Media Innovator Awards 2022

A Studio Marketing (A Studio) offers marketing consultancy and corporate training services for professionals and SMEs in and around the Tuscany area. We find out more about the company, its ethos, and what the future holds as it is named in the Media Innovator Awards 2022. A marketing consultancy and training firm for small and medium-sized enterprises and professionals, A Studio Marketing is owned by Andrea Stoppacciaro who employs a selection of talented collaborators to work on various projects with him. Offering consultancy for the launch of new brands or businesses, A Studio plans and implements customer acquisition campaigns as well as follow-ups for existing customers, taking care of marketing strategies and structure sales systems that allow companies to explode turnovers, without affecting expenses. In other words, the firm acts as a corporate business multiplier. “Our goal is to offer extraordinary services to our clients, because every time they pay us, they must do it with the smile of someone who has gotten much more than they expected,” explains Andrea. “This is our standard and our best guarantee.” With a BA degree in Business Communication, MA degree in Marketing, and Higher Educa-tion Certification in Corporate Consulting and Training, Andrea is well placed to offer the support and professional skills that companies require for their marketing endeavours. “It may sound like a cliché, but for us, all clients are high-profile,” he elaborates. “There are two reasons for this – the first is that, being a small consultancy firm, we carefully choose the projects and companies to follow, but above all, we choose the entrepreneurs and professionals to work with, in order to be able to dedicate every available energy to them and achieve success together. “The second reason is that, once the collaboration with the company has begun, regardless of its size, turnover, and growth potential, we treat it as if it were our own, participating with emotion and passion in its successes and moments of difficulty. Reasoning in this way, each of our customers automatically becomes a high-profile customer.” One of Andrea’s particularly successful projects was for a small Tuscan company, which is growing exponentially and which has created a drink food, that is, a snack designed to be combined with any type of drink. The product is called Somay and is a schiaccia (a type of dry pizza) without yeast, handmade and baked in a wood oven, packaged in tubes, and sold in bars and delicatessens. With Somay, A Studio started from scratch, from the definition of the product (taste, quantity, shape, packaging) to the creation of the brand, from the drafting of a marketing and communication plan, to a marketing strategy. “We hope that Somay will become the market leader in Italy and will start marketing abroad by 2024. We started from the idea of an entrepreneur of a small local company, but with a great desire to grow. Companies and people like this are and always will be high-profile customers for us.” To Andrea and the team, innovation is of the utmost importance when it comes to creating strategies for clients. From changing ideas, processes, and perspectives to improve the lives of people and companies, to finding more efficient and sustainable ways to achieve results, and also using what already exists and works in other areas, to solve problems or improve. Best Business Consulting & Training Firm - Tuscany The innovations Andrea introduces into the company and those he tries to bring to his customers are often derived from the study and observation of techniques and tools used in other areas. After analysing and understanding them, A Studio customises and adapts them to specific situations. “I think this is what distinguishes me from most of my competitors,” he states. “I am not a seller of tools. I analyse the company, its peculiarities, its market, its objectives, and its budget, and only then define a strategy, using only the best performing tools on the basis of the analyses carried out. I treat each company as if it were my own and I become obsessed with achieving their goals.” Working within such a fast-paced industry, it is important for Andrea to ensure that he remains at the forefront of emerging trends and stays ahead of the curve. Whilst updating and keeping up with the times may be extremely difficult, it is mandatory if A Studio wants to continue to offer extraordinary services to its customers. Andrea, however, considers himself lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate daily with universities and training institutions, as well as being able to regularly update his professional skills, reading books, and manuals, following video courses or getting information from sector magazines, to continue growing professionally. Following winning the prestigious title of Best Business Consulting & Training Firm – Tuscany in the Media Innovator Awards 2022, Andrea is excited for the future and tells us that 2023 could very well be a turning point for A Studio Marketing. “We already have some projects in the pipeline with important organisations, which should see the light by the summer. Plus, we are also starting new collaborations that should lead to a further expansion of the firm on the national market.” Contact: Andrea Stoppacciaro Company: A Studio Marketing Web Address: