Issue 8 2023

Issue 8 2023 13 allowing flexible designs and approach to projects, thanks to our unique manufacturing processes and lean teams. We stay close to our customers throughout the whole process of defining, assisting, validating, and delivering the right product.” But it hasn’t always been plain sailing, and Eric tells us that the industry has experienced challenges over the last two years, struggling with disrupted supply chains, shipping hurdles, and changing tariffs, which were obviously passed on to companies such as RHM. Operating internationally from production to markets, RHM has also been facing uncertain delivery lead times and questions about procurement. However, its proactive approach to such obstacles has been shorter manufacturing lead times (thanks to its flexible processes) and an efficient shipping schedule. Furthermore, the firm manufactures inhouse most of the core components for its products, without the use of any sub-contractors. Thus, even though its internal manufacturing times were increasing, RHM still had the capabilities to deliver at a bestin-class level within this harsh and turbulent environment. “The power industry is not one industry,” Eric continues. “Each country has its usually geographically self-contained utilities, with their local histories and engineering culture. Each country today faces the new challenges of climate, digitisation, and new generations at a different pace and with different priorities. Each new company needs to understand the local needs and investment culture before providing a product. Proposing a real innovative product must be made with a long-haul mindset.” And this is where RHM comes into its own – With new and innovative products already on the horizon for the firm, some that are in the assessment phase as we speak, Eric is already looking to the future and foresees further integration of previously distinct functions in a single product, thanks to the company’s expertise in dry type insulation. This procures footprint reduction of stations and complex equipment assembly, while maintaining a high safety standard. “Old grids around the world have a need for replacement of the old oil insulated products installed as early as the 60s and 70s,” Eric states. “Here at RHM, we are in a good position to provide custom designed dry type replacement while upgrading safety and reliability.” Having recently gained notable recognition in the Corporate Excellence Awards, being named Most Innovative Power Grid Technology Firm 2023 - North America, it seems that the sky’s the limit for RHM International and its innovating mindset. Contact Details Contact: Eric Euvrard Company: RHM International LLC Web Address: