Media Innovator Awards 2022

Dec22407 Best Dental Marketing Agency - Europe Marketing is crucial to any business, showcasing what is on offer to anyone and everyone. For dentists in the UK, USA and Canada, advertising is essential to securing success. We take a look at the team from Connect My Marketing to uncover just some of the many secrets that have driven them to success in the Media Innovator Awards from Corporate Vision. Marketing is a unique challenge, requiring a specialist approach to guarantee success. Sometimes these skills might not be aligned with the projects that need to be done. For the team at Connect My Marketing, dentistry and the healthcare sector is one where they thrive because they care deeply about what they do, leveraging core knowledge to provide impressive insight. With a team that has over 67 combined years of dental marketing knowledge, you can be sure that when you turn to this team to advertise your services, they will provide the perfect way forward. Selling who you are and what you do is no easy task, but for this team, it is one they can achieve with ease. Drawing on 18 years of hard data, they can create campaigns that focus on the metrics you consider most important and grow your business as you see fit. The development of a strategy that will work first time is the key behind the success of Connect My Marketing. For them, the phrase “Five minutes’ planning is worth five hours work” has always held true. Knowing where you are going, and being certain that it will achieve the desired results, has allowed the firm to create marketing ideas that save clients time and money overall. As such, it’s little wonder that when a dentist partners with Connect My Marketing, the first thing they do is complete an indepth analysis of current marketing techniques. From this, they can build an understanding of the practice and where the team would like to take it next. This generates the right conditions from which a strategy can be crafted to accomplish their vision. It’s clear that gathering information, either about businesses or their potential clients, is vital to creating a stunning marketing strategy. At Connect My Marketing, the focus on data and results is something that really sets them apart. Instead of focusing on metrics that tell you very little, they prioritise information that holds both clients and marketing company accountable. This allows the team to identify parts of the overall lead generation and conversion process that needs improving. Looking ahead, a new sales portal will open up new ways for clients to measure marketing success. Having spent a long time developing a unique, but effective culture for clients, it’s of little surprise that Connect My Marketing has a positive atmosphere and vibe that create good results for customers. When a team is happy, the positivity spreads through the rest of the business. When growing the team, it’s no shock that their fit within the business is a high priority. When thinking of a team who can deliver exceptional marketing results, it’s worth turning to the Connect My Marketing team. Their efforts in the dental industry are internationally renowned, and have brought clients truly amazing success over the years. Company: Connect My Marketing Email: [email protected] Web Address: Media Innovator Awards 2022 9