MarTech Awards 2022

It is with this approach firmly in mind that Humanize has built a diverse portfolio and dozens of partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands. From Nivea Men to Snickers, and Samsung to Starbucks, the agency has developed an extensive network of household names. Subsequently, this places Humanize at a great advantage as it has built a positive reputation that transcends the barriers of scale, location, and language. Maintaining such a portfolio has enabled the company to expand upon its services – over the years the company has become more refined, aware, and skilled, which has resulted in an increase in exposure throughout the region. Further, this success can be attributed to the company’s highlytalented team. Over the years, Humanize has built a workforce consisting of graduates from prestigious universities, including the University of Jordan, Ain Shams University, Cairo, and The University of New Mexico, United States. As such, the team is flooded with the potential to accomplish great things. The team members stem from diverse backgrounds, however, they are united by the same vision – to create digital solutions that allow brands to grow. Moreover, it thrives upon communication, pushing for transparency throughout each element of the company. This has resulted in a great level of trust, forging friendships and solid bonds between the team members. Humanize’s team can be described as a family. From an impressive portfolio to a professional team, Humanize has it all – but what can its services do for you? It’s simple, MarTech Awards 2022 5 Humanize will establish your brand’s social media presence. Its techniques have been created in order to maximise exposure and forge brand recognition. Utilising a deep understanding of social media, SEO, and algorithms, the agency guarantees measurable results, primarily through the creation of targeted content. Additionally, Humanize possesses an abundance of knowledge surrounding marketing techniques that span from voice of customer to identifying pain points. Perhaps its most defining feature is its dedication to telling a story – academic studies have shown that information presented in story form is 22 times more likely to be remembered than information shown as facts. In the age of social media, understanding these elements is vital for brand recognition. When delving into this world, you are, in effect, competing with internationally renowned corporations. However, with Humanize by your side, you can go head-to-head with such brands. Indeed, working with an agency can help you carve out a niche that will forge efficacy. Yes, hiring a social media agency is an investment, however it does pay off. Working with a team of professionals to manage your digital presence is significantly more cost- and time- efficient than sinking money into doing it yourself – especially if you get it wrong. Statista notes that there are, on average, ten million active Facebook advertisers a month in the U.S. alone. This figure pays a significant contribution into the annual global social media advertising spend of 154 billion USD, and the subsequent generation of 114 billion USD in Facebook ad revenue worldwide.