Media Innovator Awards 2022

Geared to making a difference, Carlton Boleyjack is no stranger to giving something back to the community. Through his non-profit initiative, Excellence in Motion Inc (Excellence in Motion), he seeks to encourage others to lend their support in order to help people achieve their own levels of excellence in their daily lives. We find out more about a forthcoming fundraiser in the wake of the organisation being recognised in the Media Innovator Awards 2022. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Excellence in Motion Inc is a non-profit social enterprise with marketing, event planning, and affordable housing initiatives to support its efforts to provide opportunity in underprivileged communities. “Excellence in Motion was founded on the ideal that all people are excellent at something,” begins Founder, Carlton Boleyjack, speaking about the rationale behind the organisation’s inception. “We seek to inspire greatness by encouraging personal excellence and exposing youth to the wonderful world of opportunities that exist around the corner and around the world.” The non-profit’s mission is to help youth of all ages achieve personal and professional excellence by facilitating innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) programmes, events, and projects. It also supports people, organisations, and community initiatives by providing free or discounted services to partner non-profits and small businesses, as well as providing educational workshops, both in person and online. Solutions minded by nature, Excellence in Motion supports community housing projects, including funding affordable housing construction, in addition to organising fundraising events, concerts, retreats, and more. After helping other organisations for years, Carlton and his daughter, Alyse are currently focusing on the trend for art combined with healthy living, and supporting the Atlanta AVAV Festival. Based in Westside Park, the City of Atlanta’s newest and largest park, the festival will showcase artists and artisans alongside traditional, vegan, and vegetarian foods in order to promote healthy lifestyle choices on Earth Day. With visual artists displaying their original artwork in a variety of mediums, and a plethora of chefs cooking up some delicious fresh dishes, along with live art demonstrations and vibrant music, AVAV Festival promises to have something for everyone. “In the spirit of healthy living, family, and community, we celebrate the Earth,” enthuses Carlton. “We invite everyone to join us to support local and international artists, crafters, chefs, and entrepreneurs. Together, we can do more than we can do alone. Let’s bring our abilities and passions together to affect real change.” Recently, Excellence in Motion was recognised for its dedication, hard work, and commitment to the cause it so loyally supports, by being recognised in the Media Innovator Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Event & Marketing Social Enterprise – Tennessee. Understandably delighted by this achievement, Carlton is excited about the bright future ahead for all of the charity’s beneficiaries. Best Event & Marketing Social Enterprise - Tennessee “I have been a manager of private and public companies. I have supervised multi-million-dollar projects and operations. I have also been a pre k-12 teacher, coach, and administrator. I hope to bring these skillsets together to provide a better future for youth, veterans, and those in need. I will continue in my mission to help youth of all ages achieve personal and professional excellence.” Contact: Carlton Boleyjack Company: Excellence in Motion Inc Web Address: