of small businesses, and also brought in new opportunities. With the credit crunch/cost of living affecting many global partners, the current market finds many clients experiencing trouble locating affordable and dependable logistics solutions. This encompasses both import and export shipments, along with accessing warehouse space that can accommodate the ever-changing market. XIL can help here. “Employee engagement is a foundational component that our company utilizes to promote positive workplace outcomes. Our management focuses on listening to our employees and how the day-to-day business affects their engagement.” “Whether your company is simply fulfilling in the continental United States or is transitioning to a global sales model, Xebec International Logistics can provide the peace of mind you need knowing that your customers will receive your product securely and timely.”

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“Customers value our assistance and strong custom design capabilities, based on an extensive understanding of the applications requiring such equipment. We’re dedicated to providing excellent, responsive service, offering custom design and manufacturing, rigorous QA and testing, and consistent top of class lead times in the industry.” The leadership team at RHM includes young engineers who are keeping the company proactive, innovative, and committed to providing the best dry equipment technology solutions for the industry. They are fully supported by talented senior electrical engineers who, with very significant experience in the power industry at different operational levels, are familiar with most of the solutions and designs used today by international utilities. Executive leadership includes experienced professionals with extensive international experience in business development and corporate best practices. And all these resources are fully utilised in a true familyowned organisation, led by Eric himself, valuing above all quality, consistency, and responsibility within a long-term vision. Guided by these traditional corporate values, RHM continuously innovates, producing a vibrant R&D culture within the company. “Ultimately, what RHM offers is best safety and reliability in maintenance-free and environmentally-friendly products – a significant value,” Eric elaborates, reiterating the firm’s unique selling points and key differentiators. “Our smaller operations are based on ‘rigorous flexibility’: we abide by best industry practices from communication to project management and operations, while High Voltage Innovator Based in Massachusetts, RHM International LLC (RHM) creates, develops, and manufactures high voltage, high quality products using its unique, innovative, and high-performance dry type insulation technologies. As the firm gains notable recognition in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2023, we speak to the firm’s Founder and President, Eric Euvrard to learn more about what makes RHM a true global pioneer that keeps innovating. Established in 2005 with proprietary technology and manufacturing roots dating back to 1988, family founded, owned, and managed, RHM International LLC is the originator of high and very high voltage dry technologies in the global power transmission industry. As ‘industry-firsts’ go, RHM is a true innovator within the sector. In the high and very high voltage range, it was the first to introduce totally dry type instrument transformers without any oil or gas, up to 600kV, dry type condenser graded transformer bushings, and cable accessories without any paper, while building-in monitoring functions that otherwise have been connected externally to such families of products. RHM is therefore a unique specialist of eliminating toxic or potentially hazardous electrical insulating media. It has invented, developed, and manufactures 100% of the products proposed. But RHM’s story actually started in the late 1980s when senior professionals in the transmission and distribution industry came up with the idea of a new approach to dry, high voltage insulation, something that would later become HV DryShield®. They developed it initially for wall bushings but quickly thought of a derived smart design for current transformers. Products started to be implemented in various environments in the early 90s, to the full satisfaction of customers. Consequently, as customer satisfaction was cemented, RHM International was created to develop international awareness and markets. RHM and its sister manufacturing company is a true family-owned corporation, and resulting from this ownership are safe, quick decisions and a flexibility that allows timely alignment to customers’ and stakeholders’ changing circumstances. Today, with more than 60,000 installations worldwide, the company has a proven track record of reliable, risk-free operations. Indeed, RHM’s dry, high voltage CTs and bushings are among the very safest, most reliable in the industry. As well as this, it is renowned for the outstanding and lasting performance of its products, whilst they are environmentally-friendly too. All products are manufactured both in the firm’s China and New Hampshire facilities and, with a US-based engineering and manufacturing team, RHM is committed to the highest quality and continuous, worry-free operation. All of the company’s proprietary instrument transformers, bushings, and cable terminals are built to last with the highest levels of safety, quality, and reliability. Impervious to moisture, these oil-free, gas-free power solutions stand up to harsh environments, are maintenance-free, explosion-free, and offer tremendous lifecycle value. RHM’s customers are typically large electrical power utilities, heavy industries, and OEM companies around the world who realise that for economic, safety, and environmental reasons, they need to upgrade older insulation-based equipment. Founder and President of the company, Eric Euvrard, tells us more about its ethos and core values. “Our raison d’etre is to procure a high value relationship to our customers, from initial communication to installed product,” he begins.

Issue 8 2023 13 allowing flexible designs and approach to projects, thanks to our unique manufacturing processes and lean teams. We stay close to our customers throughout the whole process of defining, assisting, validating, and delivering the right product.” But it hasn’t always been plain sailing, and Eric tells us that the industry has experienced challenges over the last two years, struggling with disrupted supply chains, shipping hurdles, and changing tariffs, which were obviously passed on to companies such as RHM. Operating internationally from production to markets, RHM has also been facing uncertain delivery lead times and questions about procurement. However, its proactive approach to such obstacles has been shorter manufacturing lead times (thanks to its flexible processes) and an efficient shipping schedule. Furthermore, the firm manufactures inhouse most of the core components for its products, without the use of any sub-contractors. Thus, even though its internal manufacturing times were increasing, RHM still had the capabilities to deliver at a bestin-class level within this harsh and turbulent environment. “The power industry is not one industry,” Eric continues. “Each country has its usually geographically self-contained utilities, with their local histories and engineering culture. Each country today faces the new challenges of climate, digitisation, and new generations at a different pace and with different priorities. Each new company needs to understand the local needs and investment culture before providing a product. Proposing a real innovative product must be made with a long-haul mindset.” And this is where RHM comes into its own – With new and innovative products already on the horizon for the firm, some that are in the assessment phase as we speak, Eric is already looking to the future and foresees further integration of previously distinct functions in a single product, thanks to the company’s expertise in dry type insulation. This procures footprint reduction of stations and complex equipment assembly, while maintaining a high safety standard. “Old grids around the world have a need for replacement of the old oil insulated products installed as early as the 60s and 70s,” Eric states. “Here at RHM, we are in a good position to provide custom designed dry type replacement while upgrading safety and reliability.” Having recently gained notable recognition in the Corporate Excellence Awards, being named Most Innovative Power Grid Technology Firm 2023 - North America, it seems that the sky’s the limit for RHM International and its innovating mindset. Contact Details Contact: Eric Euvrard Company: RHM International LLC Web Address:

Big Firm Experience, Tailormade Solutions! Premier boutique firm, Kaleso Group Ltd (Kaleso) specialises in providing trust, family office, and fiduciary solutions and services. We speak to one of the founding partners, Stéphane Masson to find out more as the firm celebrates being named Best Fiduciary Services Provider 2023 - Central Europe. Kaleso Group Ltd was founded in 2015 by three partners: Roger Frick, Stéphane Masson, and Magdalena Gomes, who first met and joined forces at KPMG Switzerland, each having acquired years of experience in financial planning, and bringing a diverse set of skills and background to the team. In 2005, Roger and Stéphane co-founded Kendris Ltd., Switzerland, a spinoff of KPMG Private, and continued to expand their outreach and expertise in various markets, including the Americas and Asia, whilst Magdalena played an instrumental role in building out the administrative arm for the Latin American team. A decade later, the team decided to transition their business model to a more client-focused approach by creating Kaleso Group. “We wanted to bring our “big firm” experience while offering greater flexibility to support clients,” explains Stéphane. Today, Kaleso is active in financial and wealth planning with office locations in Switzerland, the United States, and Panama, as well as affiliate companies in Hong Kong and New Zealand. The firm voluntary excludes asset management to preserve its independency from the various banks it is collaborating with, and it provides worldwide trusteeship and directorship services, using all type of jurisdictions to deliver tailormade solutions. “Our goal is to deliver first-class service to first-class clients,” Stéphane elaborates, speaking of what it is that sets the firm aside and differentiates it. “We favour quality to quantity and believe that our search for excellence is reflected by the level of our clientele and reputation.” The combination of lawyers, accountants, and fiduciary experts pulling at the same rope within Kaleso means that it is a small, tied team without turnover dedicated to big clients, but capable of working with highly reputable law firms and tax experts to come out with compliant structures. Stéphane continues, “We do not believe in strong leadership in our industry. It is more a matter of being able to work as a team using all competences to make it happen in the best possible ways.” Recently, in recognition of its exceptional services provided to clients, Kaleso Group was named Best Fiduciary Services Provider 2023 – Central Europe in the Corporate Excellence Awards, a prestigious accolade that is testament to the dedication and commitment of all three partners and their tireless efforts. Now, as the future beckons, Stéphane and the team are looking to expand the business and hire more professionals, or combine the stellar services of Kaleso Group with another formidable firm, as the growing complexity of the company’s business leads to the need for further human resources. Contact Details Contact: Stéphane Masson Company: Kaleso Ltd Web Address: “We saw the shortcomings of the larger firms and felt we could provide high-quality services with a more personalised touch in a boutique firm setting.”

Issue 8 2023 15 Agincourt Hyundai Corporate Vision Winner! Best New & Pre-Owned Korean Vehicle Dealership - Ontario “Agincourt Hyundai Whatever your interest- whether it be a sports utility vehicle, coupe or sedan, whether to buy or lease, new or preowned -- we invite you to come in for a test drive and experience exactly what all the excitement is about. The Hyundai brand is quickly becoming the consumers’ choice of reliability - we’ve got a vehicle in our showroom with your name on it. Drop in today and allow one of our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff members to help you find the vehicle that perfectly suits your individual driving needs. We don’t just sell a car. We build a lasting relationship with exceptional value and commitment. We will attend to your every need and concern with honesty, integrity, and attention.”