Media Innovator Awards 2022

Finding the right property for the short-term is never easy, but having a specialist on hand can make an enormous difference. J&B Stays are the experts who people turn to when they need to find a commercial solution to short-term accommodation. We take a closer look at the firm as they celebrate success in the Media Innovator Awards 2022. For corporate and insurance clients in and about London, the name J&B Stays is synonymous with quality. Over the last few years, the team have been proud to establish themselves as the go-to business for corporate travel when people have to come to the capital for work. In an industry where what people want is a place to rest their heads at the end of the day, this team manage to deliver exceptional results each and every time. Whilst many would consider corporate travel an individual pursuit, the success of J&B Stays actually comes from the incredible versatility of what they can offer. The team is delighted to be able to offer larger properties for families and groups that come to London. The team has also been proud to forge an impressive relationship with the NHS, housing numerous international nurses who have come to the city and need places to stay at short notice. Driving the firm forward, therefore, is a passion for what they do. Moreso than the competition, J&B Stays champions an impressive level of details that always keeps things fresh. With fresh approaches comes new ideas which can have a remarkable impact on unique ideas being implemented in the industry. Clients come back to J&B Stays time and time again, because the personal touch Dec22047 Best Short-Term Accommodation Provider - South London and the adaptability that they are able to demonstrate makes them the perfect partners. All of the properties offered to clients are of a classic, yet modern feel. You can be certain that when you stay with J&B Stays, you will have a pleasant time. For the team here, the brand that organisations around the globe choose to work with, one which is open and welcoming, that is reflected in the various properties. Looking forward, the Jason & Blandine plan to build their already impressive portfolio to new and astonishing heights. Having achieved success in the short-term accommodation sector, J&B Stays is looking into expansion. Aparthotels would be an invaluable addition to the JB experience and are almost certainly on the cards for the future,adding to the JB Stays experience on a larger scale. In all, J&B Stays represents something unique for those who need to stay in the UK’s capital. Their ability to reach such high standards is a credit to them. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: J&B Stays Email: [email protected] Web Address: