Corporate Vision March 2017

CORPORATE VISION / March 2017 9 A Great Place to Work ## Company: Sintetica SA Name: Augusto Mitidieri, Corporate CEO Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Via Penate 5, 6850 Mendrisio, Switzerland Telephone: +41 91 640 42 50 g Whatever the regulations, people will not want to relocate to work in a country where they feel unwelcome; I do not say that Switzerland has reached this point yet, but I do see a risk that Ticino and all of Switzerland might suffer economically from these political attitudes. Sintetica SA’s internal culture The corporate culture of Sintetica and all the basic strategic choices are firmly based on respect. Respect is, therefore, the core value of the company and it permeates across each and every employee. The concept of respect is divided into three well-defined directions. It is expressed in relation to its employees, enhancing the different characteristics of each one, whether for work or as an individual, through activities which create a pleasant environment in which to work and express themselves (Great Place to Work). This same concept is also expressed towards the patients using Sintetica drugs worldwide, providing them with the highest quality products and investing in innovation to imagine the best care solutions for the future. Consequently, it materialises towards its local and global partners, showing them loyalty, absolute ethics and both operational and development support of advanced go to market strategies. The convergence of these three well-defined areas make up the Sintetica Value Proposition. It goes beyond corporate boundaries and is a distinctive and strategic element of its own identity in the wide world panorama of the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, Sintetica does not only export drugs of the highest quality throughout the world, but also the complex of their own values. The latter, shared by its network of global business partners, gives the company from Ticino unique characteristics in their approach to markets and profound value in the in-depth strategic positioning of the Company/Product.