Media Innovator Awards 2022

Professional Video Company of the Year 2022 - London End Frame Productions is a London-based video production company offering a full range of professional video services. The services that End Frame supplies are completely dependent on its clients’ needs. By working with a plethora of professional companies, End Frame is able to create something completely original and bespoke across all genres and backgrounds. Being an end-to-end production company, the firm can provide all the expertise needed to create a complete video. This includes creative/conceptualising, scripting, pre-production, planning, filming, animation, VFX, editing, grading, live streaming, versioning, and podcast production. Founder, James England comes from a post-production background where he has worked in every genre. He started off cutting TVCs on set, as well as creating online campaigns, which all led to his talents in commercial and branded content. “End Frame was born out of our love for the entire storytelling process and telling different stories that have never been heard before,” elaborates James. “Our passion lies in working with all types of individuals and organisations, helping them to create dynamic frameworks for their stories to be told.” End Frame truly believes that a clear narrative is key and this is how it distinguishes itself from competitors. This is something that James describes as “absolutely imperative” when it comes to the work that it does with any of its clients. As it aims to be 100% transparent to all of its clients from day one, End Frame establishes long-lasting relationships that help to translate any project idea into a pristine reality. “As we’re small and agile, there’s not a million layers between us and our clients, and we know how important it is for clients to have less of a middleman to deal with when it comes to their production needs,” James explains. “By being in touch throughout the entire process, clients have the ability to communicate both effectively and directly. We have a high retention rate for all our clients; we believe that’s because we offer outstanding service they know they can trust.” And this exceptional service that End Frame provides would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of the team who strive to ensure that the brand image is consistent throughout each and every client experience. The internal culture of End Frame is what really propels it forward in its industry. Aside from excellent communication skills, every member of the team pulls their weight by keeping up with emerging trends, something which is essential in this type of industry. Listening to podcasts, joining online forums, partaking in courses, and reading industry journals are all central to this. “We want working with us to be something you look forward to in the morning, a creative collection of minds that breeds free thinking and cool ideas,” James enthuses. “We’re all about fairness and equal opportunity to create amazing work with the client’s ethos and values in mind.” Also a key focus for End Frame is its emphasis on innovation and the ability to be innovative, something that makes it even more unique and stand out from others, from constantly adapting, to new ways of storytelling, to new platforms in which to tell those stories, to utilising new technology as it constantly evolves and adapts. Emerging trends can take form in many different ways, with a consistent push and pull of learning new things and implementing them in various ways keeping everything fresh. As James puts it, quite simply: “Innovation is at the core of everything and can influence how we work at every point.” Now, as End Frame is recognised for its fantastic work with the coveted title of Professional Video Company of the Year 2022 – London, it seems that the future for the firm and its team of creatives is looking very bright indeed. Contact: James England Company: End Frame Productions Web Address: As a video production company based in London which offers end-to-end video services, it is important for End Frame Productions (End Frame) to differentiate itself from competitors operating within the same space. Founder, James England tells us more about how innovation plays a huge part in the company’s strategy as it celebrates a win in the prestigious Media Innovator Awards 2022. Media Innovator Awards 2022 17