Issue 8 2023

“Customers value our assistance and strong custom design capabilities, based on an extensive understanding of the applications requiring such equipment. We’re dedicated to providing excellent, responsive service, offering custom design and manufacturing, rigorous QA and testing, and consistent top of class lead times in the industry.” The leadership team at RHM includes young engineers who are keeping the company proactive, innovative, and committed to providing the best dry equipment technology solutions for the industry. They are fully supported by talented senior electrical engineers who, with very significant experience in the power industry at different operational levels, are familiar with most of the solutions and designs used today by international utilities. Executive leadership includes experienced professionals with extensive international experience in business development and corporate best practices. And all these resources are fully utilised in a true familyowned organisation, led by Eric himself, valuing above all quality, consistency, and responsibility within a long-term vision. Guided by these traditional corporate values, RHM continuously innovates, producing a vibrant R&D culture within the company. “Ultimately, what RHM offers is best safety and reliability in maintenance-free and environmentally-friendly products – a significant value,” Eric elaborates, reiterating the firm’s unique selling points and key differentiators. “Our smaller operations are based on ‘rigorous flexibility’: we abide by best industry practices from communication to project management and operations, while High Voltage Innovator Based in Massachusetts, RHM International LLC (RHM) creates, develops, and manufactures high voltage, high quality products using its unique, innovative, and high-performance dry type insulation technologies. As the firm gains notable recognition in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2023, we speak to the firm’s Founder and President, Eric Euvrard to learn more about what makes RHM a true global pioneer that keeps innovating. Established in 2005 with proprietary technology and manufacturing roots dating back to 1988, family founded, owned, and managed, RHM International LLC is the originator of high and very high voltage dry technologies in the global power transmission industry. As ‘industry-firsts’ go, RHM is a true innovator within the sector. In the high and very high voltage range, it was the first to introduce totally dry type instrument transformers without any oil or gas, up to 600kV, dry type condenser graded transformer bushings, and cable accessories without any paper, while building-in monitoring functions that otherwise have been connected externally to such families of products. RHM is therefore a unique specialist of eliminating toxic or potentially hazardous electrical insulating media. It has invented, developed, and manufactures 100% of the products proposed. But RHM’s story actually started in the late 1980s when senior professionals in the transmission and distribution industry came up with the idea of a new approach to dry, high voltage insulation, something that would later become HV DryShield®. They developed it initially for wall bushings but quickly thought of a derived smart design for current transformers. Products started to be implemented in various environments in the early 90s, to the full satisfaction of customers. Consequently, as customer satisfaction was cemented, RHM International was created to develop international awareness and markets. RHM and its sister manufacturing company is a true family-owned corporation, and resulting from this ownership are safe, quick decisions and a flexibility that allows timely alignment to customers’ and stakeholders’ changing circumstances. Today, with more than 60,000 installations worldwide, the company has a proven track record of reliable, risk-free operations. Indeed, RHM’s dry, high voltage CTs and bushings are among the very safest, most reliable in the industry. As well as this, it is renowned for the outstanding and lasting performance of its products, whilst they are environmentally-friendly too. All products are manufactured both in the firm’s China and New Hampshire facilities and, with a US-based engineering and manufacturing team, RHM is committed to the highest quality and continuous, worry-free operation. All of the company’s proprietary instrument transformers, bushings, and cable terminals are built to last with the highest levels of safety, quality, and reliability. Impervious to moisture, these oil-free, gas-free power solutions stand up to harsh environments, are maintenance-free, explosion-free, and offer tremendous lifecycle value. RHM’s customers are typically large electrical power utilities, heavy industries, and OEM companies around the world who realise that for economic, safety, and environmental reasons, they need to upgrade older insulation-based equipment. Founder and President of the company, Eric Euvrard, tells us more about its ethos and core values. “Our raison d’etre is to procure a high value relationship to our customers, from initial communication to installed product,” he begins.