Corporate Vision March 2017

8 CORPORATE VISION / March 2017 , Established 1921 in Switzerland, Sintetica is a pharmaceutical company delivering injectable anaesthetics and analgesics to patients worldwide, through innovative science and excellence in development, production andmarketing. In a welcome return, we caught up with Sintetica SA’s Corporate CEO, AugustoMitidieri who has beenwith the company since 2000. In 2003, Mitidieri became General Manager and then finally Corporate CEO. More recently, he achieved the impressive accolade of European CEO of the Year 2016 award. A Great Place to Work We employ 230 people in Europe with an average of 41 year coming from 25 different countries in the world. Our sites are located in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and United Kingdom. The headquarters is in Mendrisio, Switzerland, where among others, innovation department employees 15% of total work force. The Swiss manufacturing sites of Mendrisio and Couvet have production capacity of 25 million ampoules (ongoing expansion to 60 million), 5 million infusion bags and over 5 million vials. Role and key responsibilities As the Corporate CEO, I have the full responsibility over all sites of the company. Vision creation, Strategy definition and execution are my top tasks. I’m also in charge of the definition of the organisational structure coherent with the business model. When innovation is one of your core values, the management style and organisation has to change continuously to anticipate the novel issues to come. My current efforts are focused on the design and implementation of a dynamic open organisation based on meritocracy and responsibility more than Hierarchy based upon rigid closed internal structures. I believe in a culture that promotes creativity, informed risk taking and safe and good feeling in everyday work. Making Sintetica a great place to work is my belief and is in the company DNA. I consider our people our core resource. That’s the reason why I trust my organisation able to change and to innovate its management way to be excellent in driving the innovation process long run. Challenges in being a successful CEO Driving the change is what I love to do and at the same time is the hardest challenge to overcome to be a successful CEO. It was till today, it will be till the next stage of the corporate development. My organisation has to be proactive and not reactive, therefore the change is a continuous amelioration process to be driven in the best way to be successful long run. We cannot manage the innovation without innovating the management style and processes. The impact of technological development The integration of the technology into the processes is one of the operation challenge we faced and we are even more facing in these last times of rapid growth. The technological development speed is impressive and as pharmaceutical industry first we struggle to follow, due to the stringent regulations we have abided by, which delays innovation adoption. The increasing complexity of the processes requires a massive implementation of the technology. I mean not only in the manufacturing where we made and still are making important efforts of automation, but also in the management of the organisation, the operations and sales force. The corporate ERP system is running and is continuously adapted to follow the pattern and the model of the growth while a corporate CRM system is used by the national sales forces. A modern IT infrastructure is under development to support, among the others, different ways of work like the smart working. Company’s overall mission We are fully committed to innovate therapies and drugs in local anaesthesia, pain management and neuromodulation. We move forward with passion and competence in the full respect of people and environment. All our efforts and resources are focused to become leader in these fields by developing novel medicine and better treatment’s options for physicians and patients worldwide. To achieve this leadership by innovation in the context of global growth, we consider strategic partnering and business development the key factors. We have built an agile and multicultural high-performing organisation to support both the robust national growth and the rapid global expansion and we have adopted two different business models accordingly. In Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the UK and Ireland our specialised sales teams directly promote and market our products. Worldwide the Global Division delivers out top medicines throughout strategic international partners. Wider industry issues Sintetica HQ are located in Ticino which is a very small region of Switzerland, with a population of about 350 000 people. Yet, there are 27 small to medium sized pharmaceutical companies in the canton. This density is enough to have a strong cluster effect and ensure that all of the companies here are able to attract talent. Being close to the Italian border and only an hour’s drive from Milan also means we have access to the fantastic pool of talent in northern Italy. Indeed, Ticino attracts many more people from Italy in the south than from the rest of Switzerland to the north. As northern Italy has a robust pharma industry itself, as well as some of the best universities and research institutes in Europe, this has many benefits. That said, I see a significant risk to Ticino’s prosperity – foremost that posed by the implementation of the ‘referendum on mass immigration. Regardless of how it is implemented and the extent to which it interferes with our ability to recruit from Italy and other countries, such a vote signals problematic social attitudes. 1703CV22