Media Innovator Awards 2022

Dec22082 Best Brand Protection Solutions Provider 2022 - New York A business’ brand is its lifeline. It is how they present themselves to the world. Protecting a brand is paramount, but immensely challenging in a tech-savvy world. Small businesses are more vulnerable than most, and the team at have made it their mission to protect them from brand damage. In the Media Innovator Awards 2022, the team achieved impressive success. We caught up with Will Boychuck to find out more. Scam artists are the bane of any business, and the internet age has opened new potential both for legitimate concerns and those who look to take advantage of them. Whilst large companies have their own legal departments to deal with bad actors, and might even have the resources to “write off” the losses, smaller brands can suffer exponential harm to their reputation and livelihood. When Will Boychuck founded in 2020, he did so to level the playing field for small sellers. Instead of using their own limited resources to fight data-savvy scammers, he developed a system that would do it for them. “We detect and remove unauthorized product images of small designers and artists who sell on sites like Etsy, eBay and Amazon Handmade,” Will explains. “We’ve been quite successful submitting takedown requests (at Facebook, Pinterest, Shopify, Walmart, Alibaba...) on the basis of our clients’ Intellectual Property Rights.” Over the years, Will and his team have worked with a host of clients, in a range of different scenarios. Whilst focused on representing small businesses, he has found that the technology can extend beyond the challenges of online retail sales. Various clients, for example, have approached the firm to monitor their charity sites, which had been cloned for illegal pruposes. The heart of the process is the firm’s proprietary Scam Intelligence Algorithm, affectionately known as “Scami.” “When we identify unauthorized use of our clients’ product images, we also collect several “threat indicators” that we feed into the algorithm, like the owner of that domain name, when it was registered (publicly-accessible via, and other pertinent data points,” Will says. “With all that information, we’re able to quickly identify when and where the next scam listing is likely to pop up, so we can identify it and take it down quickly, to limit the length of time consumers are exposed to it. We know the scammers use bots, and now the good guys (like us) do, too.” By playing scammers at their own game, Will and his team have transformed the lives of many who had been unjustly affected by scam artists. As long as e-commerce platforms refuse to take responsibility for authenticating sellers, however, the fraud is likely to continue. Since opening the doors of his company, Will has gone onto even more ambitious steps. “Based on client demand, is working with Intellectual Property (IP) lawyers to recover funds from counterfeiters, and shut them down permanently,” he says. “Our robust evidentiary data substantiates claims against the criminals – and deepens our commitment to support and advocate for small businesses, their families and extended communities.” In a world where technology seems to be getting away from us, showcases how to compete with scammers at their own big-data game. Bold thinking on the part of Will Boychuck and his team have created an environment where their biggest source of new revenue comes from current satisfied clients who are delighted to refer to their friends and colleagues. If innovation is about filling the gaps in a system, then has a very bright future ahead of them. Company: Name: Will Boychuck, Founder and Chief Technical Officer Email: [email protected] Please contact [email protected] with administrative concerns. Web Address: Client Case Studies: Media Innovator Awards 2022 11