Small Business Awards 2020

Software GBS is a software house that has made it their mission to help organise, control and grow small businesses and family-run companies in Hispanic America. They provide management and technology training, information systems, and consultation to help get new ventures off the ground and become successful. Software GBS is a global software house, with a presence in Colombia, Central America and the southern states of the USA. They provide small and medium businesses with the education, technology and consultation they need to plan and manage their business. “80% of new businesses fail in the first five years,” said Pedro Sandoval. “Software GBS provide them with the means to manage their business. The right technology and education are essential to the survival of new ventures. That is the purpose of Software GBS: to help Hispanic America entrepreneurs succeed.” With a history stretching back to 2001, Software GBS is not just a technology house. They describe themselves as a family of entrepreneurs with a shared life project of becoming an internationally acclaimed Colombian software house. The company has found and secured a niche, operating in smaller populations and working with companies who are unattended by the largest national and global software providers. There is a large discrepancy in the areas that larger software multinationals focus their attention. In their blind spots, incredibly talented individuals and entrepreneurs are achieving great things, and it is with these companies that Software GBS are focussing their efforts. Many of the smaller companies within the local areas that Software GBS operate are family-run businesses. The company’s contributions help to make these more prosperous and therefore help to develop areas and strengthen markets. Software GBS’s main product is an accounting and managerial software that has obtained global quality certifications by Microsoft. Software GBS has been acclaimed by the Presidency of Colombia as an innovator of software, and they have been recognised by the Colombian Institute of Sciences (COLCIENCIAS), the IT Ministry of Colombia, and the Chamber of Commerce. When working with companies and integrating their software, it is key that education comes first for the technology house. Software GBS clients receive thorough education in the management of their small businesses in order to understand the importance of strategy. They are showing how to craft and implement a strategic plan, measure the results, and make more informed decisions based on information gathered by the management system. Most Innovative Software Engineering SME – Colombia Sep20525 With this education, clients are able to make full use of Software GBS’s technology solutions. The software gives them the tools they need to keep their business organised, manage information, make critical decisions, and automate daily tasks. Often, the clients do not have access to good internet connections or modern computers, and their budget investing in technology is limited. Software GBS is able to work around this and make their solutions as available as possible, ensuring that it works for each and every client. At all stages of adoption, Software GBS augment their technology by acting as consultants. Simply handing over state-of-the-art technology will not help enhance a company’s growth. Software GBS make sure their clients know how to best implement the technology to grow their business. Software GBS’s mission is comprised of these three pillars: Education, Technology and Consultancy. It’s a mission they plan to extend to more and more companies. The company is in the process of creating a branch in Miami, allowing access to a whole new set of customers across Central America. The company is developing strategic alliances with Universities in the USA and global IT leaders, which will open up more opportunities to help their clients. Software GBS’s niche of aiding small businesses and supplying them with the tools and education needed to thrive is admirable and effective. Over their 19 years since inception, they have managed to help many family businesses across Central America who may otherwise have struggled in the economy. Contact: Pedro Sandoval Company: Software GBS Website: Small Business Awards 2020 43 Software GBS has been selected to participate in the Ventures Accelerator by Google for StartUps program, receiving the support of Government of Santander, the state-owned Petroleum Company ECOPETROL, the Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga, Espacio Komún and other program allies that promote the exponential growth of high-potential ventures.